Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro [2023 Review]

Beats headphones may be found almost anywhere. You’ve probably seen them on your commute, in the gym, and on celebrities’ and athletes’ heads. Beats’ mainstream on-ear Solo headphones have sold over 30 million copies over the years, and now there are brand-new pairs with a long-awaited feature: noise cancellation.

If you enjoy bass-heavy music, the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio3 are unquestionably two of the greatest headphones available.

These two headphones not only provide a superb listening experience for hip-hop, EDM, and other bass-focused music, but they also include features like active noise cancellation and wireless networking.

The Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio 3 are two of the best headphones from Beats. They have excellent features which we have explored in this review. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro review for more information below.

So, what’s the difference between the two, and which should you go with? To find out, we compare the two. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

Winner of Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro: Beats Studio 3

If you don’t mind the on-ear design, the Beats Solo Pro Wireless is somewhat superior to the Beats Studio3 Wireless. The Solo Pro Wireless has a superior noise cancellation feature and a more balanced sound profile than the Studio3.

The Studio3, on the other hand, are more comfortable due to their over-ear style and comes with an audio cable to use when connected, which the Solo Pro requires you to purchase separately.

They both promise amazing value for money and promise to make you forget about the stresses of everyday life in exchange for truly joyful marathon music sessions. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

They’re also a great birthday or special occasion gift for your music-loving friend or relative. Now is the time to buy and experience the actual meaning of music.

However, we think Beats studio 3 provides overall the best value for the money, so our winner for this Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro is Beats Studio 3.

The Beats Solo Pro is a somewhat less expensive option, but they still have great styling, comfort, and noise cancellation, as well as long battery life.

Beats Studio 3

Features: The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones are made of a soft, matte plastic that is incredibly comfortable to wear. The plush ear cups are pleasant, and they’re not as much of a fingerprint magnet as you might think.

We can wear these for hours before they hurt our ears, however, the leatherette does get hot after a while. The headband, on the other hand, is constructed of a tough, sticky plastic that tugs at our hair.

The headphones fold up easily for transport, and the headband is adjustable. The Studio3 Wireless is rigid, and minor torsion causes the headphones to discolor. They do, however, come with a hardshell carrying bag, which we recommend.

The Beats Studio3 Wireless is a pair of over-ear headphones that are suitable for a variety of applications. They have the same sleek and professional look as the previous Beats Studio Wireless, but with better noise cancellation.

Their audio reproduction and active noise cancellation (ANC) system adapt to you and your surroundings automatically. When done correctly, it’s a nice function, however, it may be inconsistent at times, and there can be a lot of white noise when this feature is turned on, which can be bothersome if you’re not currently listening to music.

For commuting, the Beats Studio3 is adequate. The noise cancellation is effective enough for usage on public transportation, and they’re comfortable and simple to use. They also fold to make them more portable, however, they aren’t as portable as the Beats Solo3 2018 Wireless or Beats BeatsX.

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They also have a lengthy battery life, which should allow them to last for the whole of a long flight. The Beats W1 chip ensures that the headphones’ functionality remains impressive.

The battery life is adequate, and connecting them to your phone is simple and straightforward. The build quality is also satisfactory. Even their noise cancellation is good, if not exceptional.

Our sole criticism of the headphones is that their overall sound quality falls short of that of similarly priced competitors. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones have a similar design to the previous Studio Wireless headphones. They can be seen from a distance of 20 meters by those in the know. When you take the design out of the context of the brand, it’s actually rather nice.

  • Real-time audio adjustment in all soundstages for a superior listening experience
  • On a single charge, the battery can last up to 22 hours
  • Fast Charging (10 minutes)
  • Hands-free call management and attendance thanks to the built-in microphone
  • It has outstanding background noise suppressing capabilities, making it suitable for use at the gym
  • Expensive

Beats Solo Pro

Features: The Beats Solo Pro is designed for the on-the-go listener. For a pair of on-ear headphones, noise cancellation is remarkably effective. Although the sound signature remains bass-heavy, as is typical of Beats, vocal reproduction is rarely overpowered.

The Beats Solo Pro is one of the greatest Beats headphones out available when it comes to sound and style. These are Beats’ first noise-canceling on-ears, and they’re fantastic except for one thing: comfort. It’s time to see if the agony is worth it for these otherwise excellent on-ear headphones.

The Beats Solo Pro noise-canceling headset has a sophisticated look to it. The headband extension mechanism is practically unnoticeable, and the concealed hinges keep the design minimal.

In any direction, only a few degrees of rotation are permitted. This design allows the ear cups to sit in line with the natural angle of your ears, increasing comfort. However, it cannot compensate for the tremendous pressure exerted on the skull.

We felt like we were removing a pricey clamp rather than a pair of headphones after an hour of listening. If you wear glasses, the amount of time you can listen comfortably is cut in half.

The right ear cup must be pressed to activate playback or call controls. This large, tactile button is simple to use with or without gloves. The Beats logo serves as a multifunction command, while the volume is adjusted by pushing on the border above or below the logo.

If you have an iPhone, simply say “Hey Siri” to activate your virtual assistant without having to use your hands. Users of Google or Alexa must press and hold the “b” logo for a few seconds. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

The soft-touch silicone headband stays in position on your dome, and the leatherette ear cups are well-padded. The metal arms slip into the headband for size adjustment, while the ear cups articulate to fit as flat and firmly on your ears as possible.

The Solo Pro is among the most comfortable on-ear headphones we have used, despite their tight grip. Longer listening sessions are preferable with over-ear headphones, but the Solo Pro stayed pleasant for up to two hours until our ears needed a break.

Under the huge Beats-logo disc on the outside of the right ear cup are volume and playback controls. To change the volume, press it up or down. To pause/play, press the logo once, twice to skip forward, and three times to skip back.

  • The transparency feature helps you keep aware of your surroundings
  • Apple H1 headphone chip and Class 1 Bluetooth technologies are included
  • Users will be able to find Android and iOS as supported devices
  • Apple’s proprietary wire and a modern design
  • The charging time for a lightning wire is 2 hours

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Comparison

    Beats headphones are well-known for their quality. But what if you’re looking for the greatest Beats Solo Pro vs Studio 3 option? The answer is not simple. You might have been perplexed when reading unrelated information on the internet.

    You no longer have to be concerned! Your quest is over since we’ll give you a full comparison of popular FAQs so you can make the best decision.

    Both Beats headphones are of high quality and are laced with outstanding and relevant features for all next-gen audiophile consumers, as you can see from the thorough specs given above.

    Both offer a tangle-free experience, superior noise reduction, and compatibility with a variety of high-demand digital gadgets. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

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    So, if you don’t like closed fights and don’t care about extensive inspections when it comes to your favorite music, we recommend buying both the Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 headphones for the gym.

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Sound Quality

    Because of their specific Apple chips, the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio3 Wireless both include the same extensive range of capabilities for Apple customers. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

    This means you can use Apple’s Find My feature to locate your headphones if they go missing, as well as wirelessly share music with other Beats users and AirPods.

    They also connect swiftly and can swap between your Apple devices automatically if you have both an iPhone and an iPad. Both sets of headphones work with Android and iPhone, but for those who like fruit, this is a really helpful collection of extra functions.

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Active Noise Cancelling

    The ANC makes a difference here. While the Beats Solo Pro already has great noise cancellation, the Beats Studio3 Wireless adds Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation to the mix.

    As we mentioned in our Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro review, this implies that the headphones adjust to your individual situation on a continuous basis.

    “The Studio3 shut it all out with a variety of background sounds ranging from a 747 to chit chat and commotion captured live in the Beats office cafeteria.” It even dealt with wind or, at the very least, a very powerful fan positioned quite close to our face, which was much more astounding.

    The wind is usually the enemy of noise-canceling headphones because they use outward-facing microphones to monitor background sounds. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Battery Life

    The battery life of both the Beats Solo Pro and the Studio3 Wireless is equally impressive. With ANC turned on, you can listen to music for 22 hours and 40 hours, respectively.

    Beats’ Fast Fuel recharge mechanism, which allows for 3 hours of playback with only 10 minutes of charging, is included in both pairs of headphones. If you forget to charge your headphones overnight, this is a lifesaver.

    The Beats Studio3 wireless may be plugged in using the provided 3.5mm connection, which is a fundamental design distinction.

    The Beats Solo Pro, on the other hand, is completely devoid of cords and is purely wireless. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Controls

    The Solo Pro keeps things simple when it comes to controls, with the Beats logo on the right earpiece doing most of the heavy lifting. This button can be pressed once to answer calls and play and pause music, and twice to advance to the next song.

    The volume controls are situated above and below the logo, which is convenient and straightforward, and the ANC is controlled by a button under the left earpiece. The headband turns on and off when you unfold and fold it, rather than having an on/off switch.

    There is a power button on the Studio3 Wireless headphones, but the controls are fairly similar. All of the controls, including the Beats logo interactions, are on the left earpiece. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Price

    There’s little doubt that the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones are on the higher end of the headphone spectrum. While the Solo Pros have been reduced in price at various outlets since their release, the official price remains £270 in the UK and $300 in the US.

    If you don’t look on the official Beats page, you might be able to find them for less than £200/$200 at times. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

    The Beats Studio3 Wireless is also routinely discounted, with prices falling below £200/$200. This is largely dependent on the color and the store. In general, the Solo Pro will be significantly less expensive, but this will depend on current offers!

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Design

    When it comes to how the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio3 Wireless rest on your head, they are slightly different.

    The Beats Solo Pro are on-ear headphones that rest directly on your ear, whereas the Beats Studio3 Wireless surround your entire ear in a hug, with the cushion sitting around your ear instead.

    The Beats Solo Pro has a more basic design and is substantially smaller, although both versions have a Beats ethos with smooth lines and a slick appeal.

    The metal of the Solo Pros is a very beautiful aesthetic aspect, and they come in six colors if you’re searching for a neater alternative.

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    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro Differences

    In many ways, these headphones are identical, but style isn’t one of them. The Beats Solo Pro has an on-ear design, which means the earcups rub against your ears while you’re wearing them.

    The Beats Studio3’s over-ear design, on the other hand, will totally cover your ears with its earcups. The Beats Studio3 will be more comfortable for more individuals thanks to its over-ear design.

    The earcups and headbands of both headphones are sufficiently cushioned. They’re also light, weighing 267g for the Beats Solo Pro and 261g for the Beats Studio3. You may wear them for lengthy periods of time, but the Beats Studio3’s over-ear design is more comfortable for your ears.

    The two headphones have a solid and sturdy build quality. They have metal frames that contribute to their excellent builds, despite the fact that they have plastic parts. However, because their plastic coverings are susceptible to scratching, it’s better to store them in their cases when not in use.

    These headphones are not only well-built, but they also look good. The Beats Solo Pro is available in a variety of colors, including black, gray, ivory, red, dark blue, and light blue.

    The Beats Studio3, on the other hand, is available in red, blue, matte black, white, black-red, midnight black, and shadow gray. Both headphones come in a variety of colors to pick from.

    Aside from the design, the Beats Solo Pro has the newer Apple H1 chip, whilst the Beats Studio3 has the older W1 chip. When it concerns Bluetooth connection stability and switching between Apple devices, the H1 chip outperforms the W1 chip. The difference in chips will be noticeable if you use either headphone with primarily Apple devices.

    Other than that, they’re really similar. Active noise cancellation and transparency modes are available on both headphones. They aren’t the greatest on the market, but they do provide excellent active noise cancellation.

    Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro: Which one to buy?

    The Beats Solo Pro is a pair of headphones that combine the intelligence and noise cancellation of the Studio 3 in a smaller, on-ear design. It’s most likely the best pair of wireless headphones Beats has ever produced.

    The headphones themselves have a superior anodized aluminum arm that slips smoothly into and out of the headband, and memory foam-filled padding in the ear cups.

    Thanks to a redesign and new materials, it has more surface contact than its predecessor. The ear cups are attached to the arms in such a way that they can rotate and tilt freely to accommodate each user.

    The Solo Pro doesn’t have a wired connection option, and charging them requires a Lightning cable, but they’re still a great pair of on-ears. They’re comfortable to wear, last a long time on a full charge, and sound great.

    The Beats Studio 3 Wireless are over-ear headphones that completely enclose the entire ear inside the ear cup. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

    This design helps to block out extraneous disturbances, though active noise canceling helps much more (ANC). This new ANC differs from earlier versions in that it adjusts its frequency in real time to match the sound in your environment, making it more adaptable.

    The built-in rechargeable battery may last up to 22 hours, and the lightweight design paired with the soft materials utilized will have you want to wear them for as long as possible.

    The headphones themselves provide controls for skipping tunes, changing volume, and accepting phone calls.

    The Beats Studio is not just one of the most recognizable Beats headphones, but also one of the most recognizable headphones in general. Keep reading for Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro.

    They’re bassy (as you’d anticipate), but the audio profile’s entire nature appears to have evolved to make it more polished. They can be rather loud, and the active noise cancellation should only serve to assist you in concentrating on the music.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro [2023 Review]

    How do the designs of Studio 3 and Solo Pro differ?

    It has a traditional over-ear design with cushioned ear cups, while the Solo Pro features an on-ear design with a sleeker profile and foldable design.

    Do both models offer active noise cancellation (ANC)?

    Yes, both the Studio 3 and Solo Pro headphones feature active noise cancellation, which reduces background noise for an improved listening experience.

    Which model offers better sound quality?

    Both models provide quality sound, but individual preferences can play a role in which one is perceived as better. Sound preferences often come down to personal taste.

    Are there any differences in battery life between the two models?

    The Studio 3 generally offers longer battery life compared to the Solo Pro.

    Can I use both models for making calls?

    Yes, They have built-in microphones and support for phone calls. Call quality can vary based on environmental factors.

    Which model is better for sports or workouts?

    While both models are wireless and offer mobility, the on-ear design of the Solo Pro might provide a more secure fit during physical activities.

    Conclusion: Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro [2023 Review]

    If you’re looking for a pair of full-featured Beats headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC), the over-ear Beats Studio3 Wireless and on-ear Beats Solo Pro are your best options.

    They’re two of the greatest Beats headphones available, but it can be difficult to tell the difference between the Solo Pro and Studio3 Wireless at first glance. We walked you through all you need to know, so don’t worry.

    They’re both excellent noise-canceling headphones, but not all noise-canceling headphones are created equal. We hope you liked our Beats Studio 3 vs Beats Solo Pro review and it was helpful.

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