Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar [2023 Review]

Finding an electric guitar that you can play for long years is one thing and finding one that fits the budget is another thing. Since we know that, we will review a great electric guitar in this article which is Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar.

Let’s start by mentioning that Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar managed to catch our attention with its reasonable price tag and decent sound quality and a sleek design which makes it a preferrable option for guitar players who are at every levels. So, we highly suggest this product if you want to get a high-quality guitar but don’t want to spend a ton of money.

It is a very rare thing to come by a guitar that manages to perform that well but doesn’t cost a ton. So, let’s review Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar without spending a lot of time.

Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar

About: This is an affordable guitar that comes with 26.5” scale that has a string through body hardtail strat style bridge, with a bolt on graphite rod reinforced maple and 24 fret rosewood fretboard.

Features: Both with the high-quality material and the decent sound quality, there are a lot of things to mention about this guitar that we want to talk in a detailed way.

Let’s start with the sound quality of this product which is one of the best ones we’ve seen in the market compared to the guitars that have a similar price tag. It is also worth mentioning that Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar comes with a pair of Jackson High Output 7 String Humbucker, 3-way blade style pickup selection and volume and tone control which makes this product a great sound.

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The fact that this is a seven-string guitar makes this product a great option for you if you want to play modern metal music with it because, as a general rule, seven string guitars are more suitable that genre of music.

As for the design, we should mention that this guitar doesn’t offer tons of options since it only comes in one colour which is satin black. There are more to say about the body of this guitar which is sleek double cutaway body shape which is something that we like a lot about this guitar and it also makes Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar look very similar to other products of Jackson.

We also like the fact that the body is finished in Gothic black and a stealthy matte coat which gives this product an edge that we don’t often see in other electric guitars in the market but it makes it also look very cool.

There are a lot of things that you look for in a guitar but the quality of the sound makes all the difference and we can confidently say that this product doesn’t disappoint in that area because this guitar definitely has a sound that is decent.

We should also mention that the tone can be a little muddy with higher gain, which can especially be true when you drop tunings heavily, which is something you should not be surprised considering the fact that Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar is a budget friendly guitar.

Another thing we like about this product comes with two humbuckers which is helpful for the sound quality of this product. The humbuckers play an important role in that sense because it provides a great sound quality that you wouldn’t expect from a guitar that has a price tag that is at this range.

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To sum up, we highly suggest Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar if you want to buy an electric guitar that will give a great start to your journey of playing guitar. Our advice is to buy a new one instead of a used one if you have the budget for it since the chance that you will encounter some issues is much higher if you buy a used guitar.

Conclusion: Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar [2023 Review]

It would be wrong to say that Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar doesn’t have flaws but the reason we wanted to review this product is because it has a lot of features that is loved by a lot of guitar players.

The sound quality, the build and playability are great which makes it a great option for guitar players at every levels. We hope that you liked our review of Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Guitar and found it helpful because we believe you can play it for long years without having any issues!

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