Enya Ukulele [2023 Review]

Enya is one of the market’s most successful new ukulele brands. They are only a few years old but do not let that trick you. With their revolutionary designs, fantastic sound, and amazing prices, they have made a splash. Everything you need to know about this Enya Ukulele, we will mention in our Enya Ukulele review.

The construction of carbon fiber and the arrangement of the body design leads to its remarkably bright tone. The ergonomic style with a thinner form offers relaxed playability that you can sense. The Nova U series is a good option for sound, playability, and consistency.

If you want something special and flexible, you are looking at the right ukulele. You will be able to throw it in your luggage and not think about it. Enya ukulele would be one of the best things you can invest your money on because you will use it until it is in bits.

Keep reading our Enya Ukulele review for more information about this Enya ukulele model.

Enya Ukulele Review

  • Complete Kit
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Cool Looking Design
  • Ideal for Travel
  • Padded is Durable
  • Strings Need to Be Constantly Tightened

About: Regular ukulele players cannot miss this model of Enya, which looks and sounds super amazing. The body is made with polycarbonate with carbon fibers added to it for strength, which will last you a very long time.

Features: Soprano Ukulele is the most popular option among the ones in the market for especially the beginner ukulele players who are starting out in their journey. The sound it produces is really pure and bright.

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This Enya ukulele we are reviewing is made out of carbon fiber composite polycarbonate. For the ones who do not know what that is, we should explain briefly: it is the sturdiest ukulele you can find.

With this durable construction of Enya Ukuleles, we can say that they are highly stable and water-resistant according to our Enya Ukulele review.

They will definitely last you a very long time. What we liked the most is that this Enya ukulele is super lightweight. Meaning that you can carry it almost anywhere with you without a problem at all as we can confidently say in our Enya Ukulele review.

This Enya ukulele’s body is quite thin. That is also what makes it fashionable and attractive as most customers say. It is almost as if the manufacturer designed it to be your travel friend who does not get affected by temperature and humidity according to this Enya Ukulele review.

This Enya ukulele comes with an arched back and radius fretboard. Also, the body is cutaway, which will ensure better self-resonance when you are giving little concerts to your friends and family as we claim in our Enya Ukulele review.

We should warn you that this ukulele is not compatible with wound strings or strings that contain metallic compounds. The best thing about the Enya ukulele is that they give a US warranty and customer support according to this Enya Ukulele review.

There is a two-piece construction of this ukulele. The back, sides, and back of the neck being one part and the top with the integral bridge, fingerboard, and headstock face being the other. The two are put together in a clamshell to create this amazing look for ukulele lovers.

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At 16 inches, the other concert ukuleles are a bit of a blended concert scale. Because 16 inches put a ukulele halfway between average concerts and tenors. This one comes in at almost 14 inches, so halfway between sopranos and concerts on average.

Different size to what we were used to, definitely, but not significantly so. Yet it feels so much smaller to carry and hold and play. If you are looking for something that looks different, the Enya ukulele is a great option with great size and design.

The bridge has a slot style fitted with a black compensated top saddle. This means really easy string changes. String spacing is 43mm. You get no strap buttons as you do get from a concert ukulele because sopranos are easier to hold without them.

You will get a molded fretboard with integrated frets. You get one less fret than the concert though because this one has a smaller size. The nut is also integral, it is just under 35mm.

It might be considered narrow overall. However, it is largely the same with other ukuleles. But this model has a FAR roomier 28mm G to A.  Also, there is a shaped headstock with the Enya logo screen printed in gold which looks cool.

The tuners are in the color of gold, and they are metalwork gears. The gold color suits the black really nice. Enya worked really hard on the design of this model apparently.

Conclusion: Enya Ukulele [2023 Review]

Not just in the US or China, but worldwide, Enya is increasingly becoming one of the most successful ukulele brands. Along with traditional wooden ukuleles, they give amazing value and display some groundbreaking styles.

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Take a look at Enya if you are searching for a travel ukelele, a first ukulele, or just a different tone. You will be sure that you will find something which suits your style.

We are hoping that you liked our Enya Ukulele review and found it helpful in your search for a good ukulele.

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