Joyo Sweet Baby (2021 Review)

Joyo is one of the best brands that sell pedals right now, and its Sweet Baby guitar pedal is one of their products that have been getting a lot of questions. So we thought it is worth writing this Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive review for the ones who are curious about it.

The Joyo Sweet Baby is a guitar overdrive effect pedal that will not burn your wallet. It is one of the best products from Joyo and its effects are often considered from the 1960s. If you are interested in that time of music, this guitar overdrive pedal might be for you.

Joyo Sweet Baby is a very high-performance guitar pedal, which you cannot see in many similar products like this. The Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive is the ultimate budget blues overdrive pedal since it has everything you can expect from an overdrive.

This is the pedal for those looking for a subtle and sufficient overdrive that prioritizes sound. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Joyo Sweet Baby Amp review for more information below.

Joyo Sweet Baby Review

About: Joyo Sweet Baby offers controls for volume, focus, and overdrive. It can form the character of overdrive by focus control. It is very durable because it has a True Bypass Sturdy aluminum casing, so you can use it for years without the fear of breaking it.

Features: Joyo Sweet Baby is as straightforward as a pedal can be. It sells a lot because everybody can understand how to work with it, so it is especially easy for beginners. This overdrive pedal has input and output, and one button. You can control the volume, drive and focus through three simple dials.

The first two are self-explanatory: volume amplifies the sound, and drive amplifies the degree of overdrive. When used together, they provide a wide range of options for achieving the desired music.

The focus control is included to give this pedal extra tone control. It can add some brightness to the sound you are producing if you switch it on according to this Joyo Sweet Baby review. Joyo Sweet Baby is great for blues, however, you can use it for almost any genre. You can mix and match and make it work for everything.

You can use Joyo Sweet Baby with almost any kind of guitar, be it a high-end or a cheap one. You can also connect it to solid-state and tube amps. The Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive is a clear overdrive with a fantastic sound that is perfect for every style and budget.

Joyo Sweet Baby is for those who want a light to mild overdrive. This is clearly one of the best values on the market, and it sounds better than the more expensive ones as we can say in this Joyo Sweet Baby review.

The knobs for control are heavy-duty, so you will have no problem using them. Overall, Joyo Sweet Baby is very durable and can last a long time.

It is worth noting that the Sweet Baby costs less than a quarter of the price of some other overdrive pedals. When you consider that, this pedal might not be as sturdy as the other expensive ones. However, it does not mean that this pedal is likely to break. It is actually the opposite.

The most important thing about an overdrive pedal is its sound. You might expect Joyo Sweet Baby is a cheap-sounding pedal given its price. The Sweet Baby outperforms its price tag when it comes to sound. This pedal has a fantastic sound as we have to say in this Joyo Sweet Baby review.

It has a light tone. The kind of tone where you can strum chords and still hear each individual string, to be precise. If you are buying an overdrive pedal, you are probably seeking a wide variety of tones. According to this Joyo Sweet Baby review, this overdrive pedal has a broad appeal thanks to its variety of features.

On the Sweet Baby pedal, just underneath the middle button, you will see the words “True Bypass.” This means that when the Sweet Baby is turned off, the guitar signal is routed directly from the input to the pedal’s output, bypassing the Sweet Baby’s circuitry.

When the signal is passed through the circuitry on certain pedals without bypass, the tone of your amp may be changed.

In conclusion, the Sweet Baby is easy to use by anyone as we have already mentioned several times in this Joyo Sweet Baby review.

It is lightweight and easy to carry around. The most important thing when it comes to pedals is the sound and Joyo Sweet Baby does an excellent job in that area. Especially lower settings give excellent sounds.

Conclusion: Joyo Sweet Baby (2021 Review)

Joyo is famous for making extremely affordable effect pedals. Their every product sound fantastic and they have our trust for that. The Sweet Baby is their most common overdrive, so we thought it deserves this Joyo Sweet Baby review.

This overdrive pedal covers a range of tones. You can see many brands selling this kind of pedal at this price range, but it seems like Joyo Sweet Baby is a better choice when considered.

When you first look at this overdrive pedal, the first thing you will notice will be its elegant design for sure. It has a retro/vintage vibe to it the pale orange color complements it.  The finish of Joyo Sweet Baby has a powder coat effect that gives it a high-end feel.

You can notice that durable materials are used when this pedal was made and the knobs are heavy-duty, so you will have no problems turning it. Overall, this overdrive pedal deserves every penny. We hope you liked our Joyo Sweet Baby review and it was helpful.