5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers [2023 Review]

In a home/garage gym, a Bluetooth speaker is one of the simplest methods to listen to music or a podcast. What should you look for when choosing a speaker, and which ones are the best?

Bluetooth speakers for a home gym should be loud enough to motivate you and withstand the noises of the gym. The sound quality should be sufficient for you to enjoy your music or listen to your podcast without being distracted. It’s a plus if it’s water-resistant in any way.

Learn more about what home gym speakers should do, what they’re used for, and which ones are the finest. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers review for more information below.

Polk Audio Atrium 5 Outdoor Speakers with Powerful Bass (Pair, White), All-Weather Durability, Broad Sound Coverage, Speed-Lock Mounting System
  • CREATED TO LIVE AND PLAY OUTDOORS, your Atrium Speakers can be installed in any open space—by a pool, in the...
  • Created to live and play outdoors, your Atrium Speakers can be installed in any open space—by a pool, in the...
KICKER KB6B 2-Way Full Range Indoor Outdoor Speakers (Pair) Weatherproof Speakers for Patio Garage Poolside in-Home, 6.5 inch woofer, 2x5 inch Horn Tweeter Black
  • New and Improved - The Kicker KB6 is the direct replacement for the Legendary Kicker KB6000. Its UV-treated...
  • Legendary Signature Sound - That legendary Kicker sound is now made to rock from a family room, listening room,...
  • No Replacement For Displacement! Legendary sound quality and value. The Kicker KB6 2-Way Atrium Speaker features a...

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JBL Xtreme 2, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • 15 hours of playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof

Our Top Pick: Polk Audio Atrium 5 Outdoor Speakers

Features: The Atrium 5 speakers are simple to set up, blend in nicely with a garden environment, and can be made smart with smart receivers or an Echo Input.

These speakers are well-built and able to withstand the rigors of a permanent outdoor placement. The Atrium speakers are available in a variety of sizes, with the Atrium 5 including 5-inch drivers and 3/4-inch tweeters.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers you can find.

The Polk Atrium 5 comes in two colors: white and black. We tested the black version, which contrasts nicely with any kind of decor.

The design is dominated by rounded edges, a great combination of polymers, and a tight grille. The Atrium 5 speakers may be mounted horizontally or vertically, with the bracket allowing for easy adjustment once in place.

Polk Audio’s Atrium 5 Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers are ideal for small to medium-sized outdoor spaces. These outdoor speakers have a stylish design and a superb sound.

The 5 tweeters 5 driver configuration for greater sound dispersion is a very appealing feature. The sleek, stylish style is also a favorite of ours. These are a terrific value for money when it comes to outdoor speakers.

  • It works well in a number of settings
  • For a larger sound dispersion, use 3 4 tweeters and 5 drivers
  • Waterproof; Elegant design; Compatible with most Bluetooth devices
  • The mounting bracket is simple and straightforward to use
  • Adaptability to the environment torrential rain and freezing temps
  • Not durable

Runner Up: JBL Xtreme 2

Features: There are many alternatives if you want a compact, inexpensive speaker to take in your backpack on your next vacation. There are also plenty of options if you wish to attach speakers to your receiver and listen to music in the garden.

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But what if you only want one speaker to do it all? Your options are limited if you want a speaker that is loud enough for a yard yet still portable. The JBL Xtreme 2 comes into play in this situation.

The JBL Xtreme 2 is just a Charge 4 that has been stretched out in Photoshop. It features the same durable fabric covering that makes it waterproof to IPX7 standards.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers you can find.

The JBL Xtreme 2 is a large wireless boombox speaker. It’s a little bigger than the original Xtreme, but you’d have to compare the two to see the difference.

JBL has not gone for crowd-pleasing neutrality here, as it is too huge to fit in airline hand luggage for weekend vacations and potentially too flamboyant for certain living spaces.

Its practical focus, on the other hand, is as narrow as the visual design. The JBL Xtreme 2 is a huge portable speaker that excels at its purpose.

Its fabric grille and thick rubber port cover on the rear provide it IPX7 water protection, which means it can withstand a 1.5m submersion.

  • The sound quality is excellent, and it becomes rather loud
  • Life of the battery
  • Strong connection power
  • Waterproof USB output for charging devices (IPX7)
  • Costly

Best for Budget: Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

Features: The speakers contain a 4.5-inch driver and a 0.75-inch tweeter on the inside. The sturdy plastic housing, which comes in black or white and features a perforated grill to let the sound out, appears to be durable enough to endure some abuse.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers you can find.

In an outdoor location, the Atrium 4s produce a broad, balanced sound that should please most people. Instruments sound warm and lifelike, while vocals are clear. Although the bass won’t rock the walls, you’ll still be able to locate the rhythm.

The speed lock system is not only fashionable but also quite practical. During installation, this mechanism comes in helpful.

All you have to do to mount the speakers is install the rust-proof metal brackets and place the speakers. You’re good to go after they’ve clicked in. They can be swung around 180 degrees.

These speakers may be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs, to deliver the finest sound quality. For nooks and corners, the brackets also allow you to position the speakers at a 45-degree downward angle.

These speakers have a tough and long-lasting construction. The mineral-filled polypropylene cabinet with molded-in bracing can withstand extreme environmental fluctuations.

  • Large, crisp soundstage
  • Rugged
  • Relatively small size
  • Not for bassheads

Yamaha NS-AW350B

No products found.

Features: With your amplifier and the black Yamaha NS-AW350 All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor Speakers, you can enjoy stereo sound outside.

To create full-range music, each speaker in this pair contains a 6.5″ mica-filled polypropylene woofer and a 1″ polyetherimide dome tweeter.

With the provided hardware, they may be mounted to a ceiling or wall or set on a tabletop or bookshelf, indoors or out. To match your installation demands, the speakers may be mounted vertically or horizontally.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers you can find.

This speaker will be loud enough to fill most outdoor enclosures that aren’t very huge, with 35 and 40-watt power handling. It has a quite high peak power. It’s also worth noting that the frequency response range is extremely good.

It has a lower frequency floor than 60Hz, which we like. Bass is sometimes lacking in budget-tier outdoor speakers, which is especially essential when listening outside because bass does not travel as effectively in the open air.

Other options may require a subwoofer to sound complete, but why not spend the money on nicer speakers instead? Not to mention the fact that you’ll be out of your price range.

The 350s are likely to be your best option if you’re searching for affordable “all-in-one” speakers that sound nice enough.


Features: These speakers, which measure 17 x 15 x 10 inches (43 x 38 x 25 cm) and weigh 7 pounds (3.17 kg), produce high-quality audio and are strong and trustworthy, which is not something you can expect from $90 outdoor speakers, especially to this degree.

Indoor speakers are just as effective as outdoor speakers and provide excellent sound in confined spaces. Because they were designed for outside usage, they have a high level of interior durability, which means they can easily take a few drops without serious problems.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers you can find.

The Kicker KB6000 takes great pleasure in its shockingly high-quality sound, which is one of the reasons it was named a hidden treasure.

The majority of customers characterize the output audio as clean and bright, with a modest yet noticeable bass level. As a result, bass overload should be the last thing on your mind when using them.

That iconic KICKER sound is now available for use in a family room, listening room, den, rear deck, patio, garage, under the eaves, or near the pool, and it still sounds amazing on a boat or RV.

The KB6 is a high-efficiency speaker system that may be used both indoors and out, with an 8-Ohm load and the ability to be powered by home audio receivers. RMS power of 75 watts (150 Watts Peak)

  • Has new and improved drivers
  • Improved sound quality
  • Can be installed on the wall or ceiling
  • Nothing much

Buyer’s Guide for 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers

Let’s start by looking at why most individuals desire to add a speaker to their home gym. There are three major causes for this:

Motivation: Music, more than anything else, can get you pumped up for a tough workout. The appropriate music might momentarily increase your performance.

Distraction: Sometimes all you want to do is be taken away from what you’re doing. Many individuals require this, especially during cardiac exertion, but it is also required during other forms of exercise. It isn’t necessary for it to be music. Podcasts are also a terrific way to take a break from that lengthy run.

Use with timers: Some gym timers or timer applications may be synced with a Bluetooth speaker to make the buzzer or beeper more audible. Often, you can instantly merge this in with the music.

These are just a few of the reasons why individuals desire a Bluetooth speaker in their home gym. Headphones are also widely used, however, they are not for everyone.

They might be unpleasant, won’t stay on your head during activity, or just aren’t your style. Furthermore, if you’re working out at a gym with more than one person, wearing headphones isn’t particularly sociable.

Sound volume

It should be able to create some really loud music. A gym is a loud and typically large place. Keep reading for 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers.

You’ll need a good amount of sound to fill the space and drown out the weightlifting noises. It is not essential to turn up the volume to nightclub levels, but just loud enough to hear the music and feel energized.

Sound quality

There is a difference between loud noise and nice sound. People have drastically disparate expectations for the quality of sound produced by their speakers. A Bluetooth speaker can never match the sound quality of a high-end stereo system, but some are far superior to others.

In a gym, we would say the sound volume is more vital, but you still want to be able to hear your music or podcasts without distortion and clearly understood.

Battery life

If you have a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker, it should last at least a few workouts. If it doesn’t, it’s just annoying. Battery life of around 6 hours is sufficient for a few exercises.

Somewhat water resistant

There can be a lot of moisture and/or high humidity, especially in a basement or garage. Electronics are quite sensitive to water, and if the speaker isn’t waterproof, it might rapidly fail.

Whether or not this is essential is a function of the room in which the speaker is placed and the local climate. Keep reading for 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers.

Your Garage’s Dimensions

You don’t need a speaker with a lot of bass or one that can transport music over a long distance if your garage is small. You also don’t want a big, unwieldy speaker that takes up too much room in a tiny place.

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However, if you have a huge garage, make sure the speaker can reach a volume that fills the whole space. This is especially true if you intend to place your speaker on the other side of the room from your workout gear.


While you don’t want your music to bother your family or neighbors, you should be able to hear it over the sound of slamming weights and blowing fans or heaters.

You should be able to hear the music above the sound of your buddies chatting if you work out with them. Keep reading for 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers.

Aesthetic Appeal

You don’t want to be forced to listen to static or muted sounds after spending a lot of money on a speaker. There should be no distortions at higher volumes, and the music should be clean and clear.

Construction in General

Garages may get quite humid, resulting in a lot of moisture in the air. Moisture might also enter your garage as a result of rain and snow remnants. Keep reading for 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers.

Your home gym speaker should be able to endure not just this dampness, but also chalk and perspiration.

The runtime of the battery

It might be aggravating to begin a workout just to discover that your speaker’s battery has died. A wireless speaker should have enough battery life to last many hours, not just so it can endure through a full training session but also so you don’t have to charge it.

What is the best size speaker for your garage?

The speaker you pick for your garage gym should be able to hear music from a long distance and give excellent sound even at maximum volume. Keep reading for 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers.

If your garage is at least 400-500 square feet and you have to keep your speaker further away from your exercise area, you’ll want a larger speaker so you can hear music from a longer distance.

However, if your garage is smaller, you won’t need a giant speaker that can go really loud because there will be less room to occupy.

Buying additional speakers and connecting them together is another option for huge garages. Many of the speakers on the list above may be linked together to play music at the same time, enhancing the sound in a wide location.

Build Quality

Another key factor to examine is the build quality. If you don’t want to keep buying speakers every now and again, be sure they’re made of long-lasting materials. You should also make certain that it has an IPX rating.

Some speakers have an IPX4 grade, which implies they can withstand splashes and rain, whereas IPX7 speakers can be immersed for a few minutes. The better, the higher the rating.


Another key element to consider is portability, especially if you want to move your speaker around. Size, weight, style, and design are all factors to consider. For added mobility, some speakers come with wheels and a handle.

If it has a lot of features, it’ll almost certainly be heavier. If you desire mobility, you may have to give up certain features. Keep reading for 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers.


At the end of the day, your budget may be the most significant consideration. Bluetooth speakers come in a wide variety of prices.

The more features it has, the more expensive it will be, but you don’t have to pay a premium for a speaker that contains functions you don’t need. The general guideline is to obtain the speaker with the greatest features for the least amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers

What features matter most in the garage and home gym speakers?

Durability, water resistance, loudness, and connectivity options like Bluetooth. Mounting capabilities and EQ controls are also beneficial.

What wattage is recommended for these spaces?

For small areas, 20-50 watts is sufficient; larger spaces may need 50-100 watts or more.

Can regular indoor speakers be used?

It’s better to use rugged, weather-resistant speakers for durability in these environments.

Wired or wireless speakers?

Both work, but wireless options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi provide convenience.

How crucial is bass performance?

Balanced bass enhances the workout experience, with some models having built-in subwoofers.

Can multiple speakers be connected for better coverage?

Yes, many speakers offer stereo pairing or multi-room setups.

How to control sound quality?

Some speakers have built-in EQ controls; strategic speaker placement also helps.

Are budget-friendly options available?

Yes, entry-level models from reputable brands offer affordability without compromising quality.

Can smart speakers be used?

Yes, but consider microphone quality and voice pickup over loud surroundings.

Conclusion: 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers [2023 Review]

In this post, we went over some of the things to think about when selecting a home gym speaker and evaluate a few of the finest options available.

Working out in your garage doesn’t have to be a chore if you listen to some excellent music. Bluetooth speakers are ideal for garages because they eliminate the need for untidy connections and wires.

The market is swamped with Bluetooth speakers, most of which are subpar at best. A quick online search will reveal a plethora of conflicting opinions.

So, how did you go about doing it? We’re here to help. This is all you need to know. We’ve compiled a list of the finest Bluetooth speakers for garage gyms based on our expertise.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide so you can figure out what features to look for in order to get the most out of your speakers.

Because speaker costs vary so widely, we have divided this study into five groups to help you pick the finest home gym speaker for your needs while staying inside your budget. We hope you liked our 5 Best Garage & Home Gym Speakers review and it was helpful.

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