Jamo Studio S 809 Review [2023 Review] – A Very Impressive Home Theater Speaker System

If you are looking for a good home theater speaker system, you are at the right place. We will introduce a sturdy and reliable product in this Jamo Studio S 809 Review. The Jamo S809 HCS 5.1 home theater speaker pack is intended for living rooms ranging in size from 25 to 50 m2 (269 to 538 sq ft).

It includes a pair of Jamo S809 floor standers that are compatible with the optional Dolby Atmos Jamo S8 ATM speakers. This bundle also includes a center speaker (Jamo S81 CEN), two surround speakers (Jamo S801), and a subwoofer (Jamo S810 SUB).

There are many features that this bad boy has to offer. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Jamo Studio S 809 Review for more information below.

Jamo Studio S 809 Review

About: This Jamo Atmos-ready system delivers remarkable immersion and good pricing, although bass heads should look into the company’s more competent subwoofer choices.


The Studio 8 series is Jamo’s most recent creation, consisting of a variety of extremely inexpensive slim-tower, bookshelf, and center-channel speakers with a generally basic, if not austere, Scandinavian design language. Keep reading this Jamo Studio S 809 Review for more information about this amazing speaker set.

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Jamo upgraded this system with a pair of S 8 Atmos elevation modules ($199/pair) and the S 810 powered subwoofer ($299) to make it a minimum Atmos and subwoofer-equipped 5.1.2-channel configuration.

Everything was supplied in normal walnut wood grain (i.e., vinyl) finish, which looked great with their modest, tweed-flecked fabric grilles. Cabinets in matte black and white are both the same price.


To accomplish performance, the Jamo S809 floor standing speakers employ a 6.5-inch wide woofer unit and adhere to the finest standards of modern sound engineering. The arrangement of three woofers extends upwards to combine with the tweeter, and all of the units at the low-frequency end work unanimously and unimpededly at the same time.

This design provides a lot of advantages. The major advantage is the directivity mode, which eliminates interference from other units. Keep reading this Jamo Studio S 809 Review for more information about this amazing speaker set.

It is more like a typical two-way speaker unit, but with greater surface area and extra drivers to fulfill more severe bass output requirements.

Tweeters and Woofers

The S 81 center is a traditional horizontal two-way speaker with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter and dual 4-inch woofers. The S 801 is a surround-channel speaker with a comparable tweeter and a single 4-inch woofer.

Jamo’s S 8 ATM Atmos “topper” utilizes a full-range 4-inch driver for ceiling-bounce duty without the advantage of a tweeter from a cabinet designed to exactly match the profile of the towers, with the forward-slashed top surface showing its up-and-out aim.

In a smart innovation, the grille of the tower slides up to match the height of the front edge of the S 8, creating a unified appearance according to this Jamo Studio S 809 Review.

Dolby Atmos

As the Dolby Atmos format grew more popular, Jamo built the S 809 floor standing speakers to be Dolby Atmos compliant. Each floor standing speaker has a connection connector for installing Atmos components, allowing customers to attach the optional Jamo S8 ATM overhead panoramic sound speaker.

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When you insert the foot of a pair of S 8 ATM speakers into the slots on the top of the cabinet, the top pair of inputs link directly to the height channels on your AV receiver, passing the signal through the S 807s and leaving the Atmos speakers devoid of any connections.

Though the conventional technique of wiring up each speaker independently to many may not appear to be that untidy, it’s all in keeping with Jamo’s desire to blend style with substance and practicality in its Studio 8 range – and that goal is obvious in this package’s center speaker.

Keep reading this Jamo Studio S 809 Review for more information about this amazing speaker set.


Those floor standers are definitely the stars of the show. There is some coarseness throughout, so system matching is necessary, but the S 807s amaze with their full body and confident dynamics according to our Jamo Studio S 809 Review.

This prowess has an effect on integration slightly: because the center and surround speakers are lower in size, they can’t quite equal the assertiveness of their floor-standing relatives, so you’ll occasionally notice when voices (in particular) shift from one speaker to the next.


The midrange details are quite useful, but the lower midrange is slightly compressed or squashed. This impact is essentially unnoticeable in most practical listening settings and will not create any problems, however the more significant the level, the more obvious the effect.

It produces string and hall sounds that are slightly drier and less resonant. The bass is pleasant and ample, and it feels more energetic than the middle. Almost all music should be able to fulfill the demands of the majority of us.

FAQs: Jamo Studio S 809 Review [2023 Review]

What is the Jamo Studio S 809 speaker?

It is a floor-standing speaker designed for home audio and home theater systems.

How does the sound quality of the Jamo S 809 compare to other speakers in its class?

It is often praised for its clarity, depth, and detailed audio.

What is the power handling capacity of the Jamo S 809?

It has a power handling capacity of up to 240 watts, making it suitable for use with a variety of amplifiers.

Can I use the Jamo S 809 for a home theater setup?

Yes, It is an excellent choice for a home theater setup, providing immersive sound for movies and TV shows.

What is the recommended placement for the Jamo S 809 speakers?

The ideal placement is to have them at ear level and slightly angled towards the listening position.

Is the speaker available in different finishes?

Yes, the Jamo S 809 is available in various finishes, including black, walnut, and white, allowing you to choose one that matches your decor.

What is the warranty on the Jamo S 809 speakers?

Warranty terms can vary, so it’s best to check with the retailer or manufacturer for the specific warranty details and duration.

How does the Jamo S 809 compare to other speakers in the Jamo Studio 8 series?

It is a popular choice in the Studio 8 series due to its combination of performance and value.

Can I use the Jamo S 809 with different audio sources, like vinyl players or Bluetooth devices?

Yes, you can connect the S 809 to a wide range of audio sources through the appropriate inputs or by using a compatible amplifier or receiver.

Conclusion: Jamo Studio S 809 Review [2023 Review] – A Very Impressive Home Theater Speaker System

The Jamo S809 is the company’s flagship Dolby Atmos tower speaker. Three 127mm (5″) Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers and a 25mm (1″) Soft Dome Tweeter provide an outstanding acoustic performance according to this Jamo Studio S 809 Review.

Each speaker has a patent-pending connection point atop the cabinet for easy integration of the S 8 ATM topper to create the Dolby Atmos overhead effect. The S 807 HCS is a wonderful speaker bundle not just because of its low price, but also because of its compactness and portability.

It’s a pretty good home theater system. There are certain improvements that could be done, and some edges that could be smoothed down, but we’d go to the movies with Jamo any time. We hope you liked our Jamo Studio S 809 Review and it was helpful.

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