Behringer C 2 [2023 Review]

If you are looking for a good pair of mics, we have a reliable and good quality one in this Behringer C 2 review. Behringer is famous for its quality audio equipment and Behringer C 2 is not an exception to that rule.

For successful feedback suppression, these mics use a cardioid pickup pattern. In addition to that, it has an ultra-wide frequency response and ultimate sound reproduction with a low-mass diaphragm. Low-frequency roll-off and input attenuation are both tunable with Behringer C 2.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Behringer C 2 review for more information below. We will be exploring its features, pros, and cons for the ones who are curious about it. If you are wondering about these mics features, we will be listing them.

Behringer C 2 Review

  • Very affordable
  • Two mics included in the packaging
  • Versatile
  • 20Hz-20kHz frequency range
  • Comes with a accessories
  • Not the best for vocals

About: Behringer C2 are two condenser microphones that are suited for stereo studio recording and live performances. For studio and live situations, these microphones are ideal as main and support mics and there are not many affordable options that can beat these.

Two Mics for a Single Price

First and foremost, we have to mention that the Behringer C 2 tiny diaphragm condenser mics are actually two microphones. This is a huge advantage if you will be using them for high-quality stereo recording and need two mics.

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It combines economy with high quality. Along with its stereo recording capabilities, we can definitely say that Behringer has succeeded admirably by providing two mics for a single price.

As you might already know, Behringer C 2 has been around for quite a time now, but do not let that confuse you. They are still being manufactured because people are still demanding their high quality according to our Behringer C 2 review.

Who can use Behringer C 2?

Although they are inexpensive, this does not imply that beginners can get the hang of it easily. The fact that the C 2 comes in pairs means that it allows the user to record in stereo.

However, many beginners have no idea how to do that. Meaning they cannot use this mic to its highest potential. However, when you consider the price, this is a deal that is really hard to miss no matter your skill level.

The Behringer C 2 is a tiny, portable, and easy-to-use microphone. It is not difficult to learn how to use these, and since they are small ones, you can carry them around easily. Despite the fact that condenser mics are often used in the studio, you can use Behringer C 2 for your live situations.

The Behringer C 2 microphones are excellent microphones offered at an extremely low price. We recommend getting a pair just because of their superbly built, great-sounding tiny diaphragm.

These are condenser mics for roughly $60, which can be used to record anything. If you work in a studio, we recommend getting a pair of these in our Behringer C 2 review.

Sound Quality

The C 2 compact condenser mics from Behringer are ideal for non-critical stereo recordings in project studios. Since they are easy to carry around, we can say that these are very versatile equipment that everybody should have in our Behringer C 2 review. However, how do they perform when it comes to sound quality?

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Behringer C 2 microphones’ sound is bright and clear. You can avoid the proximity effect’s disadvantages by turning on the low-frequency roll-off. Louder sound sources, such as drums and brass instruments, can also be recorded without a problem with Behringer C 2.

The cardioid pattern is ideal for recording in XY stereo. If you want to create an interesting panning effect, you can, and we recommend using this for larger instruments.

Behringer’s C 2 mics are suitable for entry-level recording engineers, although some of them might feel overwhelmed at first as we have mentioned before in this Behringer C 2 review. Just take your time and try to learn what these mics have to offer. The C 2 is a good offer for this price tag.

However, the noise level is the main source of worry. If you need a lot of gain, you will almost certainly hear more noise. If you are working in project studios, they might work fine despite this.

Behringer C 2 [2023 Review]

Works Good with Pop Music

These mics work great for pop recordings. They can withstand high sound pressure levels (SPL) and are rated to go up to 140 dB with the built-in pad. We were surprised to see these low-cost mics were capable of such things.

You can place them right next to the skin of a drum and they would not mind. On acoustic guitars, they sound okay, but they are not the best.

If you are working with pop music, there is a high chance that you already got lots of other mics which are probably costlier than these. However, do not let the price tag fool you, these can offer many features even to pros.

Conclusion: Behringer C 2 [2023 Review]

Although Behringer is known for producing high-end equipment of the highest quality with some high prices, they also have affordable options. Behringer C 2 is one of the good examples of this according to our Behringer C 2 review.

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For this low price, you get two condenser microphones, and that is one of the reasons why people even consider buying Behringer C2 in the first place. This, combined with the fact that Behringer is a major player in the music industry, makes Behringer C 2 a deal that is hard to miss.

Overall, Behringer C 2 is one of the best mics you can get at this affordable price. We have never seen these mics upset anyone, so you should definitely give those a chance. We hope you liked our Behringer C 2 review and it was helpful.

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