Kef Q950 Speakers [2023 Review]

If you want a speaker that does not cover a lot of space in our room, you have come to the right place. In this Kef Q950 Speakers review, we will be looking at this speaker model at hand to inform the ones who are curious about it. We know that picking out the right audio device is really difficult since there are lots of cheap options in the market.

Along with the fact that it does not take up too much space, these speakers can provide excellent sound quality. It is one of the best speakers ut there since it is jam-packed with excellent features waiting for you to discover.

It gives off stunning sound, which makes it a perfect choice for gather-ups that you might have at your home.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Kef Q950 Speakers review for more information below. We will be discussing the features of the device to help you find out whether it is the right decision for your needs or not.

Kef Q950 Speakers Review

  • Well-built cabinet
  • Three-dimensional sound image
  • Elegant outlook
  • Two 8” auxiliary bass radiators
  • 8” bass driver
  • Uni-Q Driver Array
  • Carrying it around is too much work
  • Customer service is not good

About: If you are sick of bookshelf speakers because you cannot find a place for them, Kef Q950 Speakers are the right choice for you. You do not have to worry about where to place this audio equipment because it can literally be put anywhere and save up space.

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Packed with features

Kef Q950 Speaker comes with a lot of premium features. It has updated features and a sleek design. It is made with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. So, without further ado, let’s look at those features in our Kef Q950 Speakers review to find out whether worth the hype or not.


The speaker cabinet is essentially a box in which the speakers are mounted and Kef Q950 Speakers works with that principle, too. When it comes to sound quality, the speaker cabinet is crucial.

Luckily, Kef Q950 Speakers has an amazing material quality which reflects itself in the sound according to our Kef Q950 Speakers review.

The well-designed speaker cabinet of the Kef Q950 Speakers gives it an elegant and flashy appearance. If you are someone who enjoys high-quality music but does not want the room to look ugly, this might be a good choice for you.

Sound Quality

Some ordinary speakers have poor-quality cabinets. As a result of this, sound waves are disrupted by cabinet movement which gives off the poor sound in return. The Kef Q950 Speaker has a cabinet that is more advanced than most of the models you might come across on the market.

Because of this, the Kef Q950 Speaker can give you more of a premium on sound quality and textures while avoiding any unnecessary cabinet noises.

An advanced Uni Q driver array in the Kef Q950 Speaker is present and we really liked that additional detail in this Kef Q950 Speakers review. Through this design, the tweeter is placed in the woofer’s mid-range acoustic core.

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This gives the impression that all of the frequencies originate from a single location in space and time which results in an amazing sound effect that is delightful to the ears. Another advantage is that the Uni Q driver array can give you an even and wide sound.

The KEF Q950 Speaker creates a three-dimensional sound picture that can be perceived from three perspectives: above, below, and behind the listener. This function adds to the value of this fantastic speaker by making the sound more noticeable and audible regardless of the listener’s location.

All of these combined, we cannot really find anything to complain about the sound quality in our Kef Q950 Speakers review.

Kef Q950 Speakers [2023 Review]

Woofers and Bass

Kef Q950 Speaker offers you the advantage of hearing perfect stereo sound from anywhere.  Woofers with bass drivers are used in this speaker to create bass. It also has a built-in bass driver to give the music a nice punch. The 8” bass drivers in the Kef Q950 Speaker deliver excellent bass with the lowest frequencies.

Thanks to all of these qualities, this speaker can produce a simple-sounding bass with excellent sound quality. In addition to these, there are two 8″ auxiliary bass radiators. If you use an open setting, tose can help you improve the pitch. It can deliver a powerful low-frequency bass.


We know that you want something that has nice detailing and appealing if you are going to pay money for it. You would like it to add elegance and charm to your room. But that is not the only thing you should take into account.

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You will not have to worry about running out of space with this incredible speaker. it can literally be put anywhere besides your audio system on the floor. Unlike other types of speakers, these have lots of space for them on the floor.

In this regard, the KEF Q950 Speaker is extremely common because of its extremely well-built and stylish appearance. With their elegant appearance and well-designed construction, these incredible speakers will help you to decorate your home in the best way possible.

Conclusion: Kef Q950 Speakers [2023 Review]

To summarize this Kef Q950 Speakers review, we can say this model is at the top of the list of best floor standing speakers. It has lots to offer and packed with lots of amazing features.

Along with its excellent aspects, Its Uni Q array drivers is one of the best things about this product. This not only adds clarity and quality to sound but also has a nice appearance to use in any kind of room.

Overall, this is a nice speaker model at an affordable price. If you have the chance, we definitely recommend giving this one a try. We hope you liked our Kef Q950 Speakers review and it was helpful.

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