Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings [2021 Review]

Office headphones have a very specialized purpose: You want to take or make phone calls from your computer, and you want to hear and be heard over the distracting noise that is all around you or make zoom calls.

Wireless headphones can connect to your phone and allow you to chat even if you’re several hundred feet away from your workstation. Less costly wired headphones eliminate the need to worry about battery life and potential Bluetooth problems. Both are fine with Zoom calls.

We included three of the best wireless headsets for Zoom meetings for you. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings review for more information below.

Our Top Pick: Jabra Evolve 75 MS Wireless Headset

Features: The Jabra Evolve 75 is the headset to purchase if you prefer a headset with active noise cancellation to drown out as much background noise as possible. Panelists voted it first in voice quality for the second time in three years, calling it “very clear” and the finest of the bunch “without exception.”

However, the ANC technology is more expensive. And, while the Evolve 75 is pleasant to wear for hours, its 17-hour battery life means you’ll have to charge it twice as frequently as the Evolve2 65. If you are looking for the Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings, you should give this one a chance.

Jabra is a well-known company that manufactures wireless headsets for mobile consumers as well as corded and wireless headsets for call centers and businesses.

The Jabra Evolve 75 wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancellation are on hand. The packaging claims that the Jabra Evolve 75 are the “best wireless headphones for open offices,” which we will have to confirm.

It might be difficult to pick the ideal headset for your needs if you operate in an open workplace. If you make a lot of phone calls, listen to music, and want to avoid background noise, you should look at the sound quality, microphone clarity, and noise cancellation functions of a headset.

Unlike many other expensive and bulky-looking headphones, it features a no-nonsense style that is ideal for your business’s demands.

The material used is of high quality, which can be felt when you first touch it. There are no visible screws or hinges, and it does not resemble an industrial design.

To make the head strap lightweight and comfy, the designers employed high-quality plastic, rubber/silicone, and a thin aluminum plate. The top of the headband is made of a silicone substance that fits precisely on the head, while the sides are made of plastic.

The Evolve 75 is available in a model designed for Skype for Business or Unified Communication (both are the same price).

It’s a supra-aural (on-ear) headset that’s mostly black and weighs 6.3 ounces. The earpads and headband, both of which have a rubberized padded region, offer a well-cushioned leather feel that is very pleasant, even over long hours of listening.

Runner Up: BlueParrott B550-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset

Features: The 5.8-ounce B550-XT has a hefty design, yet it feels light and comfortable in the hand. The earpad is made of a leather-like material and has enough of padding; it’s a circumaural pad, but it’s tiny enough to feel like a mix between an on-ear and an over-ear earpad.

The headband includes a lot of cushioning and a flexible silicone pad that pushes against your head pleasantly. However, the strain on your head, especially if you wear glasses, might feel a little tight at times.

Moving the headset around helps to relieve stress. When you’ve found the appropriate angle for your head shape, the padding and cushioning provides a comfortable fit. If you are looking for the Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings, you should give this one a chance.

There are only a few built-in voice commands. You may ask to check your battery life or redial a prior number, but we suspect that many users will find their phone’s own voice assistant more useful on a regular basis. In any case, having a single-button, voice-controlled alternative when driving is never a bad thing.

The B550-XT comes with an additional earpad and a vehicle converter for the micro USB charging wire, which is long enough to be used while charging. The cable attaches to the headband’s lower outside border near the earpiece.

The B550-XT is a monaural (single-ear) headset with a headband. The speaker comes with a thick over-the-ear pad made of leatherette. A curved silicon rubber component on the opposite side presses against the head and helps the headset stay securely in place.

The all-black B550-XT isn’t very attractive, with a big and hefty primary ear pad and a bottom-heavy, asymmetrical design. It does, however, have a few design advantages.

The BlueParrott B450-XT Headset is a mono-on-ear headset with a flippable microphone that may be worn on either ear. Even if you’re talking in a noisy call center, its mic catches natural-sounding speech.

Voices on the other end of the line are likewise pretty clear and detailed. It has a battery life of around 24 hours and can link with up to two devices at the same time.

Best for Budget: Audio-Technica ATH-G1 Premium Headset

Features: The ATH-design G1’s is extremely elegant, thanks to Audio Technica’s efforts. When it comes to being showy, the gaming headset does not appear overpowering. It’s all really lovely and understated.

Audio Technica’s logo appears inside a light blue ring on the exterior of both closed-back ear cuffs. The ring isn’t LED, which is great because it provides a wonderful pop of color to the otherwise black headset.

The right ear cuff is empty and lacks any controls or ports, whilst the left side houses the non-removable cord and a port for plugging in the detachable microphone. If you are looking for the Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings, you should give this one a chance.

The Audio-Technica ATH-G1 promises to provide high-quality audio for gaming as well as music when you want to take a break from the console – an area where other specialized gaming headsets sometimes fall short.

In 1962, Audio-Technica was founded in Tokyo with the objective of providing high-quality yet inexpensive audio equipment that anybody might aspire to possess. The firm currently provides a diverse range of audio equipment in both the consumer and commercial markets.

The ATH-G1 offers a more relaxed and open sound than its studio predecessor, thanks to tiny bass vents on the top of each ear cup and newly developed hybrid leatherette and cotton ear cushions.

That, in our opinion, is fantastic. The M50X is notorious for its loud, in-your-face sound and small soundstage, both of which are enhanced here.

The bass of the G1 is a touch more accentuated, but it has a smoother tone and texture. The traditional M50X midrange bite is still present, but it’s a touch wider and less harsh as a result of the soundstage’s expanded breadth.

The industrial appearance of the G1 makes it appear to be a horrible metal vise hold on your skull, yet it’s actually pretty comfortable.

The pads are made of a sports fabric on the side that meets your head, and they have just enough room inside for our ears to not hit the driver’s wall. The holes are a bit larger than the notoriously small openings on the M50X pads. Furthermore, the gripping force is mild and comfortable.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings

Millions of individuals use video conferencing to attend online classes, attend corporate meetings, increase productivity, save time, save travel costs, and enhance cooperation through zoom sessions.

To connect with coworkers, you must have a decent pair of Zoom Meeting Wireless Headphones with Mic. You might also need a Soundbar, a computer/tablet or smartphone, a microphone, a phone, a webcam, and some other important equipment for your Zoom meeting setup.

That is why you need to know some stuff before you buy the best wireless headsets for Zoom meetings. Check our Buyer’s Guide for Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings for more information below.

Microphone Quality

If you’re going to pick a headset over a standard pair of headphones, you may as well choose one with a quality microphone.

At its most basic, a decent microphone should be able to be placed just alongside or below your lips – close enough to take up your voice clearly, but not so close.

Then there’s the problem of background noise to consider. This can easily detract from what you’re saying, but thankfully, most headset makers include directional microphones that are calibrated to just pick up sound waves coming from your lips.


This indicates the range of tones produced by the headphone drivers, from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble frequencies. Keep reading for the Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings.

The human ear can typically hear frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz (or 20kHz), thus a set of headphones that at least cover this frequency range is required.

Most have an even broader response range, which can be useful in the low/bass end because, while you may not be able to hear these frequencies, you can feel them.


This indicates the range of tones produced by the headphone drivers, from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble frequencies. Keep reading for the Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings.

The human ear can typically hear frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz (or 20kHz), thus a set of headphones that at least cover this frequency range is required.

Most have an even broader response range, which can be useful in the low/bass end because, while you may not be able to hear these frequencies, you can feel them.

Wearing Style

Over-the-Ear/Behind-the-Ear Headsets: This type of headset is generally smaller and lighter in weight. With wireless alternatives, you will sacrifice battery capacity. This results in shorter speak time and most models will not be able to provide a new battery.

It is because it will be soldered directly onto the circuit board to assist reduce total headset weight. The audio quality will be adequate for most professional applications.

Single Ear (Mono) Headsets: The majority of monaural headsets will include an adjustable headband and foam or leatherette cushions that will need to be replaced on occasion due to excessive wear. Choosing this wearing option will provide you with a highly secure fit for all-day comfort.

A full-sized speaker provides somewhat higher audio quality than over-the-ear versions. With the larger speaker, you can also create a stronger noise barrier between what’s going on around you and what you’re trying to hear via the headset.

This increases the audibility of your meetings as well as your capacity to take more precise information on conference calls. With one ear open, you can simply keep in contact with your surroundings and converse with others around you.

Headphones with dual earpieces (stereo): Most binaural headsets will feature an adjustable headband and foam or leatherette cushions that will need to be replaced on occasion if they are used often.

Choosing this choice will provide you with the most secure fit and the finest audio. Covering both ears allows you to concentrate on your meetings without being distracted by surrounding noise. Keep reading for the Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings.

You may even move one speaker back behind your ear as needed to talk with those around you while keeping a solid fit. A dual-ear headset is necessary for real hi-fi audio when used for personal usage and listening to music.

Noise Cancelling

Business-grade headsets using a noise-canceling microphone will reduce background noise, allowing your Zoom conference members to hear your voice more clearly. This is very important because the clearer your voice is, the more natural your video call will be.

It keeps your caller focused on your conversation and less distracted with background chaos; this is very important in a professional business environment — to maintain a level of confidence and trust with your viewers.

What to look out for when buying a wireless headset for Zoom meetings

Headphones are more than simply a means to listen to music; they’ve evolved into a wearable gadget that can be used to supplement your smartphone experience. Keep reading for the Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings.

It may be difficult to decipher all of the specs, and much more difficult to grasp the significance of some software features over others, especially if you’re new to purchasing headphones.

With our ultimate headphone purchase guide, we hope to alleviate the sensation of analytical paralysis. You now devote less time to research and more to music pleasure.

Closed or Open Back Headsets

Closed-back headphones are less expensive, and the shell entirely covers the internal components. This design is more adaptable since closed-back headphones may be worn anywhere without leaking sound into the public world.

The disadvantage of closed headphones is that they have a more difficult time reproducing a genuine feeling of aural space than open-back headphones. Grilles on open-back headphones reveal the drivers. Keep reading for the Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings.

This continual flow of air into and through the headset produces a more “spacious” sound, but it can only be used in calm environments.

Softwares and Updates

Almost every wireless audio equipment comes with its own headphone app, which may appear to be a roundabout approach to collect data from you, but some apps do offer helpful functions as well. Keep reading for the Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings.

The most crucial function that a headphone app may provide is access to firmware upgrades. Some businesses have a poor history of restricting update access, while most businesses maintain their programs OS neutral.

If you own an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with Apple’s AirPods earbuds and, now, headphones. If you possess an Apple device, you can only upgrade your AirPods; Android users can still use the headset, but it’s more like a hampered pair of earphones than a seamless experience.

Sound Quality

Not only audiophiles should be worried about the sound quality of their headphones. It is critical to evaluate audio quality before committing to any single set of wireless headphones. Keep reading for the Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings.

Many wireless headphones nowadays include aptX technology. Simply said, Bluetooth was never intended for high-quality audio transmissions, thus music is compressed, making it sound worse.

With aptX, compression is done differently, resulting in audio quality that is much closer to that of CDs. The difficulty here is that both the headphones and the audio device (for example, a speaker or phone) must support aptX technology.


In truth, and for good reason, most consumers focus on these three aspects while shopping for wireless headphones. Many users will be wearing a single set of headphones for several hours every day, thus they must be pleasant and convenient.

Of sure, many individuals will place a high value on style. Wireless headphones that do not look attractive simply do not sell as well as those that do. Wireless earbuds are classified into three types: in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.

Although the term “in-ear” may seem self-explanatory, it is now the most inventive sector, with numerous firms striving to reinvent its shape and functioning. On-ear headphones are those that lay on top of the ears without completely enclosing them.

Over-ear headphones, on the other hand, completely envelop the ear. The difference between the two is that the latter provides greater music quality with higher volumes and deeper bass, but it may not be as comfy or portable.

Battery Life

If you’ve only ever used wired headphones, the reality that wireless headphones have a limited battery life may be foreign to you. However, this is a vital component of wireless headphones and should be taken into account.

Most wireless headphones have a few hours of battery life, so you should be able to use them for several hours every day. If for whatever reason, you desire prolonged battery life, you will need to conduct more study.

Data Collection

If your headset comes with a companion app, it’s conceivable that the software collects data from you and transfers it to third parties. Bose has been the subject of several lawsuits over the years, and Google is always under investigation.

To some extent, all firms experiment with data gathering, whether it’s hiding liability clauses in novel-length terms of service agreements or requiring you to approve specific agreements before fully understanding the app’s capabilities.

To be fair, not every firm is out to harm you or sell your data for profit; some legitimately use it for internal marketing and to improve their online services.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation (ANC) works differently: ANC products have small microphones that take up outside noises; in some cases, they also incorporate inward-facing microphones to fight inner-ear resonances.

To cancel out the noise, the headset’s CPU sends a signal to another set of microphones, which produces the opposing sound wave (destructive interference). That’s all dependent on physics and wave characteristics, so you can understand how difficult it is to pull off.

Conclusion: Best Wireless Headsets for Zoom Meetings [2021 Review]

During the pandemic (COVID-19), video conferencing services are becoming increasingly popular, allowing people to accomplish nearly anything from the comfort of their own homes. Zoom is now one of the best and most popular video conferencing systems.

Zoom meetings enable you and a group of people to meet and interact face to face over the internet by broadcasting voice, video, text, and presentations in real-time. There is not a bad choice in our lists you can buy any headset you like for your Zoom meetings.

Make sure you have read our Buyer’s Guide section that can really help when you are on the hunt for a quality and reliable headset We hope you liked our Best Wireless Headsets For Zoom Meetings review and it was helpful.

3 Best Peloton Headphones Review [2021 Review]

Music is good for everyone. After all, working out becomes a lot simpler when you have a piece of killer music playing. If you want to listen to music on your cutting-edge Peloton cycle without having to deal with bulky headphones, keep reading our review.

Bluetooth headphones are your best alternative. High-quality versions are ideal for both outdoor and indoor exercises. So, which Peloton Bluetooth headphones are the best?

We included three of the best Peloton headphones for you in this review. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Best Peloton Headphones Review for more information below.

Our Top Pick: Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Features: The Powerbeats Pro offers greater sound and battery life than the AirPods and is more secure in your ears. They include all of the same fundamental features as the 2019 AirPods, including quick pairing, rock-solid wireless connection, and always-on Siri voice recognition for iOS users.

The quality of phone calls is good. Physical buttons for controlling music playing will appeal to Android users. The Powerbeats Pro costs more than the AirPods. The charging case isn’t small enough to fit in a pocket, and it doesn’t support wireless charging.

The headphones have a slight treble boost and may not suit all ears precisely. If you are looking for the Best Peloton Headphones Review, keep reading.

To pair the Powerbeats Pro with an iPhone, just open the case and press the bubble that appears on your phone. It’s really simple. It’s a little more complicated for Android.

Open the case, then press the pairing button, which is virtually flush with the inside of the case. Hold that button down until the front LED goes white, then link the device as you would any other Bluetooth device. Just keep the earphones in the case until they pair.

There’s a lot to appreciate about the new Powerbeats Pro’s design – it has a sporty aspect to it while yet being functional enough to wear outside of the gym.

The Powerbeats Pro includes a central playback control button where the Beats logo sits, as well as a volume rocker on each of the two earbuds. That means you can manage your music with whatever hand is available, which is a convenient function.

If you have Hey Siri enabled, you can just speak the wake word as a voice command to achieve the same result.

Runner Up: AfterShokz Aeropex - Open-Ear Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sport Headphones

Features: Listening to music while cycling on the road is a difficult issue since being unable to hear what is going on around you is an evident disadvantage.

Listening to music while riding has become relegated to traffic-free off-road or indoor training applications as headphones and earphone makers try to enhance isolation from the outside world in order to provide the greatest audio experience.

The most common difficulty with standard earphones is comfort; because everyone’s ears have different shapes, it can be difficult to find a secure and pleasant fit. There is an instant improvement to comfort because the Aeropex does not need to be pushed into your ear canals.

If you are looking for the Best Peloton Headphones Review, keep reading. The headphones, two charging cords, and the earplugs are all packaged in a beautiful silicone container with a magnetic clasp.

The Aeropex headphones, on the other hand, are the first AfterShokz headphones that include a totally waterproof design.

You can do it with a regular micro-USB charging station, but the small terminals and close proximity mean that any moisture in there while charging may eat away at the connections via galvanic action, and they don’t survive very long.

AfterShokz Aeropex open-ear headphones use unique bone-conduction technology. That way, your ears are free and you may be fully aware of your surroundings while listening to music.

The headphones are available in a variety of stunning hues, including Blue Eclipse, Solar Red, Cosmic Black, and Air Slate Grey. We got a pair in Solar Red, and we are in love with how they look. The Bluetooth 5.0 headphones offer a wireless range of 33 feet and weigh only 26g.

Best for Budget: Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

Features: The Bose SoundSport Wireless is a set of exercise earphones that have been around for a while, but they are still a popular favorite. Despite the lack of official IP certification, they are dependable exercise earphones that are simple to use in the middle of a workout.

If you value sound quality during your workouts and aren’t concerned about bass, the SoundSport Wireless is still a decent choice. Few firms have a stronger grasp on the consumer audio industry than Bose, but the Bose SoundSport Wireless will be difficult to sell in 2020.

After all, the firm has introduced two versions of genuine wireless exercise earbuds since then, hedging its bets that the future is completely wireless. If you are looking for the Best Peloton Headphones Review, keep reading.

Even if you’re not interested in sports, the hooks are useful since, while the remote is small, the Bose SoundSport Wireless earpieces are fairly substantial. This is most likely where the batteries and DAC, which are required in any wireless pair, reside.

The battery life is a modest six hours as a result of not having a large battery pack as part of a stiff neckband, but it should be more than adequate for the usual workout or commute.

Importantly, the Bose SoundSport Wireless are sweat-resistant and IPX4 rated, which means they cannot be immersed but will withstand perspiration and splashes better than standard earbuds.

The Sport Earbuds’ two major selling features are their fit and sound. The earbuds come with three different sizes of Bose’s new StayHear Max eartips, which include an incorporated wing for a truly tight fit.

It is not the most appealing appearance, but with the big tips, we were able to achieve a tight seal.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Peloton Headphones Review

With so many headphones to select from for the greatest Peloton experience, deciding on the best one might be difficult. Specific points that apply to all versions, on the other hand, will be beneficial in this procedure.

Before choosing a peloton Bluetooth headphone, consider the following universal factors.

The Fit

Again, you don’t need any more annoyances during your training sessions. Peloton is a mood in and of itself, and having to continually remove your headphones is nothing short of infuriating. For the Best Peloton Headphones Review, keep reading.

Furthermore, the degree of grip between your ears and the buds is strongly related to the sound quality. This is due to the fact that the greater the air gap, the more sound is lost before reaching your eardrum.

Furthermore, the amount of ambient noise let into your ears is related to the fit of the ear nodes. To that purpose, headphones that fit deep into your ears are ideal for an indoor workout, in this case, for an unforgettable Peloton experience.


The keyword here is “Peloton,” which means that the Bluetooth headphone you select must be compatible with the Peloton cycle. For the Best Peloton Headphones Review, keep reading.

Many people like to utilize the famous Peloton digital app in conjunction with either the Echelon Smart Connect or the sturdy and elegant Keiser M3i. And that’s OK. However, if there are compatibility difficulties, you will get 0 or nothing out of your headphones.

It is critical that the component you choose can handle both your phone’s operating system, Android/iOS, as well as its Bluetooth band.  This reduces the possibility of a sudden disconnect while still maintaining optimum sound quality.

Sound Quality

As much as you may not like to admit it, bad-sounding headphones will make your workout much more difficult. Built-in speakers must be able to reproduce low, mid, and high-frequency signals with the same quality as the audio file in play to provide the optimum sound.

While there are no technological tools that can accurately assess performance, the human ear remains the greatest evaluator. The issue is that you don’t have the test set with you.

We strongly advise you to measure the diameter of the diaphragm that creates sound for this purpose. This is specified in the spec sheet, and anything less than 40mm should sound fine.


You must guarantee that your headphones do not reduce your performance output. Because there are no wires to worry about, some users will choose Bluetooth headphones.

Wired headphones offer the benefit of a rapid and instant connection, so if that is important to you, you should consider them. For the Best Peloton Headphones Review, keep reading.

Noise Cancellation

Nobody wants to wear headphones, yet the background noise is still audible. The only other sound that may help you concentrate on your instructor’s speech is the music that comes with peloton courses.

Furthermore, noise-canceling microphones on headphones enable your teacher to clearly hear you whenever you ask a question or make a comment. For the Best Peloton Headphones Review, keep reading.


More battery life is desirable to the majority of users, and for good reason. It provides you with continuous service, and the less you use your micro USB, the better. This might also assist to guarantee that you are prepared regardless of how long a power outage lasts.


Look for headphones that will last a long time. It takes around two weeks for your purchase to be delivered, and you don’t want to miss a workout or go without headphones on occasion because your headphones keep breaking. You’d rather spend a lot of time forgetting about the procedure.


Keeping all of the above factors in mind, you may still purchase a headphone within your price range. While you should never sacrifice quality for the price, you can always find a low-cost headphone with the features you want.

What to look out for when buying the best Peloton headphones

You should use a Bluetooth-enabled headset to connect to your Peloton bike so you don’t have to carry an extra gadget while spinning. Your peloton bike comes equipped with a 3.5mm port for connecting wired headphones. However, it is not advised since the cables may obstruct your movement.

Because the Peloton includes Bluetooth connectivity, you can use most wireless headphones that connect to devices via Bluetooth. You can use the AirPods with your Peloton; simply link them together and you’re ready to go.

Most Bluetooth headphones that can connect to a third-party device will function with Peloton.

Do any headphones work with Peloton?

Yes. Peloton screen is a sound-producing device, thus it may be connected to any external speech amplifying equipment. Speakers, earphones, earbuds, and headphones are examples of these. Given the numerous options on the market, compatibility should be the sole issue.

The peloton is compatible with a broad range of headphones. You may use any wired headphones that fit into the 3.5mm connector on the peloton screen. It simply attaches, so you can rest assured.

Peloton is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones. Bluetooth headphones that are guaranteed to connect with Bluetooth 4.0 are an excellent choice since Peloton is Bluetooth 4.0.

Conclusion: 3 Best Peloton Headphones Review [2021 Review]

Whether you work out at home or in a fitness club, having decent headphones may make your workout more pleasurable and effective.

A decent set of headphones allows you to listen to music with rhythms that match your goal cadence on your Peloton cycle, or just something to keep you motivated and engaged at any level you choose.

Investing in the best Peloton headphones will guarantee that you hear each instruction clearly during your instructor-led HIIT sessions, increasing the effectiveness of your exercise. We hope you liked our Best Peloton Headphones Review and it was helpful.

Sennheiser PC 373D vs Sennheiser Game One (2021 Reviews)

There is no doubt that Sennheiser is one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to headsets. Their headsets are especially loved by gamers and in this article, we will review two of their very high-quality headsets which are Sennheiser PC 373D vs Sennheiser GAME ONE.

We will try to review both headsets in a very detailed way so that you can understand which product is a better option for you. Both products are great in their own ways and we’re confident that at least one of them will be a headset that you will be able to use for long years to come.

So, let’s start talking about both products without wasting anytime since we’re very excited to review both headsets.

Sennheiser PC 373D Headset

Like most headsets made by Sennheiser, this product also comes with a sleek design that will be loved instantly by most people who use it. This headset comes with a matte black plastic with black velvet cushions and it also has a few red accents on the microphone.

We like the color of choice a lot because it really gives it a very stylish but also very subtle look. In addition to that, the red accents on the mic makes it look cool. That might also be the reason why this headset went so under the radar because most of the products in the market come with a colorful design with a lot of lights.

Another issue that we want to talk about is the comfort. The main reason for that is that comfort is a very important factor in a headset since the chances are you’re going to be wearing it around all day. We mostly have good things to say about that because Sennheiser PC 373D Headset is very lightweight at 12.5-ounce frame.

That is why we even believe that you won’t remember that you’re wearing your headphones most of the time which is very important if you want to put on your headsets for you long hours. That can be especially true if you’re a gamer.

Now that we talked about the other aspects of this headsets, we can talk about the sound quality and the performance which is probably the most important factor in a headset.

As for the gaming performance, we can confidently say that Sennheiser PC 373D Headset is one of the best ones in the market because it comes with an excellent 7.1 Dolby surround sound which will definitely give a great boost to your game playing experience.

For instance, if you play a first-person shooting game, you can hear the place of the enemy fire which will give you the ability to pinpoint them. We should also mention that you can turn on and off this feature whenever you want. However, it will definitely have a bad effect on richness and the directionality of the sound and that can decrease your performance.

Another thing that we want to mention about Sennheiser PC 373D Headset is that even though it was primarily designed for PC, keep in mind that you can also use for PS4 which is very nice. However, we should say that you won’t be able to experience the surround sound feature but you will get the great sound and crisp chat.

Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

It’s time to talk about the second product in our review of Sennheiser PC 373D Headset vs Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset. This product is especially an ideal option for you if you favor simplicity and functionality over flashiness. The main reason for that is that this headset doesn’t come with any strobe LEDs or any futuristic effects which is pretty nice.

We like the fact that this product comes with a very simple but sleek design which makes it look very nice. As for the comfort, we should say that we mostly have good things to say about Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset. The main reason for that is that these headphones come with plush velvet sponge pads which makes it possible to wear them for long hours with no problem. Therefore, we believe this is one of the best products for gamers since you won’t experience any overheating or pinching.

Another thing that we would like to mention about this headphone in our review of Sennheiser PC 373D vs GAME ONE is that it comes with a 3.5mm audio cable which you must plug it in to use this headphone.

We should also mention that this product doesn’t come with a noise cancellation technology. Lack of that feature makes these headphones not ideal for some people because some people have to use their headphones in crowded places.

It is also worth mentioning that this product doesn’t come with usual RGB settings such as 7.1 surround sound that one is used to see in other gaming headphones that come with a higher price tag. However, these features are not a requirement for everyone and if you’re one of those people, Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset is definitely a great option for you.

Like most of the headsets manufactured by Sennheiser, we mostly have good things to say about the performance of Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset. We can confidently say that this product doesn’t disappoint in that area. The main reason for that is that it comes with an exceptionally well-balanced audio quality that we believe will satisfy most people who use it.

This would be especially true for gamers because you will be able to experience the games as they were intended and this will improve the experience drastically. The clarity is so good that we believe it is an exceptional product in that sense and you won’t be able to experience the same kind of quality in most other products in the market.

We also want to emphasize the fact that these headsets are not only made for gaming. You will also enjoy listening to music with these headsets a lot. You can drift off while listening to almost any genre from blues to metal.

As for the price tag, we should mention that this product goes for 130$ which can be considered as a little expensive considering the fact that it doesn’t come with a noise cancellation technology. However, we take into consideration the other features such as excellent sound quality, the price tag becomes reasonable.

It is true that the fact that this product doesn’t come with a 7.1 surround sound also damages the experience a little bit. So, you can take a look at other products that have such feature if that is a deal breaker you.

Another con of this headset that we would like to mention is the fact that it doesn’t have the best microphone in the world. We should mention that you will have no problem with making one on one calls. However, the mic on Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset is not the best one in the world and it might cause some issues if you want to use it in a team game scenario.

Conclusion: Sennheiser PC 373D vs Sennheiser Game One [2021 Reviews]

In this article, we tried to compare two amazing headsets which are Sennheiser PC 373D vs Sennheiser Game One. What we tried to do is to explain the cons and pros of each product so that you can get a better understanding of both of them.

There is no doubt that each headphone is a better option for different people. So, our suggestion for you is you to take a look at the features and decide which one is a better choice for you.

Ariana Grande Cat Headphones [2021 Review]

Are you looking for fancy headphones? Or are you just simply a fan of Ariana Grande and want to try her products? No matter why you are here, you are at the right place because this is an Ariana Grande Cat Headphones review. We will explain and include every feature these amazing headphones have.

These headphones can offer clear sound with a slew of functions. The instruction book covers how to use Bluetooth, LED lights for light mode, answering calls, speaker settings, USB usage, and battery and charging.

There are many more features that Ariana Grande Cat Headphones have in their pockets. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Ariana Grande Cat Headphones review for more information below.

Ariana Grande Cat Headphones

About: This is probably going to be the most costly and fanciest headphone set you will ever purchase. You will want to try out these adorable light-changing wireless ear headphones.

Overall Review

Although Ariana Grande has been credited with pioneering the cat ear fashion trend in recent years, she was not the original creator.

While it is a different tale, the Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear headphones became the most anticipated model of Ariana Grande headphones globally as a result of the collaboration with Ariana Grande.

It has a signature from Ariana Grande on the side of the ear cup and on the external cat ear speaker for sharing playlists.

What is in the box?

A limited-edition carrying case with her autograph on the exterior side, a 4-foot detachable headphone wire (3.5mm), a USB recharge cord, and a protective cover are included in the package.

You may get up to 5 hours of battery life from a single charge using the USB cable. The exterior speakers allow the music to be heard all around you, which we can fairly presume is a useful feature because you can put the headphones around your neck and still hear your music.

Furthermore, this outside speaker works independently from the speakers in the earcups. As a result, you may listen to both simultaneously or independently.


This finest headphone design is recommended for cat lovers. Its structure, which is made up of cat-like ear extensions, is still a head-turner. Many people will be envious of your unique design, which combines passion and practicality.

Are you a fan of Ariana Grande? This might be one of your favorite headphones as well. Ariana’s autograph may be found on the left earcup of Brookstone headphones. Its packaging has photos of Ariana wearing the shoes, as well as her signature as a logo according to our Ariana Grande Cat Headphones review.

The cat-ear shape of the headphones is absolutely stunning. For the purpose of sharing music with others, the speakers generate crystal clear loudspeaker sounds. At frequencies ranging from 200 Hz to 18KHz, each speaker works independently.


The 40mm drivers and 32Ohms in the headphone speakers have a response frequency of 20Hz–20KHz. As a result, you get the highest-quality sound from this sound system. This is a microphone for surround sound. Its efficiency is backed up by calls and sound recordings.

This Brookstone special edition Ariana Grande cat ear headphones come with excellent exterior speakers for the best sound quality possible.

According to this Ariana Grande Cat Headphones review, the nicest part about Ariana Grande cat ear headphones is that they include a built-in Bluetooth headset that you can use to record voice or input clear sound into the game.


The Brookstone Ariana headphones are completely wireless. It may be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device. The majority of people who use this gadget have music playing on their phones, computers, or iPods as we mention in this Ariana Grande Cat Headphones review.

The connection is frequently as quick and dependable as expected thanks to its wireless connections. The battery in this headset is non-removable and rechargeable. The internal battery may be recharged at any moment using a USB connection and has a 5-hour runtime.

Lights and Speakers

What is the nicest thing about Brookston Ariana Grande headphones? The speakers and the lighting. The light button is situated on the right earpad’s edge. The built-in lights will turn on automatically when you click this button. When a cat ear headphone brightens up the entire ambiance, it looks wonderful.

The nice part about these lights is that they are not too bright to bother other people. The gentle lighting is really stunning. You have complete control over when the lights should turn on and off. The speaker is independent of the lights, which may be turned off at any time by pushing the light button on the right earpad.

Can Ariana Grande Cat Headphones be used for gaming?

So far, the Brookstone Arian headphones have received a lot of favorable feedback, and we have to mention that in this Ariana Grande Cat Headphones review. Many people like how easy it is to use, how good the microphone is, and how wireless it is. These headphones are best for listening to music as well as playing video games.

Conclusion: Ariana Grande Cat Headphones [2021 Review]

You must understand the value of high-quality headphones. Headphones are an important aspect of everybody’s life, especially gamers and audiophiles. You should be able to experience the gaming sceneries and background music when the headset hits your ears as we say in this Ariana Grande Cat Headphones review.

We assisted you in learning about one of the greatest headphones available on the market. Ariana Grande cat ear headphones are the finest alternative for listening to music and playing games. Everything is amazing, from the sound effect to the sonic quality.

Audio Technica M40X vs M50X [2021 Review]

If you have ever looked for a decent pair of headphones, you have undoubtedly been frustrated. There are a lot of headphones between these two pricing tiers. Some are almost identical, while others are in a different league altogether.

However, two of the most popular – the Audio Technica M40x and M50x have some misleading similarities as well as divisive variances. Which is the superior option?

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Audio Technica M40X vs M50X review for more information below. In this guide, we will be comparing these two headphones to find out which of the two is going to be a better option for your own needs.

Audio Technica M40X

Features: The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones are excellent headphones with studio-quality sound. They are durable and comfy, but they do not have any audio control choices. They also only provide passive isolation, which may not be adequate to shield some listeners from the noise of their commutes.

For neutral listening, the Audio-Technica M40X delivers a consistent bass, mid, and treble sound. Because of their closed-back construction, they do not offer a large soundstage, but their well-balanced sound will please most listeners.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 series is widely considered as one of the finest values in headphones, providing pro-level monitoring for a fraction of the price of a set of far more consumer-oriented headphones.

Even yet, some people think the price is a touch high, and Audio-Technica is keen on delighting its consumers, so they also have cheaper choices. The ATH-M40x is available for $99 USD, and many users claim that it sounds virtually as excellent as its more costly siblings.

Audio Technica M50X

Features: The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are closed-back headphones with excellent sound quality for critical listening. They reproduce the bass, mid, and treble ranges really well, and they seem strong and durable enough to last a long time.

However, their studio design only provides passive noise isolation and no audio adjustments, making it unsuitable for noisy situations or commuting. The studio design of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is identical to that of the ATH-M40x. They appear to be a tad boring, but the all-black industrial style may appeal to certain people.

With silver accents surrounding the logo, the flat oval ear cups lend a bit more flair to the overall appearance of the headset. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones are built to last and deliver a clear, balanced sound with tight bass.

They are also quite comfy, having somewhat more cushioned ear cups and a retractable cable. Putting aside minor quibbles, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones are a slightly enhanced version of the already excellent model on which they are based, and among the best-sounding pairs available for around $200.

Audio Technica M40X vs M50X Sound Quality

In terms of sound, the M40x is a touch more relaxed, with a more balanced tone that is not bad for a headset at this budget. Mids and highs appear to receive the same level of attention as bass, which is refreshing, to say the least.

The M50x, on the other hand, has a somewhat more solid bottom end, giving the sense that it could be a tad bassy. It is debatable if this is too bassy for most critical listening circumstances, but our money is on “No.” However, more demanding ears may choose the M40x, which is less expensive.

It is worth noting that the bass in the M50x is not over-emphasized, but it does have a touch more “oomph,” thanks to the slightly bigger driver, no doubt.

In the end, which headphone is superior? We like to suggest the M50x for everyday musical applications since the sound is outstanding at $169. It is precise and dynamic at the same time, yet it will not break the bank like some other headphones.

The M40x, on the other hand, may be more appealing to people who like a cleaner, more precise sound, but we still recommend doing a side-by-side comparison to let your ears decide.

Audio Technica M40X vs M50X Design

Because the M40x and M50x are part of the same series, their design, appearance, and feel are identical in many respects. Audio Technica has not done anything with these models; all it has done is gathered input from M40x consumers and corrected it in the M50x. A lot has stayed the same otherwise.

There has not been much design input from M40x consumers, which may be ascribed to the fact that the design and build quality are excellent. There is not much to alter with these headphones, which is why the M50x has the same build and design as the M50.

In fact, when you put both headphones side by side, it is difficult to tell one from the other since they are so identical. However, this does not imply that they are identical.

Audio Technica M40X vs M50X Build Quality

In terms of build quality and design, any of these headphones will please. The overall strong feel cannot be ignored, with heavy-duty plastic, an aluminum headband, and metal extenders.

The M50x has a short straight cable, a long straight cable, and a long-coiled cable, while the M40x has the final two but not the first.

The cups and headband are made of soft leather, which provides good comfort and noise isolation. Both the earcups and the cable are interchangeable on either model. The cups of the M40x swivel 90 degrees. The cups of the M50x swivel 180 degrees.

They are nearly identical when compared side by side, however, the M50x may exude a little more refined or sturdy vibe. There are some beautiful left- and right indicators just below the extenders on the left and right ear cups that have the look of polished steel.

The sides of the cups change as well, with a silver ring surrounding an etched Audio Technica logo on the M50x. The M40x, on the other hand, has a tiny silver ring that is really part of the Audio Technica branding.

In terms of comfort, these headphones are more similar than distinct. Both feel snug on the head right out of the box, but most users find that they “break-in.”

Audio Technica M40X vs M50X Differences

In terms of differences, the M40X ear cups swivel 90 degrees, whilst the M50x ear cups swivel 180 degrees. This effectively implies that the M50x’s ear cups are more flexible and may provide a more comfortable fit regardless of ear shape or size.

Furthermore, they will not squeeze your ears too firmly while yet providing a pleasant fit. Another distinction between the two is their appearance. When you compare the two headphones, you will note that the M50x is a little more elegant than the M40x.

Burnished steel pieces can be seen just below the extenders on both the left and right sides, adding a little more toughness to M50x.

Another change you will notice is on the outer rings of the ear cups on M50x, which will have a silver lining and will be larger than the one on M40x. You will be able to tell the difference on closer inspection, even if it is a bit difficult to notice.

Winner of Audio Technica M40X vs M50X: M50X

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x and the Audio Technica M40x are extremely comparable, however, the ATH-M50x has a little advantage. They are a little more solid and well-made than the M40x, and their audio reproduction is a little more accurate and balanced.

Also, because the M40x has significant distortion, it may sound dirty at high levels, but the M50x would sound cleaner. Both headphones provide excellent sound and are excellent choices for critical listening.

But the M50x provides amazing value for money on the market owing to its excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Conclusion: Audio Technica M40X vs M50X [2021 Review]

It is now up to you to decide which of the two headphones is the better option. We can conclude that there is not much of a difference between Audio Technica’s M40x and M50x after comparing them across various parameters.

They are similar in many respects and only differ in a few ways. The differences are not significant enough to justify an upgrade. The price difference and minor changes in the ATH-M50x make this a difficult decision.

If you are on a budget, the M40x is the ideal option because it gives you the most bang for your buck. If you are willing to spend a little more and want to learn more about a newer model, the Audio Technica M50x is the way to go. We hope you liked our Audio Technica M40X vs M50X review and it was helpful.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 [2021 Review]

In the world of headphones, there are a few brands that stand out, and Sennheiser and Audio Technica are two businesses that have created a reputation for themselves. Both of these brands are known for producing high-quality headphones with some of the finest audio output available today.

The analysis that we are going to make is between two of the best and suggested headphones in the 150-200 US Dollar range, the ATH Audio Technica ATH-M50x, which is too famous for its own good, and the Sennheiser HD598, which is one of the enthusiast community’s favorite headphones.

But which of the two firms is superior? Is the HD 599 from Sennheiser or the ATH-M50x from Audio Technica superior? Let’s see what we can find out in this review. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598  review for more information below.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Features: Audio engineers and professional audio reviewers alike laud the ATH-M50x as the most critically regarded model in Audio-M-Series Technica’s series. They are the anti-Beats.

These headphones are designed for listeners that value the greatest possible representation of real sound over fashionable accessories and the entire Beats marketing machine.

These are official “studio monitor” headphones, which means they are intended to replicate precise tones and vocals with little seasoning or sweetness.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is great for music that is loud, aggressive, and adrenaline-pumping. It has a powerful, assertive tone and high and low sounds are emphasized. Mids are not as important as they formerly were, however, the bass slams through you.

Nevertheless, it is still better than the majority of headphones in terms of balance. It has a very mechanical, industrial tone to it and that is why we like Audio-Technica ATH-M50X. We can say that it is claustrophobic in nature. The sound reaches your ears immediately.

However, long-listening sessions are not comfortable. Even if you buy custom pads, the HD 598s are the most comfortable in this battle of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598.

On the other hand, Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is quite portable. It may be folded and stored in a leather pouch. Even more, the external noise is muted. Even when loud, it does not leak much sound.

These headphones consistently perform great. All of the songs on it, in our opinion, sound great.

Sennheiser HD 598

Features: Sennheiser HD 598 is just as attractive as they are on the internet. They are really relaxing and comfortable as the ear goes inside these headphones. At high volumes, the sound seeps out, but at medium volumes, it should be OK.

Although there is not much noise cancellation, extraneous sounds never disturbed us. When the noise is not too loud, they sound their finest. This is something we will say again. With HD 598, less is more.  As a result, you do not really have to worry as much about sound leaking.

We used to believe that headphones were always supposed to be used at maximum volume, but not with the HD 598s. The ATH-high/mid/low M50’s notes are more balanced than the ATH- M50’s. It is ideal for gentle but energetic tunes.

The bass is softer and quieter, yet it surrounds you more effectively. It is better for usage at home, but you can still take it with you when you go for a walk in the park. However, Sennheiser HD 598 has a lower level of consistency. Some tunes will come across as “meh.” Others will sound even more divine than they did with the ATH-M50s.

To be honest, they are a lovely pair of headphones. The white and maroon combination is unusual and gives a great overall touch to these headphones’ appearance and feel.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 Comparison

The two’s art design speaks it all when it comes to Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598. In both appearance and sound, the ATH-M50s are darker and more mechanical. Both visually and audibly, HD 598s are more vivid and warm.

In terms of accuracy and richness, we would say the HD 598s have superior overall sound quality. Let’s assume the HD598s are 10-20% better in terms of sound quality than the ATH-M50s. However, they will sound similar to someone who does not care much about music.

People who pay attention to the details will notice significant changes in how each makes them feel. So, it is a choice between straight hitting loud sounds and quieter, more ambient sounds.

So, it is a good idea to have both of them. Each brings something to the table that the other does not.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 Sound Quality

M50x’s low end is a bit emphasized, which some people do not like, but it is quite nice and pleasant. One of the few sound advantages that the M50x has over the HD598 is its bass.

The bass on the HD598 is also quite nice; there is enough of it, and it is not missing in any way. However, due to the broad sound stage, the bass does not touch you in the ear like the M50x, making it less enjoyable.

This, along with the other sonic characteristics of both headphones, makes the M50x sound better for electronic and artificially generated music in general, as well as music with bass beats.

The bass on HD598 will sound better with organically generated music, such as instrumental or orchestral music. Because of the larger soundstage, symphonic music’s bottom drums sound incredibly realistic.

Bass is also presented in a highly controlled manner, so it is delightful anytime it appears. It is, however, slower than M50x. Despite this, a lot of electronic music sounds fine on HD598, and in some cases even better, provided the tune makes effective use of imaging and soundstage.

In fact, we found the HD 598s sub-bass to be more pleasant than the M50x in several tunes.

This is an area where HD598 completely outperforms M50x. The HD598’s mids are amazing, natural, and smooth. A major flaw of the M50x is that it has recessed mids, which implies that when you listen to a song, the vocals are much less loud than the bass and treble portions, allowing the instruments to dominate the vocals.

To hear the voices well on M50x, you will have to turn up the volume, which will make the instruments sound excessively loud. The M50x is on the edge of sounding abrasive, and the highs in some of the tunes are difficult to listen to.

As a result, the M50x has significantly greater ear strain than the HD 598. You could even feel the treble portions scraping your eardrums if a song is improperly recorded.

HD598, on the other hand, has incredibly well-presented yet controlled highs and is more tolerant of poor recordings. They are a little rolled off in this region, with many people referring to their sound characteristic as the Sennheiser veil.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 Build Quality

Starting with the build quality, we believe it will be difficult to replicate the M50x’s tank-like durability, especially for a headphone in this price bracket. The construction is entirely made of plastic, yet it is well constructed.

It is also one of the most adaptable headphones; you can fold it and store it in its case for travel, and the earcups rotate 180 degrees, allowing you to wear them around your neck and lay them flat on your chest.

The HD598 does not have this type of versatility. It is also possible to put them on one ear or fold one of the earcups for a DJ appearance. These appear to be capable of withstanding a lot of abuse, and durability should not be an issue.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 Build Quality

When it comes to comfort, there is no comparison between both two headphones. The HD598 is widely considered as one of the most pleasant headphones on the market, and for a legitimate reason.

It is quite light on your head, and the velvet ear cushions are fairly big. You can keep them for hours, if not the entire day, and occasionally forget they are on your head. While listening to them, your ears will not become moist or even warm, and there will be no ear strain.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 Design

The Audio Technica ATH m50x has a stunning appearance and construction. The headband and extenders are constructed of heavy-duty plastic, and the headband and extenders are made of metal. The use of plastic and metal in this design adds a wonderful touch.

The presence of plastic is a bit of a disappointment, even if the materials utilized are of the finest grade, making them sturdy and durable.

The soft cushioning on the headband and ear cups more than compensate for the usage of plastic, providing a pleasant listening experience. You will not feel cramped or sweaty in your ear area if you wear these headphones for a lengthy amount of time.

The Sennheiser HD 599, on the other hand, has a beautiful and appealing design. This headset looks spectacular, to say the least, with its ivory and maroon color scheme. Some editions are also available in black, however, the Sennheiser HD 599 is known for its bold color scheme.

What makes these headphones unique is that they depart from traditional color schemes and combinations, which helps them stand out in the congested world of headphones.

Some individuals believe that this combination will not go with any clothing and that it is not suitable for persons who are somewhat older. But it is all up to you. This vibrant color combination is a favorite.

Sennheiser HD 599 is not only stylish but also quite comfortable. The spacious ear cups fit comfortably on every ear, regardless of shape or size. The ear cups swivel in and out, as well as front and back, to give you the optimum fit.

Winner of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598: Sennheiser HD 598

We would say they are both about the same thing. However, just a slight difference makes a significant impact when it comes to the winner of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598.

Both are available in a comparable price range. Both are fantastic buys. Both are excellent choices for those who are new to high-quality headphones. Both are suitable for non-audiophiles seeking a single high-quality set of headphones.

For many, M50s may be a preferable initial purchase because it is more portable, with no sound leakage and more constant quality between tracks. You may start with the ATH-M50s and upgrade to HD598s later.

Both are excellent purchases. In terms of quality, they are nearly comparable, but it is a matter of personal choice. In our opinion, HD598 wins on sound, but ATH-M50 wins on convenience. Either way, you win. However, we value sound more so our winner is Sennheiser HD 598.

Conclusion: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 [2021 Review]

We tried to point out the differences and similarities between Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 in this review. Both are excellent headphones but they have slight differences, but they are both great buys.

Due to their excellent pricing, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is somewhat better for headphones than the Sennheiser HD 598 Cs. Their sound quality is excellent, and they are somewhat more durable than the Sennheiser headphones.

Both headphones are identical in performance, however, the Sennheiser has a microphone for calls if needed. Their cups are also bigger and may be more comfortable for some, especially because they are not as tight as the Audio- Technica’s.

We hope you liked our Audio-Technica ATH-M50X vs Sennheiser HD 598 review and it was helpful.

Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero [2021 Review]

Sennheiser is a brand that is linked with high-end audio. They are an audiophile’s dream come true. From earbuds to professional audio equipment, they provide something for everyone.

The audio equipment market used to be dominated by musicians and music enthusiasts. Gaming audio, on the other hand, has grown increasingly essential in both the professional and amateur gaming sectors.

Sennheiser offers a wide selection of goods for gamers and game designers,  and there has been this question of Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero for a long time. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero review for more information below.

Sennheiser Game One

Features: This is a decent gaming headset in our opinion. A quiet mic, on the other hand, might cause issues in popular chat platforms, so extremely bassy-voiced players should search elsewhere.

Additionally, because they are open-backed headphones, audiophiles will enjoy them, but if you are in a noisy area, they will interfere with your gaming. The Sennheiser Game One, like many other gaming headsets, has a distinct look designed to appeal to people preparing to spend a few hours at the computer.

Thankfully, there is not any RGB lighting or excessive branding on this headset, although the red accents are a touch we liked. This headphone is ideal for gaming. Sennheiser Game One headphones feature excellent sound quality, a comfortable design, minimal latency, and a superb microphone that filters out a lot of background noise.

They feature a somewhat larger soundstage than comparable gaming headphones due to their open-back design. They are also more breathable, allowing you to wear them for longer periods of time, yet they are less isolating.

They do, however, lack software support and customization possibilities. If you value these, you should look for something else.

Sennheiser Game Zero

Features: The Game Zero has a closed-back design that feels sturdy in your hands and is made of durable yet lightweight plastic. With a sleek matte black appearance and the odd touch of red, the aesthetic is very modest for a gaming headset. This is the perfect choice if you need all the amenities of a headset.

The over-ear cups are amply proportioned, with volume control on one side and plush fake leather ear cushions that are quite comfortable and have enough flexibility. This headset is really pleasant to wear, both around the ears thanks to the earpads and over the top of the head.

The fit is snug but not too tight, and despite their sturdy construction, they do not seem heavy at all. The Game Zero is without a doubt Sennheiser’s most comfortable gaming headset.

The 10.6-ounce peripheral seemed practically weightless because of its soft, breathable faux-leather ear cups. Finding the right fit takes only a few seconds thanks to the ear cups’ swivel and the headband’s ability to expand and compress.

You can use the headset for hours, both gaming and working, and never felt the need to take it off.

Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero Comparison

Distinctions include the fact that the ONEs are made entirely of plastic, but the ZEROs contain a metal rod connecting the ear cups to the headband. We are not sure how much that adds to the structural integrity.

The ZEROs come with a travel case that no one in their right mind would use, and the ear cups swivel 90 degrees to fit inside it. We do not mind that the ONEs only spin a few degrees.

The ZEROs are the most comfortable; they are like soft, leather-wrapped cushions around your ears, and they are big, however, they become extremely hot pretty quickly.

The ONEs have smaller felt cups and are slightly denser, but there are no heating problems. Aside from that, they are nearly identical.

Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero Sound Quality

To begin with, both sound excellent when combined with a good amplifier. We put the ZEROs to the test with a few long gaming sessions and some music listening. We were blown away by the sound quality; they sounded fantastic.

It was through gaming that we got ourselves into trouble. The games sounded fantastic, but communicating with teammates proved to be difficult. We could hear ourselves speak because they are not so well separated from the other sounds. Not at all.

Both have similar sound quality, but these appear to be a little clearer, especially in the lows. Bass felt a little “separated” from the mids on the ZEROs, if that makes sense. The frequencies on the ONEs appear to mix better.

Both of them are fantastic headphones. The mids and highs are absolutely clear, and the bass is crisp and powerful at the very low end without being boomy. They have a really natural tone about them.

The volume control on the right ear cup does not go to zero volume, which is a minor flaw in both headsets. It only goes down to around 25% loudness, which is inconvenient if you need to mute your headset quickly.

Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero: Similarities

The microphone on both headphones is identical. It is a great microphone, and the noise-canceling feature is a nice bonus.

It may be claimed that the microphone is needlessly expensive due to its excellent quality. The microphone will be a huge help to pro gamers and streams, and it will be well worth the money.

The frequency range, impedance, and other characteristics are all the same between the two headphones. All of these features, once again, provide a superior audio experience.

The volume knob is included on both the Sennheiser Game Zero and Game One earcups. This makes controlling the sound in your game a lot easier. Simply flip the knob on the earcup to change the volume while playing a game.

It is far more convenient than fiddling with the volume control on your speaker or PC. Both models have excellent spatial sound quality, a pleasant design, and precise bass levels.

Both kinds of headphones come with replaceable cords, either a TRRS braided cable or two TRS cables. Modern laptops with a single integrated audio connector that serves as a microphone and headphones use the TRRS connection. It will also come in handy if you are using these headphones with your phone.

Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero: Differences

The design is the most significant distinction. The Game One headphones’ velour cushioning is preferable in our opinion. It is softer, cooler, and more durable than the Game Zero headphones’ leather cushions.

The Game Zeros’ aluminum hinges are ideal for traveling. They make it somewhat more difficult to put them on one-handed, but that is a minor quibble.

What will ultimately determine whether you favor closed or open acoustics is whether you like closed or open acoustics. The Zeros are ideal for those who want to isolate themselves from any outside sounds. There is a slight bass increase with these, but it will not spoil your listening experience.

Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero: Microphone

Sennheiser’s Zero and One headphone also feature a 50-ohm impedance. They may be connected straight to your phone, laptop, desktop, or gaming console without the necessity of a preamp, DAC, or headphone amplifier due to their low impedance.

The microphones also add to the similarities in the features of these two headphones. The mic may simply be swung upward when not in use. A mute function is automatically triggered when you lift the mic.

Winner of Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero: Sennheiser Game One

In conclusion, if you are only listening to music, and heat is not a concern for you, the ZEROs would be great. The Sennheiser ONEs, in our opinion, are the obvious victor here for all-around use.

They are plenty comfy, and you can converse or hear a fire alarm going off. The sound is excellent and somewhat better than the ZERO. They are not affected by heat and appear to be quite durable.

Conclusion: Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero [2021 Review]

Both of these headphones are excellent options. The audio, construction, and mic quality are all exceptional. There is not much of a difference between them.

The Game Zero headphones are a more affordable alternative with nearly equal sound quality. On the premise that you receive roughly the same thing for slightly less money,

they edge out the Game Ones.

Many gamers prefer the closed-form because it allows them to escape into the game. You will be more than satisfied with the Game Zeros if you are prepared to put up with slightly warmer ears.

Both sets are ideal for both experienced and inexperienced gamers and there is not really a poor choice between them. We hope you liked our Sennheiser Game One vs Game Zero review and it was helpful.

Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X [2021 Review]

We understand; Audio Technica and Sony are both well-known companies that have long produced high-quality audio equipment. The ATH M50x and MDR 7506 are highly popular models, and they are still popular in 2021.

Along with the ATH m20x, ATH m30x, and ATH m40x, the m50x is part of the famous Audio Technica line. The Sony MDR 7506, on the other hand, was initially introduced in 1991 and has shown to be quite durable. Furthermore, for decades, Sony MDR 7506 was regarded as standard.

We will include a short comparison of the Sony MDR 7506 and the Audio Technica ATH M50X’s features in this review. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X review.

Sony MDR-7506

The MDR-7506 cans are light and, more importantly, pleasant to use for extended periods of time. The metal extension sliders on either side of the headband feature handy graded scales that allow you to click them out to the correct numbers for your head size each time you use them.

The earcups can be folded up into the headband region simply by pressing upwards, making traveling easier, however, the lightweight polymers used in the manufacturing of these cans made us a bit apprehensive of tossing them into a backpack without the added protection of the supplied soft pouch.

Sony MDR-7506 comes with a soft carrying case, but it will not keep them safe if you toss them in a bag. On the plus side, even if they break, they will not cost too much to replace.

They also fold up into a smaller footprint, which is probably our favorite feature of them. Simply pressing the ear cups onto the headband produces a nice click that tells you to know you are ready to go, and while it still does not appear indestructible, it shrinks to the point where it is really handy.

The running track-shaped ear cups are coated with wrinkled, paper-thin leatherette, and noise isolation is adequate despite the lackluster level of cushioning. Larger cushions can be bought from a variety of places onine if needed.

The headband cushioning is similarly small, but the cans are light enough that this is not an issue, and there is no discomfort during extended usage. The Sony MDR-7506 are closed-back critical listening headphones with a superb sound that are easy to use. They are a little flimsy, but they do not leak much noise.

Audio Technica ATH-M50X

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x monitor headphones are billed as such, but based on sound quality, it is more like a Swiss Army Knife of audio. It has a fairly balanced frequency response, although there is a little accent on lower-frequency sounds that you will not see on higher-end studio headphones.

When it comes to choral music, these earphones sound fantastic, particularly in the higher harmonics where string instruments may be heard. With auditory masking, the ATH-M50x reproduces mids and highs.

It is indeed fine to be in a state of passive solitude. The headphones filter out other noises like neighboring conversations and the clatter of dishware, but those are not the headphones to bring on a flight.

The studio design of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is identical to that of the ATH-M40x. They appear to be a tad boring, but the all-black industrial style may appeal to certain people.

With silver accents surrounding the logo, the flat oval ear cups lend a bit more flair to the overall appearance of the headset. These headphones seem nice, but they will not make you stand out in a crowd. There are, however, various color schemes available that are more appealing than the all-black version reviewed.

The Audio-Technica M50x has somewhat bigger ear cups than the similarly designed ATH-M40x, making it a bit more comfortable. Larger ears are readily accommodated by the extra room, and they do not feel overly tight.

The ATH-M50x headphones are well-built and feature a strong design that looks and feels like it would stand up well over time, with a thick single cable that terminates in a heavy-duty reinforced connector.

The large, cushioned ear cups swivel on two axes, and the headphones fold flat for storage; nevertheless, the basic soft case that comes with them is simply a bag.

Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X Design

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X features a beautiful and distinctive look, and the ATH-M50X’s build quality is strong and long-lasting. There are three hues to choose from: black, gunmetal, and white.

Plastics make up the majority of the pieces, yet they are robust and lightweight. The ATH-M50X weighs 283 grams in total.

The metal headband is encased with soft and comfy leather. In addition, the headband is adjustable and flexible.

Plastic ear cups with a circumaural closed-back over-ear design are also available. Circumaural designs provide great sound isolation and comfort. Ear cups may be rotated 90 degrees, which aids in adjusting the fit around the ears.

Sony MDR 7506 headphones are black in color, with a superb overall design and excellent construction quality. The Sony MDR 7506 headphones are lighter than other headphones, weighing only 8 ounces. You may also fold them and carry them with you wherever you go.

The headband is sturdy and comfortable, with soft cushioning on the inside. The headband is also adjustable and has a decent gripping power that prevents the headband from slipping off the head during abrupt movements.

Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X Sound Quality

The Sony MDR 7506 boasts excellent sound quality and no faults. They provide great sound, which is very useful for studio work. They are driven extremely nicely using 40-millimeter drivers. The MDR 7506 is one of the few headphones on the market that delivers non-overwhelming and accurate sound at a reasonable price.

They have a frequency response of 10 Hertz to 20 Kilohertz. Lows, mids, and treble are quite clear and not harsh in basic English.

The Sony MDR 7506 has a 63 Ohm impedance, which results in an extremely detailed sound. However, if you want to get great sound from low-power gadgets, make sure you connect an amp with enough power.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X offers excellent sound quality, similar to its construction quality. They provide a rich, detailed, and well-balanced sound. On smart devices and studio monitoring equipment, the 38-ohm impedance offers clean and crystal sound.

In addition, the frequency response ranges from 15 to 28,000 Hz, resulting in a rich and deep bottom, a balanced mid, and a detailed high.

When it comes to sound isolation, the closed-back construction of the Audio Technica ear cups provides a substantial level of sound isolation. They are quite good at noise cancellation and sound isolation.

Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X Build Quality

The ear cushions of ATH-M50X offer ample cushioning and are soft, making them comfortable to use for lengthy periods of time. Overall, they are well-made and designed headphones that are comfortable to use. You may use them to practice larger portions, mix, and record them.

The addition of a locking mechanism and a detachable cable is another helpful feature that Audio Technica enhances with the ATH-M50X.

Earcups of Sony MDR-7506 are constructed of plastic and have a closed-back, over-ear design. The MDR 7506’s earpads are soft and comfy, however, they will somewhat push your ears if you have large ears. You may become heated if you listen to music at a high volume for an extended period of time.

They come with three detachable cables: a 1.2-meter straight cable, a 1.2-meter coiled cable, and a 3-meter straight cable. All wires terminate in a normal 3.5mm connector with an additional adaptor. The ATH-M50X is a portable device. They may be folded and carried in the case.

Winner of Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is superior to the Sony MDR-7506 for serious listening. The Audio-Technica will be more comfortable to wear over long listening periods, and they will feel more solidly constructed.

Their sound is superior to that of Sony, particularly in the treble. Apart from that, the headphones are nearly identical, although you might be able to locate the Sony for a lower price, making them a better bargain.

Conclusion: Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X [2021 Review]

If you cannot decide between Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X, we provided a detailed comparison review of both headphones for you. There is not really a certain winner but we included who wins in our review.

If you are curious, check the Winner of Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X section. We hope you liked our Sony MDR-7506 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50X review and it was helpful.

Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones [2021 Review]

When it comes to headphones and sound equipment, Sennheiser and Audio Technica are two of the most well-known companies. If you are searching for a good pair of headphones, you have almost certainly come across both of these brands.

If you are unfamiliar with headphones or have never purchased them before, it might be tough to make sure you obtain the proper pair. So, when we compare these two brands, is one better than the other, or are they roughly equal?

It depends on the exact product you buy, as it does with most things. We will review Audio-Technica ATH-M50X and Sennheiser HD 598 in this review. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones review for more information below.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

 Features: Aside from the aesthetics, the ATH-M50x is a solid pair of headphones. The entire construction is made of plastic, so do not anticipate anything luxurious, yet the lightweight plastic combined with the soft cushioning makes it easy to wear for lengthy listening sessions.

The ear cups also swivel 90 degrees so you may wear them around your neck while not in use, and you can tweak it slightly for the best fit. While it is not as comfy as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, it is far more adaptable when it comes to getting the right fit.

Because the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x was released before everyone thought that eliminating the headphone jack was a good idea, all three cables that come with the device include a 3.5mm connector at the end.

It does, however, come with a quarter-inch converter, so if you have an audio interface or other higher-end gear, you can just screw it on. With these headphones, Audio-Technica strikes the nail on the head in terms of build and design. It is fashionable enough to stand out, but not so much that it attracts unwelcome attention.

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

Features: The Sennheiser HD 598 are open-back headphones with excellent studio sound quality. They are well-made and seem sturdy, but they do not have any audio controls. The open-back design also lets in a lot of noise and does not prevent any outside noise.

They are not meant for commuting and may cause annoyance to those around you. Sennheiser HD 598 headphones are excellent for neutral listening. They are pleasant to wear for long periods of time and sound well with most music. Their open design creates a large soundstage and has a balanced bass, mid, and treble response.

Treble notes, on the other hand, shine brightly. The HD598s confidently integrate and organize every element in the middle, giving vocalists enough breathing room to express themselves. However, switching to the far more difficult songs reveals the Sennheisers as paper tigers.

The HD598s just lack the dynamic muscle to cope properly with these powerful recordings, which are filled with drama and suspense at points. They lack the deep-breathing assault necessary to do the music justice. It all comes in one pack: good looks, elegance, and pleasant sound.

Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones Comparison

The two’s art designs speak it all. In both appearance and sound, the ATH-M50s are darker and more mechanical. Both visually and audibly, HD 598s are more vivid and warm.

In terms of accuracy and richness, we can say the HD 598s have superior overall sound quality. However, you should know that they will sound similar to someone who does not care much about music.

People who pay attention to the details will notice significant changes in how each makes them feel. So, it is a choice between straight hitting loud sounds and quieter, more ambient sounds. It is a good idea to have both of them. Each brings something to the table that the other does not.

Both headphones are available in a comparable price range. Both are fantastic buys so we can be sure to say that there is not a poor choice between Audio Technica ATH M50X and  Sennheiser HD 598. Both are excellent choices for those who are new to high-quality headphones.

Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones Sound Quality

This is the most difficult element of the comparison. In terms of sound quality, we have done our best to highlight the key distinctions between Audio Technica and Sennheiser. However, because we are comparing two brands rather than two items, establishing which one has superior sound quality is challenging.

So, with a few small exceptions, both Audio Technica and Sennheiser offer excellent sound quality. This is due to the fact that there are various goods on the market, each with its own set of characteristics.

You can nearly buy any Audio Technica or Sennheiser product, whether it is wired headphones, microphones, wireless headphones, or gaming headphones. So, in terms of sound quality, it is about equal in our opinion, and the rest is up to you.

Both Sennheiser and Audio Technica are fantastic companies to look at if you are searching for the finest noise-canceling headphones.

Those who are accustomed to Sennheiser goods may perceive other brands as inferior, and they might definitely benefit from a little more bass. Audio Technica, on the other hand, is an excellent brand with a good selection of high-quality headphones.

Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones Build Quality

The design and durability of the headphone are the first things that come to mind while purchasing one. Although the function of each headset is different, everyone wants their headphones to last as long as possible.

When comparing the entire quality and design of each of these units, the items they sell and design are dependable and of the highest quality. Because Audio Technica and Sennheiser are well-known names in the business, their goods are long-lasting and resistant to bending and breaking.

Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones Design

If you are concerned about your investment, it will be the wisest and safest investment you have ever made. When it comes to the design of Audio Technica and Sennheiser headphones, this is another excellent feature of both businesses.

We found no flaws in the design of any of these brands. Both of these devices’ designs have remained constant over time and attest to their excellence. Both organizations’ quality assurance processes are proper and methodical, which makes things a lot better.

Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones Price

When buying anything, the cost is one of the most important considerations. Even if it is a common home item or a lifestyle item. Most people will pass on an item if the price is too high. When it comes to headphones, the same rule applies.

Both of these firms, fortunately, provide a broad selection of inexpensive items that are not only cost-effective but also function effectively. As a result, we may conclude that the pricing is reasonable and appropriate. The majority of Audio Technica and Sennheiser headphones are priced similarly and offer similar performance.

However, keep in mind that we are comparing two brands, not goods, so there will be some discrepancies. When compared to Audio Technica’s premium headphones, certain Sennheiser high-end models are more costly. In this sense, Sennheiser is a little more expensive alternative. 

Winner of Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones

Although you should compare models to models, we have a general rule for these two companies that we follow. The conclusion is that Audio Technica is superior for low-cost choices. Sennheiser, on the other hand, seems to have the upper hand when it comes to higher-quality headphones.

They tend to be of similar quality in the intermediate levels (between $3 and $500). And, to be honest, in the vast majority of situations, the distinctions between them are negligible. To figure out which model would be a better fit for you, you need to look at each one separately.

Both are suitable if you are a non-audiophile seeking a single high-quality set of headphones. For many, the M50s may be a better initial purchase since they are more portable, do not leak sound, and provide more consistent quality across songs. You may start with the ATH-M50s and upgrade to HD598s later.

Conclusion: Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones [2021 Review]

Overall, it is apparent that when it comes to portable audio, it all relies on what you are searching for. Some Sennheisers will outperform lower-end Audio Technicas, and vice versa. To compare them correctly, it actually depends on whatever model you are glancing at.

Having said that, I like Audio Technica at the cheaper end of the market, which is where the majority of people will be searching. If you are looking for low-cost earbuds, it is worth checking out some of their offerings. However, either of these brands should be able to meet your needs.

We hope you liked our Audio Technica vs Sennheiser Headphones review and it was helpful.

3 Durable Earbuds That Won’t Break [2021 Review]

It can be tough to find the most robust earbuds or headphones that will survive the test of time. If you are looking for durable earbuds that won’t break, you are at the right place because we have a list of the 3 best durable earbuds that won’t break.

There are so many types to pick from that you have no idea which ones are the greatest, despite what everyone tells you. The majority of vendors claim that their earbud headphones are of good quality and do not break easily. But that is usually not the case, so we decided to write this durable earbuds that won’t break review.

There is not really a poor choice in this list so you can pick one according to your needs and budget. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Durable Earbuds That Won’t Break review for more information below.

Our Top Pick: Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Waterproof Earbud Premium Headphones

Features: The Jaybird Vista buds are well-fitting. They are lightweight, comfy, and have a nice sound. They are water-resistant and have a USB-C charging case. The battery capacity is adequate at six hours, with the cover providing an additional ten hours.

The headphones will be secure in your ears and largely comfy to use. To assist you to establish a tight seal and snug fit, 3 distinct ear tips, and sports fans are supplied. They are light for their size, and they are more comfortable in-ears. They also have a somewhat larger sound and more bass.

The charging case is powered via USB-C. You get an hour of playback time for a five-minute charge. The Jaybird Vista headset performs better than we expected as a headset, albeit it struggles in noisy environments. You can use each earbud separately or take calls in stereo.

The Jaybird Vista deserves a place in your bag if you are searching for a pair of true wireless workout earphones with a terrific fit, superb isolation, and a durable, yet lightweight build.

Ear and wingtip sleeves keep these blocky buds firmly in place against the ear. These earbuds are definitely worth your time and money due to their affordable price point. They will last you a long time. If you are looking for durable earbuds that won’t break, this is your best choice.

Jaybird’s Run true wireless earbuds failed to impress many athletes, but the Jaybird Vista appears to make up for it. IPX7-rated and with a little charging case, these sporty but stylish buds are a must-have. Thanks to an improved chipset, the connection strength is stable.

The units feature SportFit’s integrated silicone gel ear tip and fins, which are a thumb-print-sized piece of silicone that includes both a standard tip and a shark’s fin-shaped protrusion that snaps onto the unit and covers it entirely save for the single top button. There are three sizes available.

The end objective here is a secure fit that will not budge even if you start kicking, as well as IPX7 water- and sweat-proofing. Even if one earphone slips from your grasp before you can put it in, the Vistas are crushproof, so they should survive the fall and any subsequent trampling.

Runner Up: Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

Features: You would anticipate Shure earphones to sound wonderfully detailed and rhythmic in the past, but possibly a tad lightweight and clinical now. It is interesting, therefore, that the SE215s’ sound is described as warm and detailed by the business itself and that is exactly what you hear.

When you listen to songs, the bass has an unexpected weight and richness to it. The vocals are similarly warm and full-bodied, but they still have an excellent level of depth and nuance for the price, as well as the kind of clarity that complements the song’s lilting vocal harmonies.

It is difficult to combine detail and warmth, but Shure has succeeded. Regrettably, it has had to forego some punch and excitement. The treble is a tad rounded off and lackluster, and you will often find yourself wishing for the SE215s to attack tunefully.

Those looking for a bassy sound or a pair of economical but durable onstage monitors will find something to like here. You will notice that the Shure SE215 does not appear like other earbuds if you are prepared to jump ship and leave those smartphone throw-aways behind. This is because these are not earbuds, but rather earphones.

The SE215’s guts are also packed into modules that branch out from the earpieces, unlike earbuds. These charming small translucent, grey plastic bits take the shape of the big hollow right beyond the ear canal.

It would not be out of place to compare its appearance to that of hearing aids. While the earpiece is stuck inside your ear, the modules are designed to sit comfortably in the outer ear. If you are looking for durable earbuds that won’t break, this is your best choice.

Although the SE215 is more obtuse than your normal earbuds or even some IEMs, Shure put some amazing drivers into that extra space. If you are used to stock earbuds, the drastic change in design may be difficult to adjust to.

Bending the ear hooks to an angle that comfortably cradles ears is not difficult at all. The most difficult adjustment will be getting used to the Shure SE215’s absence of in-line controls.

Best for Budget: SoundMAGIC E11C Sound Isolating In-Ear Headphones Earphones with Microphone and Remote

Features: The SoundMagic E11Cs is one of the most affordable wired earphones under $50 that offer unbeatable value. A sturdy structure and two 10 mm drivers, one in each housing, offer a flat, balanced sound that sets them apart from the competition.

We immediately noticed one of the most notable features. The cylindrical shape of this earphone has been utilized in previous versions, so we presume it is a very clever idea based on the consistency of employing this frame.

The cylindrical design ensures a tight, snug fit within the ears. Aside from that, it significantly enhances noise isolation. The most difficult part of the routine for people is finding a perfect experience, despite the fact that SoundMAGIC built the modules to fit like a glove.

The provided changeable headphone plugs range in size from small to big. If you are looking for durable earbuds that won’t break, this is your best choice. The SoundMagic E11C earbuds include an updated driver that promises improved sound and a new, silver-plated copper wire.

This demonstrates that they are not afraid to change up a great recipe. The famous red headphone cable is no longer available. The E11C earphones are otherwise identical, with a cylindrical, aluminum housing and a choice of small, medium, and large silicone tips, all of which are now available in silver.

Should you be so organized as to use one of them, there is also a storage case. They have the classic 3.5mm headphone cable connector, which means you will need a dreaded dongle to connect to USB-C or Apple Lightning ports.

When comparing the E11C to their predecessors, there has been a significant change. Individually, the changes are minor, but some are important. To begin with, the E11C in-ears were only available in one color: silver or nothing. You got more choices with the new version. To transport them, you get a simple but sturdy case.

With the appropriate advice, you should be able to listen to the E11C for lengthy periods of time. Unlike some competitors, the earphones are small and light. The SoundMagic E11C are among the best budget earbuds available, with the best performance-to-dollar ratio.

Why do earbuds break so easily?

The reason why you are searching for durable earbuds that won’t break is probably because your earbuds break so easily. Remember that earbuds are merely earbuds, no matter how robust they are.

They are not constructed of steel, therefore if you abuse them, they will continue to shatter. The following are the reasons why your earbuds continually break. You might be cramming them into a bag with other items and yanking them out with haste.

The earphones are dangling from your ears. At some point, dangling can cause stress, and it also increases the likelihood of the wire being pinched. The hanging portion of the cord might also get trapped and tear your headphones.

Another explanation why earbud headphones might easily shatter is their low quality. Some earbuds are manufactured with some of the worst materials possible.


When it comes to audio products, phrases like flat and under-emphasized are sometimes used interchangeably. It can be difficult to understand what these are if you have not heard of them before.

The short version is that some headphones are adjusted to make some notes louder than others. We have a lengthy essay describing the technicalities, but the short version is that some headphones are tuned to make some notes louder than others.

When headphones are labeled as bass-heavy, it simply indicates that the lower notes sound louder than other instruments. Everything you hear will be equally loud if your headphones are absolutely flat.

Build Quality

Everything is included with the driver’s housing. Steel and aluminum driver housings are standard on most earbuds that do not splice into half. The majority of cheap earphones, as well as some premium earbuds, have plastic housings, which reduce the earbuds’ lifetime.

You can simply tell whether the earphones are durable or not by looking at the construction material. Both where the cables enter the drivers and above the 3.5mm connector, good lasting earbuds contain stress relieves.

The stress reliever is also found across each inline mic in some of the good enduring earphones.

What makes earbuds durable?

It is usually the type of substance they are made of. Even though most earbuds are composed of plastic, the strength of these plastic materials varies. For example, the resin is a very hard plastic material that can withstand far more abuse than other types.

The material used to create the cord is especially significant because, in most cases, a broken cord necessitates the replacement of the entire earbud.

Headphones or earbuds?

Yes, in general, headphones are more durable than earbuds. A metal headband and at least some additional metal elements are found on most over-ear and on-ear headphones. We also take better care of them because they are heavier and larger.

Earbuds are frequently flung into backpacks, carried in pockets, and subjected to clumsy conditions, all of which shorten their life. Earphones are more susceptible to normal wear and tear. If you are looking for durable earbuds that won’t break, check our list above.

Conclusion: 3 Durable Earbuds That Won’t Break [2021 Review]

Are you tired of your earbuds breaking and becoming useless all of the time? That is a good reason to look for durable earbuds that won’t break. We know how it feels to waste your hard-earned cash on new earbuds just to have them break after a few months.

That is why we included three of the best durable earbuds that won’t break. All of the earbuds on this list are composed of high-quality materials such as strong plastics and metal, have no serious flaws, and are simply resistant to human abuse.

If you acquire these earbuds, no matter how much money you wish to spend on new in-ear headphones, you will have durable earbuds that will last a long time. We hope you liked our Durable Earbuds That Won’t Break review and it was helpful.