5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV [2023 Review]

Sound quality is just as crucial as visual quality for a genuinely immersive multimedia experience. The speakers built into most televisions, on the other hand, are roughly as bad as the speakers on the back of a computer monitor.

That might be a good thing if you’re looking for a good price on a TV. However, repairing or complementing those inadequate speakers should be your first concern when putting up a home theater.

We included the 5 best soundbars for Sony Bravia TV in this review. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our 5 Best Soundbars For Sony Bravia TV review for more information below.

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black
  • Single sound bar provides better sound quality compared to your TV.The Solo 5 TV sound system is an easy solution,...
  • Dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from any of your devices
Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth, and Alexa Voice Control Built-In,Black,36 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches
  • Easy setup with HDMI or Optical cable and automatic subwoofer connection.Waterproof : No
  • Wireless subwoofer for deep bass and flexible placement. Center unit-36-5/8 × 2-1/2 × 4-1/4 inches,...
  • Clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity
Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar with Bass Reflex Speaker, Integrated Tweeter and Bluetooth, (HTS100F), easy setup, compact, home office use with clear sound black
  • Straight from the theater to your home: easy set-up, built-in tweeter, 2-ch speaker with simple Bluetooth...
  • Deep sound with Bass Reflex speaker
  • High power with a slim design that matches any room and is perfect for small living spaces
Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth Compatible, Smart Sound and Game Mode, 200-Watts
  • WIRELESS SUBWOOFER: Feel the subtle rumble of distant thunder and earthshattering sound as it pounds the air around...
  • SMART SOUND TECHNOLOGY: The soundbar automatically analyzes the content and optimizes the sound setting for the...
  • GAME MODE: Claim more glorious victories with a special setting that boosts game sound effects
Sony HTX8500 2.1ch Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar with Built-in subwoofer, Black
  • 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos/DTS X with Vertical Sound Engine
  • Dual built-in subwoofers for deep bass
  • All sound upscaled close to 7.1.2ch audio

Our Top Pick: Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

Features: The soundbar’s inbuilt subwoofer struggles to reproduce low bass, and it isn’t very powerful. It is, however, Bluetooth-compatible, allowing you to remotely stream music from your phone or tablet to the bar.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best soundbars for Sony Bravia TV you can find.

From a design standpoint, the Solo 5 keeps things simple, with the goal of sitting beneath your TV with minimal bother. You can also mount it to your walls.

There are no controls or switches to muddle things up; instead, there’s a simple black grille on the front and black silicone on the top and sides, which keeps it light while still feeling solid.

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Only two drivers are hidden behind the grille, placed in the unit’s center, and slanted out slightly to provide a larger sound field. When specific functions are activated, a pair of LED status indicators flash and change color, and they’ll also blink in recognition as you modify the volume.

The soundbar is controlled via a large remote, which is almost half the size of the soundbar itself and seems a little hefty.

  • Good build quality
  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • Compact size
  • Universal remote
  • Good clarity
  • No Dolby Atmos
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Runner Up: Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar

Features: The Yamaha YAS-209 is a bar and wireless subwoofer combo with two microphones for Amazon Alexa integration. The Yamaha will not receive Google Assistant in the future, unlike competitors such as the Sonos Beam (which lacks a sub) and the Bose Soundbar 700.

The primary soundbar is 37 inches broad and 2.5 inches in height, and it fits beneath a variety of televisions without obstructing the IR port. You may also hang it in the same horizontal arrangement on a wall.

In contrast, the subwoofer is a huge box that houses a 6.5-inch bass woofer. At 16 inches long and 7.5 inches broad, it’s a little more noticeable than the bar.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best soundbars for Sony Bravia TV you can find. The subwoofer is more articulate and has more headroom than the Polk soundbar it competes with.

While soundbar design doesn’t leave much space for innovation — long and thin is nearly a given – the YAS-209 is more trendy and fashionable than others.

Its rounded edges and cloth cover give it the appearance of being part of the Amazon Echo family, even after it has been removed.

  • A well-balanced sound profile
  • Decent build quality
  • Very good stereo performance
  • No Dolby Atmos

Best for Budget: Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar

Features: On the plus side, it reproduces voices quite clearly and accurately. The bar may also be rather noisy. It doesn’t support height channels or Dolby Atmos, so it won’t provide the most immersive experience, but it does feature always-on surround sound.

In addition, the soundstage isn’t particularly large, and it appears to be narrower than the bar itself. It also lacks DTS capabilities and does not have any Full HDMI In inputs, which is a disappointment.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Soundbar for Sony Bravia TV, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best soundbars for Sony Bravia TV you can find.

The Sony S100F soundbar is a tiny, space-conscious soundbar with better sound quality and a bass reflex speaker for deeper sounds.

With S-Force Pro front surround sound and the option to play your favorite tracks through USB or Bluetooth, this soundbar connects quickly to a TV by HDMI ARC and delivers high-quality, room-filling sound.

A small 35.5 x 2.5 x 3.5″ speaker produces stereo sound in a two-channel configuration.

The HT-S100F has a bass-reflex construction that delivers strong bass without sacrificing detail or clarity, making it ideal for watching TV shows and listening to music.

Over one HDMI connection, send audio and control information from your ARC and CEC-compatible display to the soundbar.

  • It’s ideal for discussion
  • It gets loud enough for most applications
  • At maximum loudness, it performs admirably

    SAMSUNG 2.1 Soundbar HW-R4501

    Features: The Samsung HW-R450 is a fantastic little entry-level soundbar that will improve the sound quality of your TV without taking up too much space.

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    You can connect your smartphone or tablet to the built-in Bluetooth to stream music wirelessly. If you want to add a bit more to the experience, Samsung provides a wireless surround kit that adds mains-powered rear surround speakers.

    The setup is simple, as it is with most soundbars; we got ours up and running in approximately 10 minutes utilizing HDMI ARC. The little subwoofer did its job admirably, and being able to manage the volume of the sub from the remote control is really convenient.

    If you are looking for the 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best soundbars for Sony Bravia TV you can find.

    The Samsung N450 is a good soundbar for music and vocal-centric material like podcasts and audiobooks, but it’s not ideal for watching movies. Although this 2.1 system provides good overall audio reproduction, some may find it lacking in bass.

    It also lacks height channels and does not support Atmos, resulting in a less immersive listening experience. On the plus side, it’s well-constructed, and most people will find it powerful enough for most applications.

    • Decent stereo sound
    • Well-built design
    • Good overall performance at high volume
    • No Dolby Atmos

    Sony HTX8500

    Features: The Sony HT-X8500 soundbar is a 2.1 system that was released in 2019. To conserve space, this freestanding soundbar includes two subwoofers built into the bar, and it employs Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround software to help produce a more realistic sound.

    It supports Atmos and DTS:X material, unlike many other 2.1 setups, and its Vertical Surround Engine technology helps replicate a broader, more theatrical sound.

    It has a boxy and gloomy sound, but vocals are effectively reproduced, making it a good choice for TV dramas and audiobooks.

    If you are looking for the 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best soundbars for Sony Bravia TV you can find.

    Although the subwoofer is built-in, the bar stays pleasingly low. It’s just 89cm broad, so it’ll fit TVs between 49 and 55 inches.

    The cosmetic finish has a fashionable feel to it. A clever rolling grille protects a front display, while gunmetal grey trim adds intrigue. Touch-sensitive controls for power, input choice, volume, and Bluetooth connection are located on the top of the device.

    Manufacturers tend to be moving away from the soundbar plus subwoofer setup in favor of single devices, and Sony has adopted this route with the HT-X8500.

    • Can play Atmos and DTS content
    • EQ presets
    • Compact all-in-one form factor compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
    • Subwoofer built-in
    • It’s simple to set up and utilize
    • Excellent value
    • No high-res audio

    Buyer’s Guide for 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV

    Knowing what sort of space you have available and what kind of budget you’re working with is key to finding the perfect speaker system for your TV. It’s no secret that speakers can take up a lot of room.

    If you wind up with a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system, even little speakers may take up a lot of room. For maximum effect, the smaller speakers must be arranged exactly throughout the space. Keep reading for 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV.

    However, unless your whole room is dedicated to your television, you are unlikely to have the space, desire such an intrusive setup, or want to pay for half a dozen separate speakers.

    Even two separate speakers may be considered too big especially in confined spaces. That’s why the soundbar was created by audio professionals.

    We included what to consider when buying the 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV below. If you are still not sure, you should check this Buyer’s Guide.

    Soundbars help you save both space and money

    Soundbars have a low-profile design that allows them to be placed directly in front of your television. Unlike many other sound systems, you won’t have to go through a long setup procedure to have your soundbar up and running.

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    It’s usually as simple as plugging in one wire. If your TV is hung on the wall, you’ll have no trouble finding a soundbar that can be put right below it. Keep reading for 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV.

    Purchasing one or two high-quality speakers may be costly enough, much alone purchasing a half-dozen high-quality speakers. Another advantage of soundbars is that they are incredibly cost-effective because they are all-in-one devices.

    What is a soundbar?

    The majority of soundbar speakers are 30 inches or longer and may be installed on the wall or put on a shelf above or below a television. Some versions, generally from the same manufacturer as your television, are intended to fit between the legs of your television.

    Consider a longer model for larger TVs to provide a broader stereo image (the spatial location of the sound). Consider a TV that is no broader than the screen for smaller TVs.

    The primary enclosure of soundbars can feature anything from two to five or more speakers. To provide a bigger sound environment, some include drivers that point outward toward the edges of the room or are situated on the sides of the bar.

    Upfiring speakers are common in models that support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X 3D audio to create a feeling of height. A wireless subwoofer is included with many soundbars. Keep reading for 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV.

    Channels of Speakers

    If you have a limited amount of room, the 5.1 and 7.1 systems should be eliminated from consideration. Due to the presence of a huge subwoofer that must be kept, even a 2.1 system is significantly larger than a 2.0 system.

    Our natural impulse as customers is to opt for the speaker system with the most features, but this is a mistake in this situation.

    Depending on the quality of the sound drivers used, a 2.0 speaker system can sound significantly better than a 2.1 speaker system or even a 5.1 speaker system.

    Two separate speakers are used in a conventional 2.0 speaker system. For the sake of a soundbar, its design is more akin to a collection of speakers squeezed into a single device.

    What to consider before buying the 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV?

    There are a few things to consider before making a purchase. Calculate the size of your new soundbar based on the measurements of your television.

    You don’t want it to be overshadowed by the screen, but pairing a large bar with a little TV may appear odd, like a tiny head placed on too broad shoulders. Look up the specs and compare the width of the bar to the length of your television.

    Check the height as well; if you’re going to put the soundbar in front of your TV, you wouldn’t want it to obscure half of the screen. Keep reading for 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV.


    Wireless subwoofers, Bluetooth connection, 4K-friendly HDMI inputs for a games console or 4K Blu-ray player, ARC and eARC-enabled HDMI outputs, and even Dolby Atmos audio with up-firing speakers are all features of current soundbars.

    Consider the types of stuff you’ll be seeing and the sources you’ll be using. Much of this technology will be obsolete if you just watch Freeview.

    However, if you’re watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in 4K HDR, you’ll want to have the greatest audio quality available to ensure your video sounds as amazing as it looks.

    Keep reading for 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV. Check out tutorials about where to get and set up a soundbar for a thorough overview.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Soundbar For Sony Bravia TV

    What is a soundbar and why should I use it with my Sony Bravia TV?

    A soundbar is a little audio device made to improve the sound on your TV. Compared to built-in TV speakers, it provides better audio quality, a deeper bass, and a more realistic experience.

    How do I connect the soundbar to my Sony Bravia TV?

    Typically, an HDMI cable, an optical cable, or Bluetooth can be used to connect a soundbar to your Sony Bravia TV.

    Can I control the soundbar with my Sony Bravia TV remote?

    Yes, in many instances. Some soundbars can be set up to operate using the remote control that came with your Sony Bravia TV.

    How do I adjust the sound settings on my soundbar?

    A large number of soundbars come with a remote control or buttons that you may use to change the volume, bass, treble, and sound modes.

    Why is there no sound coming from the soundbar?

    There could be a number of causes for this problem. Ensure the soundbar is turned on and that it is linked to the TV properly. Verify that the soundbar’s input source is set up correctly for the connection type you’re using (HDMI, optical, Bluetooth, etc.).

    What is Dolby Atmos and can my soundbar support it?

    Dolby Atmos is a modern audio system that combines height channels to the audio mix to create a more immersive listening experience. Dolby Atmos is supported by some soundbars but not all.

    How do I update the firmware of my soundbar?

    Your soundbar’s functionality and capabilities may be improved through firmware updates. For details on how to upgrade the firmware, read the user guide or the manufacturer’s website.

    Conclusion: 5 Best Soundbars for Sony Bravia TV [2023 Review]

    A soundbar is a cost-effective and fashionable option to improve your home entertainment system. It promises to produce high-quality sound while also serving as a useful addition to your furniture decor.

    Soundbars are usually a good investment. Nowadays, TVs are concentrating on improving the display performance rather than the built-in sound systems.

    Sony isn’t always good at incorporating this important element, but soundbars with appealing designs and features grab our attention. We hope you liked our 5 Best Soundbar For Sony Bravia TV review and it was helpful.

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