Flight Ukulele [2023 Review]

This Flight Elise Ecklund Sunset 4-String Ukulele is one of the most pristine instruments out there at this price point. Considering the amount of talk it has been stirring around the musical community, this instrument is just an abundance of build quality and musical quality. We will talk more about this instrument in our Flight Ukulele review.

When it comes to soprano-sized instruments the flight ukulele is an epitome of playability at any possible level. Beginner or not this product literally has every aspect covered for the player from weight distribution to handling making it very ideal for players that are looking for that perfect musical tool.

This 4-string ukulele has Aquila sugar strings which are made to last long and also have just as good as an audible quality to suit. It is 22 inches high and only weighs about 2 pounds making it extremely light compared to its other counterparts.

If you are interested in this mandolin model, keep reading our Flight Ukulele review for more information below.

Flight Ukulele Review

  • Outstanding build quality
  • Warm, sweet, and harp-like tone
  • Affordable price
  • Full tone
  • Thin gig bag

About: The 22-inch instrument is a soprano-sized ukulele which is specified at a weight of 2 pounds, making it extraordinarily light when compared to others at this size and price point. The build quality, durability, and physical appeal are extremely well-tailored making it a very high-quality product.

Features: Since it has a wider arched back, this instrument has more volume in the middle part of the product than a normal soprano size instrument, while also keeping its resonating qualities also making it sound brighter. It is also worth mentioning the durability against humidity changes which is the main enemy of wood manufactured ukuleles.

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It features a TUS-EE that is laminated linden wood for the soundboard. Linden is known for a bright sound and sleek texture also allowing to print a colorful finish that includes a mountain range and a sunset to accompany the design on the soundboard without inhibiting the sound quality of the product.

When it comes to the fingerboard and neck, they are both made from ABS-type plastic which is a perfect option for entry-level ukuleles. Being sustainable against weather changes you will never get a sharp difference in tone quality or neck bending during travel or use of the product.

The unique bridge that included zero fret construction makes it so the string action is low and the intonation is accurate. The reason being the neck being made of plastic so the durability is a great indicator of how the body of the ukulele will suffice during long playtimes.

According to this Flight Ukulele review, the ukulele has a round back so adding a strap button is a must so that sliding or mishandling the product would not be an issue for the user during the use of the instrument.

This instrument comes paired with Aquila sugar strings so high durability and extremely well audible quality is to be expected from material like this. The player should rest assured as these strings are known for being resilient against weather conditions just like the body and the neck of the ukulele.

Headstock design is an integral part of the brand’s property. The veneer is made up of linden to match the rest of the ukulele to pair a well overall build quality. The stylization is also in part with the rest of the product as well which is spoken about in this Flight Ukulele review.

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When it comes to things included with the ukulele, which is stated in this Flight Ukulele review. The travel bag will accompany the user on their travels. It has a blue color to compliment the ukulele and make the bag stand out from the rest standard black ones that most people seem to prefer.

The overall build includes an arched back with a compensated saddle that incorporates open geared tuners for better fidelity when the player wants to tune the instrument to their liking. This also means the ergonomic design makes it sound very nice also making it appealing to look at.

Since the majority of the fretboard, frets, neck, and nut are molded out of high-quality plastic everything is going to stay put with a very slim chance of the frets poking out. Plastic also means the visuals can be changed easily as it is known for easy pliability.

The gig bag is made up of thin nylon which might not be the best choice for most musicians since it does not offer any protection for the instrument and is only used for carrying the product to wherever you go and probably to stop it from gathering dust over time.

Conclusion: Flight Ukulele [2023 Review]

This 22-inch instrument is probably going to be anyone’s favorite because of what it brings to the table. It offers a bright and funky linden wood style. ABS plastic is used in the neck and fingerboard so durability is not even worth bringing up since it will never be a problem. Distancing on the fretboard is perfect so making mistakes is lowered to a minimum.

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This Flight Ukulele review has talked about how the ukulele incorporates black strap buttons and Aquila sugar strings as these are not usually found on traditional instruments at this price point.

Anyone looking to buy a ukulele for themselves or as a gift for any possible occasion is going to be the best option because of what this product brings to the table. Which has been stated multiple times in this Flight Ukulele review.

We hope you liked our Flight Ukulele review, and it was helpful.

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