Fender DG-8S Nat Solid Spruce Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar [2023 Review]

When you hear the word Fender, thoughts of great guitarists shredding or plucking on guitars like the Telecaster comes to mind. And a few other well-known electric guitars that have become famed for their distinctive and timeless designs are from the company Fender. But, it does not mean Fender does not have any acoustic guitars.

Fender produces a number of models that blend the brand’s pride and attention to detail.

The DG 8S is a member of the dreadnaught series according to this Fender DG8S Nat review. First of all, it can be counted as an affordable guitar when you think about all the features it has to offer. It is a very durable and reliable guitar.

We will go over its shortcomings, successes, and everything else you need to know about it before purchasing this acoustic guitar. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Fender DG8S Nat review for more information below.

Fender DG-8S Nat Solid Spruce Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

  • It is simple to use and tweak
  • For an acoustic guitar at this price range, it is excellent
  • The quality of the fit and finish is high quality
  • Useful features
  • Great design
  • String action

Fender DG8S Nat acoustic guitar will accompany you on your journey for a long time. To begin with, this guitar is built with exceptional craftsmanship and characteristics that improve the endurance of the wood used, giving it a higher degree of durability.

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The DG-8S has a solid spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, rosewood on the bridge with compensating saddle, and accessories like dual-action truss rod and chrome die-cast tuners, and is built in a dreadnaught X-bracing body design.

With a black pickguard and a shiny-and-smooth matte look, it looks like a traditional acoustic guitar and that is worth mentioning in our Fender DG8S Nat review.

Sound Quality

The Fender DG-8S has incredible clarity and tone. The sound is so amazing that you would never realize it is from such a cheap acoustic guitar. For the money, you will agree that the Fender DG-8S has a lovely acoustic tone.

The tone generated will be influenced by the strings you use. Not to suggest you cannot obtain a decent sound with the stock strings, but upgrading to the finest strings improves the tone of the Fender DG-8S significantly.

This model has a sound quality that is comparable to many of its competitor’s thanks to the use of rosewood and mahogany. The guitar’s tonal quality lends itself to a bright, clear, and clean range, making it suitable for almost any individual and type of music.

This tone, together with its stability, makes it a good choice for individuals working on their musicianship. One thing to keep in mind is that some sound quality is lost owing to the lamination, although not as much as one might anticipate.

Build Quality

This 6-string acoustic guitar is a well-made, robust, and strong piece of craftsmanship. With a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, the tone quality is improved, and the guitar is designed to last.

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Both the fretboard and the bridge are made of rosewood. According to this Fender DG8S Nat review, this acoustic guitar has a lovely sheen and is intended to preserve the wood from scratches and damage by being sealed with a laminate.

To improve playability and sound lifetime, this traditional dreadnaught design incorporates design elements like x-bracing and a dual-action truss rod.


This guitar looks fantastic, as one would expect from one of the industry’s premier manufacturers. You will discover a beautiful looking classic acoustic with its combination of spruce, mahogany, and rosewood that sounds as nice as it looks.

You will still feel like a rock star while learning to strum those chords or pick that tune thanks to the white dot inlays and pickguard according to this Fender DG8S Nat review.


When playing any instrument, one of the most important aspects to consider is playability. The neck’s design contributes to the model’s overall playability by facilitating ease of usage and steadiness.

A gorgeous rosewood neck and a smooth fretboard provide for a pleasant playing fretboard on this guitar. The architecture of the game lends itself to simple and enjoyable gameplay.

One of the design elements that sets this model apart is the dual-action truss rod. The addition of this element helps maintain the guitar in tune by keeping the neck balanced and straight. The truss rod also makes it easier to string since the neck is less likely to distort.


When compared to other beginning acoustic guitars of comparable quality, the Fender Dg-8S is a good value for the money. Users will also remark how it provides unparalleled simplicity of tuning, with a set of superb tuners that are incredibly easy to modify according to the player’s tastes.

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However, a number of expert users have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the action on this guitar is initially high but then drops after some time, which is worth mentioning in our Fender DG8S Nat review.

Conclusion: Fender DG-8S Nat Solid Spruce Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar [2023 Review]

The Fender DG-8S is a good guitar for beginners and casual players, as we mentioned before in our Fender DG8S Nat review, with a price tag of approximately $160. It has a 6-string guitar body with a typicaldreadnought shape. The DG-8S includes a gig bag, picks, an automated chromatic tuner, a strap, and a set of strings.

Fender also includes a unique DVD with almost 3 hours of training and a factory tour, making it an ideal kit for beginners. This guitar has a rosewood fretboard with a Nato top and neck.

The DG-8S was created with the needs and requirements of beginners and amateurs in mind. It comes with a natural finish and a basic 20-fret neck. For these reasons, we highly recommend getting one for yourself if you are in search of an acoustic guitar. We hope you liked our Fender DG8S Nat review and it was helpful.

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