Alvarez AD60 Dreadnought Guitar [2023 Review]

Alvarez is a company that is internationally known. It has been about half a century, and it is still going high. The Artist AD60 guitar that has been built to sing loud and proud is entering the ranks of their vast inventory.

This Alvarez AD60 guitar is a full-size dreadnought guitar. To guarantee high performance, its strong spruce top is hand-selected from quarter-sawn wood. Their guitar performance is unparalleled, and their credibility is earned, with Alvarez’s state of the art raw resources for construction processes.

To learn more about this affordable and quality guitar, continue to read our Alvarez AD60 review below! We are hoping that you will find what you are most curious about this amazing instrument.

Alvarez AD60 Dreadnought Guitar Review

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  • High build quality
  • It looks and sounds very good
  • Great price for a very good sounding guitar
  • Nice design and attractive appearance
  • Well-made with good materials
  • No fret markers

About: The Alvarez AD60’s back, arms, and neck consist of mahogany. Rosewood is used to make the fretboard and bridge. Alvarez is spot on when they say that when you have a strong top soundboard. This really is an outstanding guitar that you cannot miss at this price according to this Alvarez AD60 review.

Features: As anticipated, at the time of this writing, this guitar had not seen a single complaint against it. So, we can recommend it confidently to you.

In design, tone, design, and price, Alvarez AD60 review is a high-quality instrument that has been delivered to thrive. However, if you have a few personal improvements you would like to see, a setup might be needed. That might be the only downside we can mention about this guitar in our Alvarez AD60 review.

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Moreover, we can say that it does not mean that you are assured excellent intonation and sound protection immediately. To build output and tool, every other aspect must come combined. And this might require some experience as a guitar player.

That is why this outstanding acoustic guitar has outstanding equipment in this price range that provides great value for a guitar. For the nut and saddle, the manufacturer used real bone, premium die cast tuning heads, and body binding for Ivory ABS as we mentioned in this Alvarez AD60 review.

But it also has FST2 bracing in order to protect the top and the way the guitar plays. A forward-shifted X style with serrated inverted tone bars is this bracing. The forward-shifted bracing permits additional motion responsiveness and more sound projection according to this Alvarez AD60 review.

The sound is vivid with a clear register of the bass in the trebles. Thanks to all the components involved in the guitar, it is fair to say there is harmony when you really need it.

Alvarez AD60 Guitar also has a bi-level bridge to account for the downward pressure that strains the saddle. Moreover, with an elevated headstock it compensates for the additional strain.

From concept plans to implementation, everything about this guitar has been really well planned. It is a guitar worthy of your talent as we say in our Alvarez AD60 review.

This is a bridge style that is integrated to avoid the wooden bridge plate from lying flat against cords where it moves over the saddle. The bi-level bridge makes it possible to keep the string taut in a straight line to ensure that the right amount of pressure is applied on the saddle.

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This might mean that the strings from the saddle to the string pegs should be straight. Enhanced tone and tuning consistency are the consequences according to this Alvarez AD60 review.

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Conclusion: Alvarez AD60 Dreadnought Review [2023 Review]

It should be a great guitar to start with out of the box. But if you want to modify this guitar for your performing patterns and convenience, you cannot really go wrong with it. If you want to modify it, we highly recommend doing so because it is so easy as we can confidently say in our Alvarez AD60 review.

There are some facets of the guitar that players enjoy the most. The aesthetic presentation is outstanding if we had to name one. The true paua abalone and mother of pearl inlays add to the guitar’s character.

The sound is loud and crisp, and customers are the ones who say that the trebles do not overshadow the bass, offering a well-rounded contrast for the sound of a guitar. We hope you liked this Alvarez AD60 review and it helped.

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