Aliyes Violin Review (2021 Review)

How would you choose the best violin for a pupil, especially for a young performer who is still developing and may need a smaller instrument? That is the question we will answer in our Aliyes Violin review. We know that you want to find the perfect violin. But it should not be too costly, right?

The Aliyes violin is the least expensive violin that you can find, but it is still a really playable tool. The top and maple neck of the solid spruce are hand-carved, and the top is purfled. It was already strung up, so you do not have to put strings on your own.

If you are going to buy this violin for a child, you should know the size of the violin would be crucial matter in this purchase. Luckily, Aliyes violin is the perfect choice for children. Read our Aliyes Violin review below for more information on this beautiful and affordable beginner violin.

Aliyes Violin Review

About: The violin of Aliyes has a smooth and nice sound to make your ear happy. With a bright sound, this violin is very easy for learners to play and familiarize themselves with. With this, even a novice can learn the right sound in no time.

Features: Aliyes violin has a pure tone and a pleasing sound that will make your ear smile. With a bright tone, this violin is very easy to play for beginners and get familiar with it. Even a beginner can master the right tone in no time with this.

What is more, you can adjust each part of this instrument. The manufacturer thought of this feature to help the beginners hold this violin in a correct posture. Wİth its nice and perfectly painted body, Aliyes violin is a great example of excellent workmanship as we say in this Aliyes Violin review.

This violin also comes with many accessories so we are sure any beginner would not be able to drop this instrument out of their hand. It is a great way to keep the violin learning enthusiasm fresh according to this Aliyes Violin review.

With a hand carved solid spruce top and ebony fingerboard, we can say that this violin is made of very sturdy material. There is also a pegs and chin rest and an alloy tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners.

Aliyes violin horse is carved carefully by professional craftsmen for your learning experiences. It makes the vibration that comes out when you play the violin more complete and perfect. So, the sound will please the ears more as we claim in this Aliyes Violin review.

This violin will arrive beautifully packed. Even more, it is lightweight and safe to use. There are a zipper and a slider on the case and they are both specially tested for your safety and to ensure that the zipper feels comfortable for the user.

If you do not like this Aliyes violin, the manufacturer provides a z-year quality assurance. There is also a lifetime warranty so you do not need to worry about your money at all. However, we should warn you about one specific topic in this Aliyes Violin review.

As many customers claimed, the violin itself or the accessories might arrive broken because of the shipment. However, that should not be a problem for you because the manufacturer will replace it without any problem, as we can confidently say in our Aliyes Violin review.

Conclusion: Aliyes Violin Review (2021 Review)

The included bow of this Aliyes violin is made of brazilwood with high-quality horsetail. Bag straps are included in the plush soft zippered case. A block of rosin, a practice mute, and an extra set of strings are also given free along with the violin. A 1-year warranty comes with this instrument. It is available only in the full 4/4 size.

Overall, Aliyes violin is a very inexpensive violin that will meet the needs of most beginner violin players so it is a really good choice we can recommend in our Aliyes Violin review.

 We hope you liked this Aliyes Violin review and it was helpful to you.

Eastar Violin (2021 Review)

When you are a beginner in anything you do, it might be not the wisest choice to empty your pockets at the beginning. If it is not working and you cannot do it, there is no point in paying anything for a violin, whether it is cheap or not.

Produced by Eastar with the cash-strapped customer in mind, this budget-friendly violin was made. An inexpensive offering that nevertheless performed well enough to be helpful for people learning to play was the primary objective when developing this violin.

Often violin outfits come with high price tags. And if your child is going to keep it for a long time, you might consider paying that price.

It might even make sense to buy a higher-end model in that situation, but if you are worried that the violin of your child might end up forgotten under the bed, another discarded hobby, a budget model is the way to go for you according to our Eastar Violin review.

A great budget choice is definitely the Eastar EVA-1 violin package. It is priced below $100 and contains what it takes to start playing right away.  With a price tag of under $100, the Eastar EVA-1 violin could be a great budget pick for you.

Find out in our expert Eastar Violin review if this violin is as amazing as it looks.

Eastar Violin Review

About: Eastar EVA-3 4/4 full-size violin has a spruce wood panel, maple backboard, and side plate with vintage varnish inlay. These are the best features that you can find in a beginner violin, and that is why we are recommending it to you in our Eastar Violin review.

Features: The Eastar EVA-3 violin is a revolutionary collection of violins, and the innovative use of muscovite-inlaid finger plates will help students find the right spot. With this instrument, there are two major points to note.

First of all, the neck of the violin is white without paint. All of the neck is not painted when it comes to high-grade violins. Otherwise, the hands would sweat and slip when playing as we warn you in this Eastar Violin review.

Secondly, when the peg is tuned, you have to press it slightly internally. On related video websites, try to watch experienced violin tuning teaching videos because that is a really important point when it comes to this violin in our Eastar Violin review.

The fingerboard of this Eastar Violin is engraved with Muscovite fingerboard point, which is helpful for students to locate the handle location easily in the learning process. This is a primary practitioner-friendly item.

Maple wood collar, pear-wood fingerboard, aluminum alloy strain plate, date wood chin rest and tail nail, and four integrated fine-tuning tuners are all present in this violin. That is why it is a really good and quality violin according to this Eastar Violin review.

The entire violin is made entirely by hand and the black line is integrated. The surface is smooth, the high-grade violin vertical line is given, and the feeling of the hand is pleasant.

The tuning knob is made of high-quality wood, the friction coefficient is reasonable. This violin is really simple to tune, and after the sound is tuned, it is not easy to be out of tune. So, when you tune it once, it will last you a very long time as we can confidently say in our Eastar Violin review.

The items that are included in the pack are Eastar EVA-3 4/4 Violin x1, Mongolian horsehair, rosin, shoulder rest, violin bridge, tuner, extra violin string, and a 12-month product warranty.

We do like the fact that the company provides a money-back guarantee of 30 days. That means that if you determine the violin is not for you or the EVA-1 is not staying true to your standards, you can try the violin for a good while and then return it in 30 days.

The EVA-1 is firmly constructed and made from robust materials, as stated earlier in this Eastar Violin review. Its strings are the only known major weakness. If you decide on the EVA-1, the originals are prone to breaking.

So we suggest investing a little extra to substitute the stock strings with Prelude substitutes. Speaking of alternatives, many have also expressed problems using the included tuner, so you might also want to buy an additional one of those.

Given this, the quality of construction is still good. Within its price range, the EVA-1 is one of the best budget choices.

Conclusion: Eastar Violin (2021 Review)

Overall, this is one of the best choices for the budget that we have ever seen. This model of Eastar is hand-crafted and firmly constructed. Even if itis a beginner violin, it comes ready to play with a nice selection of accessories provided according to this Eastar Violin review.

So, should or should not you buy it? That will depend on the player for whom you’ are going to buy this. However, this is definitely not going to be the best choice for them if they are serious about playing, and already have some experience with violins.

This could be a smart option if, on the other hand, they are a total beginner. If it turns out that the player that you have bought this violin chooses not to continue playing the violin. If that would be the case, you will be particularly pleased to save money on higher models.

We hope that you like our Eastar Violin review.