Stagg Mandolin (2021 Review)

Looking for a Stagg Mandolin review? The materials used, the construction quality, and, of course, the tone and playability will all be considered in this Stagg Mandolin review. Stagg has been producing mandolins for a very long time, we think that they are a very reliable company that deserves a review.

Stagg has developed many models over the years. This one is called Stagg M40S 8-String Bluegrass Mandolin with solid maple back and sides. The neck is also made of maple and the fingerboard is from rosewood. The finishing is in gold burst and to be honest, it looks like a high-end mandolin.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Stagg Mandolin review for more information below.

Stagg Mandolin Review

About: This is a high-end Bluegrass Mandolin with a solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides. It would be an excellent mandolin to give as a gift to an aspiring musician, and it would provide years of musical pleasure to the owner.

Features: The top of this Bluegrass Mandolin is made of solid spruce, and the neck, back, and sides are made of solid Maple. This mandolin has an engraved nickel tailpiece and a rosewood fingerboard, making it a great addition to any group according to this Stagg Mandolin review.

Stagg was founded in 1995 with the aim of providing high-quality musical instruments and equipment to musicians of all types at affordable prices. Stagg has long been a world leader in the production of high-quality mandolins for players of all levels, especially beginners and that is why we are writing this Stagg Mandolin review.

As a result, the standard series contains instruments ranging from moderately priced a-models with all professional features. There are also slightly more costly models with features usually found on far more expensive instruments. Stagg’s standard series give better value and results, and you owe it to yourself to find out why.

If you play bluegrass, western, folk, or rock, these instruments have the loud, sensitive bark that musicians of all genres adore. We are sure in our Stagg Mandolin review that this Stagg Mandolin will inspire even the most inexperienced player and make them have fun in their musical journey.

The teardrop shape is a common and iconic mandolin shape, and the twin ‘F’ holes allow the basswood body to produce lots of sounds. Beginners would find it difficult to put this mandolin down once they start playing because of its amazing controlled tone and clear and recognizable sound.

The Stagg mandolin is a standard bluegrass mandolin with a great price. This is a great beginner mandolin at a great price. The Stagg bluegrass mandolin continues Stagg’s legacy of producing strong, high-quality instruments at an affordable price point for beginners.

The M20 features a solid spruce top, bottom, and sides, as well as a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, which are both standard bluegrass mandolin woods.

The open geared nickel machine heads on the headstock provide precise and stable tuning. The body houses an adjustable maple bridge with small screws that allows you to easily change the action height.

The Stagg mandolin is a standard mandolin with several extra features to complete the bluegrass look. The mandolin’s top has a lovely finish that gives it a classic, vintage look. There is also a typical nickel tailpiece with exquisite engraving that looks amazing according to our Stagg Mandolin review.

The typical look is completed by twin f-shaped sound holes that provide the excellent sound projection. The Stagg mandolin is a fantastic mandolin for the money and it looks great, plays well, and sounds great. This is an excellent mandolin for beginners or anyone looking for a good deal.

The backs, arms, and necks are all made of high-quality maple. Strong German spruce is used for the tops to produce a sound that rivals that of a more costly mandolin. These woods were chosen for their intrinsic tonal properties, not for their consistency or playability.

To purchase a great instrument, you do not need to invest a lot of money. Since Stagg uses conventional construction methods to achieve a degree of quality not found in other instruments at this price point. According to this Stagg Mandolin review, their instruments have excellent workmanship in every aspect.

Each neck and body are connected with a quality joint that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and is often associated with higher-end instruments, as we can confidently mention in this Stagg Mandolin review.

Conclusion: Stagg Mandolin (2021 Review)

The Stagg bluegrass mandolin is a decent choice for complete beginners trying to get their feet wet in the world of folk music. Perhaps you are a seasoned guitarist looking to branch out with a new instrument, and the Stagg mandolin might be a common option for the ones like you if you are reading this Stagg Mandolin review.

Stagg instruments are known for being well-made, and this mandolin is perfect for practicing at home or jamming acoustic with your band. Even on entry-level models like this, Stagg has a customizable bridge so you can change the action of your setup, or how far the strings are from the fretboard.

We hope you liked our Stagg Mandolin review and it was helpful.

Hola Mandolin (2021 Review)

Hola is a company that has been around for a while now and they completely earned the trust of their customers. Their aim is to provide new and beautiful instruments for their customers and this Hola mandolin is one of their products that players loved. So, we thought that we might give it a shot and write a review for it.

Hola mandolin is an A-style 8 string mandolin for the ones who are looking for a traditional instrument.  With its maple top, back, sides and neck, this one is a pretty durable mandolin. It also has an adjustable compensated rosewood bridge and a glossy sunburst finish.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Hola Mandolin review for more information below.

Hola Mandolin Review

About: Hola Mandolin is an 8-string traditional A-style mandolin. It is a great mandolin model for the ones who do not seek anything too extreme or too colorful. As a typical feature that you can see in many mandolins, the Hola mandolin also comes in a glossy sunburst finish.

Features: Hola Mandolin is made of maple wood generally because the top, back, sides and neck are of maple. The finish is a glossy sunburst finish which makes the instrument does not give up on its traditional looks.

Hola mandolin includes an adjustable compensated rosewood bridge which is a pretty decent feature to see in a mandolin. The neck has an adjustable truss rod inside of it, and the wrench is also included for the adjustments you would like to make.

This mandolin has 20 silver nickel frets and chrome-plated open-gear tuners and a tailpiece. These materials are all the ones that you can see in high-end instruments and it is really relieving to see Hola uses these kinds of materials in their constructions of products.

As you can see when you look at the images of this mandolin on their site, Hola chooses durable and sturdy materials to build the body of this instrument. Maple looks amazing on mandolins but that is not the only reason why Hola chose this material. It is because maple is also a great tonewood.

Hola made the fingerboard of this mandolin from walnut. If you are familiar with these kinds of materials and woods that are used in instruments, walnut is a wood used in many musical instruments, especially in guitars.

Traditional ABS binding is used to decorate this mandolin’s frame, fingerboard, and headstock. Overall, it looks really nice and gives this mandolin a completely high-end look according to our Hola Mandolin review.

Many players forget the strap pin, which is a small but significant component of any instrument. It makes the job a lot easier if you want to carry it around or play the instrument while standing. The pin is already built-in to this mandolin, making it simple to strap.

A lovely chrome-plated tailpiece is also included in this model from Hola! Music. Additionally, there are some important points we would like to mention in this Hola Mandolin review.

First of all, mandolin bridges are not glued or screwed to the body. This is intended by Hola and they claim that it is perfectly natural. The strings push down on the bridge, which keeps it in place.

We should warn you in our Hola Mandolin review that the bridge should be placed in the middle of the F-holes. If the bridge is not exactly placed there, you should loosen the strings a little. You can do that by gently moving it to the correct spot, and then tighten the strings again.

You can also adjust the string action. We mean the distance between the strings and the fingerboard by saying string action. You can adjust that in which way you want. You can easily use the two silver screws on the right and left sides of the bridge to do this.

ABS Pickguard is in black color and it prevents you do harm your mandolin while playing. This part is specially included to prevent the body of your Mandolin from being scratched by your pick according to this Hola Mandolin review.

We love a good mandolin pack but unfortunately, the price is only for the mandolin itself. If you want to have some accessories along with your instrument, you have to buy them yourself.

Conclusion: Hola Mandolin (2021 Review)

Overall, the Hola mandolin is a great one to invest in because of its affordable price and durable construction. As we have mentioned before in this Hola Mandolin review, this instrument is a traditional 8 string A-style mandolin.

The back, sides, and the top are all maple of maple which is a really great material to use in a mandolin. The compensated rosewood bridge and the truss rod inside the neck are both adjustable. In case you want to make changes to those parts, you are free to do so thanks to the wrench they include in the package.

The glossy sunburst finish and 20 silver nickel frets are the things we used to see in high-end mandolins. As we can say in our Hola Mandolin review, luckily, this one has them all. We can confidently claim that Hola can give you what you want from an instrument.

We hope you liked our Hola Mandolin review and it was helpful.

Loar Mandolin (2021 Review)

The Loar LM-520-VS Performer F-Style Mandolin is the epitome of quality and resilience. This instrument has been the talk of the year and for good reason too. What this product offers to the player is outstanding regardless of the price point it is sold at. We will be talking about this instrument in this Loar Mandolin review.

The performer Series F-style mandolin is hand carved from a solid piece of spruce wood making it fully graduated and stable. Having 8 strings makes it a solid choice for mid to high level mandolin players or players looking to expand their dexterity in the musical arts.

This beautiful work of art will have you walking down memory lane of the 20s since it will make you reminisce about the music of an older generation. It embodies the raw traditional melodies that were once loved by all generations no matter the time period. The body is made of maple and spruce giving it the best possible sound and build quality.

If you are interested in this mandolin model, keep reading our Loar Mandolin review for more information below.

Loar Mandolin Review

About: The length of this instrument is about 12.75 inches and made up of a maple and spruce combination. The depth is around 2.5 inches as well making the entire length of the instrument including the neck and body about 27.25 inches. Perfect for everyone with varying length of reach.

Features: The Load mandolin comes with 8 D’Addario strings which are known for its ability to be able to produce very rich melodies and musical harmonies. They are also known for their durability against long playing sessions so any players that are pulling an all-nighter should rest well as the instrument should be able to last.

According to this Loar Mandolin review the fretboard on the product comes with about 20 frets arranged over the fretboard. The board is made up of revebond wood material which can give the instrument a more classical look making it more appealing to look at during use. Not to mention the nut is made of bone material having a width of exactly 1.125 inches.

Speaking of materials, the rich and luxurious chocolate finish maple wood hugs the body of the instrument, Back portions and sides of the product are layered with maple wood which is also coated with a smooth and silky satin finish to accompany the body which we will talk about in this Loar Mandolin review.

There is an included adjustable bridge on the body which is made up of ebony wood. The fretboard is also made up of layers including revebond wood to complete the look of the whole product. Ivoroid is the main material used to bind all of these materials together as it will not hinder the instruments’ ability to play notes as stated in this Loar Mandolin review.

This product has been crafted in such an elegant way just so it is able to produce original and pristine musical strains. Noted in this Loar Mandolin review, the gossamer finish is a last touch provided by the brownburst coloring adds to the beauty of this product in general.

When it comes to difficulty this instrument is suitable for a beginner level player and as well as experienced mandolin performers. The product has a “V” shaped design on the maple body, so it helps the performer handle the instrument with ease excluding any micromanagement to help mount the product.

Any experienced mandolin player can modify the area of the bridge and adjust of the positioning of the frets to produce different notes. Beginners however might need to refer to a tuner as it will make the process a lot easier.

If you are a beginner and you want to get your hands on a quality instrument so that you can enjoy learning different melodies in all aspect this product is going to be your best choice especially for long hours of practice to sharpen your mandolin skills for any occasion that may be prominent.

Like all things there are some stuff you need to know before buying this product. You will have to get the initial tuning and set up done by someone who is experienced with this instrument. The bridge and fretboard positions together including the tautness of the strings have to be adjusted in the beginning so you can start playing all together.

Although it can produce a lullaby like sounding musical aroma it is not suitable for any deep or lower tones of musical notes. You might to search for something else as this instrument is not capable of playing such musical notes. Even though the strings are made up of a steel alloy the build of the instrument still does not allow such notes to be played.

Conclusion: Loar Mandolin (2021 Review)

This instrument gives the player a wonderful joy of listening to genuine mandolin vibes which was once famous worldwide before our generation. The vibrance of the maple brownburst including the satin finish the instrument gives off is a literal fashion statement in the hands of the player which has been brought up in this Loar Mandolin review.

If you want to have an adventure in the universe of instruments of the kind this mandolin is or you just want to increase your skills with this product, the loar mandolin is probably the best choice for you right now at this price point.

We hope you liked our Loar Mandolin review, and it was helpful.

Vangoa Mandolin (2021 Review)

The Vangoa Mandolin is an instrument that reflects the play style of a traditional lute. It comes with two different variety of finishes. The instrument is made up of basswood which is grown in Italy. Included strings are made up of alloy steel giving it a very high-quality feel to it.

Made of high-quality basswood with a traditional sunburst color and finish, Vangoa mandolin can produce high-quality sound while it is lightweight. This mandolin is a decent choice for someone who wants to play a lute type instrument or just want to make music.

 Strings are made up of a durable material that resonates perfectly, especially if played with the included picks that come with the purchase of the instrument.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Vangoa Mandolin review for more information below.

Vangoa Mandolin Review

About: This instrument is the perfect pick for anyone that wants to learn how to play the mandolin. Beginner or not, the high-quality build and included accessories are a steal at this price point, making it very ideal for the musical enthusiasts with a budget.

Features: This specific model of the Vangoa mandolin is made up of a chassis that holds eight strings. The strings are made of special alloy steel making it a very high-quality product. To accompany the strings the body of the instrument is made of basswood which is an extremely durable material built to make the mandolin last.

Delivered to be used out of the box makes it very easy to handle for inexperienced players. Read more about it below in this Vangoa mandolin review.

The basswood body has a straight and even wood grain, it can level tiny sounds. The mahogany neck is strong and dense thus durable to bear countless practices. Making it very viable for new inexperienced players looking to learn to play the instrument.

According to this Vangoa mandolin review, the instrument is about 26 inches long and weighs around 3 pounds. The high-quality build and light weight body make it excellent for beginner players not used to carrying around an instrument.

When it comes to design choices, the instrument comes in two different finishes. These are the pure red burst which is just a bland red coloring covering the instrument as a whole and the sunburst finish which is a light tint of orange and yellow giving the chassis a fade which is talked about in this Vangoa mandolin review.

The fretboard is made up of mahogany wood lined up with the basswood giving it a very high-quality build, giving the sound quality a nice tone. The sound is crisp yet ethereal thanks to the arched back design, which has greater resonance as we mention in this Vangoa mandolin review. The sturdy Mahogany bridge is thick enough to hold the strings in place while still allowing for strong vibration conduction. The included chrome plated tuners are rust proof, making them long-lasting and easy to tune.

The instrument also comes with easy to access accessories which we wanted to mention in this Vangoa mandolin review; such as picks, straps, extra strings, a tuner and a backpack for easy carrying. It also includes a pick-up built into the instrument so you can easily plug it into an amplifier for a higher quality experience.

According to this Vangoa mandolin review, Vangoa has a 1-year warranty, which means that anything lost or broken during shipping can be quickly replaced and taken care of as a result. All defective products are also included in the warranty so the player should have no worries during this process.

Even though lute styled instruments including the Vangoa Mandolin can be hard to master, everything included in this purchase should sustain the player enough so that they can have the proper engagement in the instrument making it very viable for beginners contrary to the steep learning curve.

Conclusion: Vangoa Mandolin (2021 Review)

To conclude our Vangoa mandolin review this instrument is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to play or learn a string instrument. The included bundle has a variety of accessories that will suffice the players’ needs in every matter.

Such as a tuner and extra parts to restore any missing or broken parts of the instrument are included. The quality, size, and weight of the instrument are a perfect combination to make anyone want to learn and play.

We hope you liked our Vangoa Mandolin review and it was helpful.

Donner Mandolin (2021 Review)

Mandolins are a form of lute with an eight-stringed short neck. They do not sound like an acoustic or electric guitar, but they can be a lot of fun to play. They have an interesting sound and if you are interested in buying one for yourself, we can recommend this Donner mandolin.

The Donner A Style is a mandolin that is remarkably likable. The short neck makes it easy to wrap your hand around. It comes in handy especially if you have small hands. It is also easier to play than a typical guitar in many respects.

The frets are strong. Even if you neglect the sound quality, you will not get the feeling you are wasting your time on a cheap guitar. In our Donner mandolin review, we can say that this is a quality and affordable mandolin for the ones who are starting out their musical journeys.

If you are interested in this mandolin model, keep reading our Donner Mandolin review for more information below.

Donner Mandolin Review

About: This model from Donner is an 8-string model with a traditional style. It comes in a glossy sunburst finish and you can make almost all kinds of music with this amazing mandolin.

Features: Donner mandolin comes in an 8-string design and it has a very classy traditional style. The finish is a beautiful sunburst. If you have never played mandolin before, we can guarantee you that you can produce all kinds of music with this Donner model.

Donner mandolin is naturally designed for right-handed people. It is a little bit unlucky for the left-handed musicians but Donner mandolin has a smooth and accurate play style. Since it is made out of mahogany, the body will help you to produce richer and brighter sounds.

The tailpiece and the open gear tuners are made with chrome plating so we can say that they are very sturdy and quality in this Donner Mandolin review.

When we review instruments, one of the most important features that we seek is whether it comes with accessories or not. Luckily, Donner mandolin comes with lots of extra accessories such as a gig bag, extra strings, digital clip-on tuner, polishing cloth and guitar picks for easy play.

Donner is a brand that we can recommend without any doubt to anyone who is reading this Donner mandolin review. Because the company provides 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. Their customer support is really amazing and if you do not like the instrument, you can get your money back without any problems.

It is obvious that Donner had functionality in mind when designing their A Style Mandolin. We are not saying that to suggest the item is easy to use, it is far from it as we can say in this Donner Mandolin review.

We are mentioning that because the company wanted to provide all of the equipment and accessories that you will need along with the mandolin itself. You do not have to pay extra for chrome tuner keys or a case.

Donner is proud of the hard-working process that goes into the making of their mandolins. The company believes that all of the wood it uses is properly screened. They also claim to use excellent drying methods, and that their items are assembled by skilled artisans.

Of course, considering the affordable price, this is hard to believe. However, there is no doubt that the feeling when you get the mandolin on your hand is excellent. The spacing between the frets and the strings is convenient. You will definitely get the impression that whoever assembled the mandolin knew what they were doing.

The A Style’s sound quality is equal in comparison to professional mandolins. That means that this is undeniably an entry-level product. We are not saying that to make you feel like this mandolin is not for you if you are a beginner as we can say in this Donner Mandolin review.

After all, you are probably still in the progress of deciding whether or not playing the mandolin is something you would like to do in the long run.  So, Donner mandolin might be a good choice for you given the cheap price and all the accessories that come with it.

Conclusion: Donner Mandolin (2021 Review)

The Donner A Style is a mandolin that is unexpectedly playable. The short neck makes it easy to wrap your hand around. If you have small hands, playing this Donner mandolin should not be a problem for you.

And it is also easier to play than a conventional guitar in many ways. The frets are firm, and even if you neglect the sound quality, you will not feel like you are playing a cheap guitar. In our Donner mandolin review, we looked at the feedback from other players and decided this is a good beginner mandolin.

If you are planning to buy a Donner mandolin, we recommend you to try looking at the company’s website about the cautious selection of materials and workmanship. You should also consider the price-to-value ratio. We suggest you make your final decision considering these.

We hope you liked our Donner Mandolin review and it was helpful.