Nuvo Flute [2023 Review]

Nuvo is a brand specialized in producing all sorts of plastic instruments. The business was launched in 2008 and when it comes to student flutes, it has become one of the most updated companies. The company excels in the conventional design of instruments and introduces creative elements, making them more available and enjoyable for children, students, and performers who want to learn how to play them.

Before getting to our detailed review, let’s mention that the most impressive features of Nuvo Flutes are that they are high-quality, budget friendly, practical, durable and they have a great longevity. They can be great options for musical students that are at every level such as beginner to intermediate.

There are two different types of flutes that Nuvo Flutes offer. They got the Nuvo Student Flute, Student Flute Kit with Straight Head, and Nuvo Flute, White/Pink (N220JFPK) we included in our Nuvo Flute review. While the Student Flute is mainly intended for older students or older beginners, the last one is built for children’s playing comfort.

Our Top Pick: Nuvo Student Flute N230SFBK in Black with Steel Collar

OUR TOP PICK About: If you are looking for a beginner’s flute that is easy to carry around and easy to clean, Nuvo Student Flute N230SFBK in Black with Steel Collar is the top one in our Nuvo Flute review. It also comes with a straight head and C-foot joint.

Features: One of the most flexible flutes for beginners can be found here. The Nuvo Student Flute N230SFBK is the sort of flute that can be used for practice by beginners of all levels. In its practice range, it has no limitations and the sleek consistency makes it ideal for the needs of more experienced players.

The Nuvo Student Flute N230SFBK in Black with Steel Collar has an incredibly lightweight nature at 2.4 pounds in weight, which makes it suitable for a student who is training to learn the flute through our Nuvo Flute review.

The first note mouthpiece that helps a practicing student or inexperienced player to get a good and motivating sound from the first attempt. This is another excellent feature of this design.

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The flute also includes a straight head design, plus a C-foot joint. All the keycaps are removable and as a part of its essential construction, and you can even customize them to your chosen color.

Nuvo makes sure that like their other flutes, this flute is also robust. Therefore, to preserve its consistency and appearance, you should wash it and use the cleaning rod and cloth that accompanies it. An included instruction leaflet offers you instructions on how the flute should be used.

We like the crafted case that comes with the flute as well. For ease of carrying, there is a strap attached to it. With the main body built to play down to D, this full functioning student flute has a lot of aspirations.

However, this flute is not for intermediate players. You need to buy another one after you gain more experience, according to our Nuvo Flute review.

  • Good Value for the Money
  • Lightweight Material
  • Washable and Durable
  • Removable Key Extensions
  • Plastic Material

Runner Up: Nuvo SE200FPK Student Flute Kit

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About: This flute is suitable for 6 years and older flute players. It is made of lightweight and durable material, which is why we included it on our list.

Features: The Nuvo Nuvo SE200FPK Student Flute Kit with Straight Head, C-Foot, Case and Accessories-Special Edition in our Nuvo Flute review is a remarkable flute that excels in durability, just like our top pick.

The flute is lightweight (at 2.6 pounds), made from the same ABS plastic as its sibling equivalent, and it allows the inexperienced player to perform more with more focus and less discomfort on the neck and shoulders.

The Nuvo Student Flute Kit with Straight Head features a chromatic fingering style and works like a standard concert flute . One of the reasons teachers are quick to suggest it to their students is the vibration and intensity in the sound.

In addition, the flute has a waterproof design that makes it appropriate for individuals in the marching band. By washing it in warm soapy water, you could always keep it warm. The reliability of the plastic also means that without fear of ruining it, you can keep it outside of the semi-hard case that arrives with the flute.

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Finally, the Nuvo Student Flute Kit with Straight Head has a mouthpiece that imitates that of a recording device that allows the beginner to immediately create a sound. O-ring seals, a detachable and configurable lip plate system, a suitable C-Foot bayonet joint, silicone comfort rest, and more are also featured.

This flute, however, is not like the traditional ones and does not sound the same as we realized in this Nuvo Flute review. It is a real beginner flute and suitable for the ones who just started playing it.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the tonal quality this flute can produce. You will be able to create a range of colors and depth that you certainly will not expect for a plastic flute.

  • Provides an Extra Space
  • Lightweight Material
  • Durable Material
  • Includes C foot joint
  • Washable
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Not a Professional Flute

Best for Budget: Nuvo Flute, White/Pink (N220JFPK)

Nuvo Flute [2023 Review]

About: This flute from Nuvo is suitable especially for children. With its fun design and color options, you can make your children smile and learn something beneficial for them at the same time.

Features: A innovative student flute from the Nuvo flutes, the Nuvo SE200JFGR is exceptional for consistency and perfection according to the Nuvo Flute review. For young learners, the fact that this flute uses similar fingering as that of a regular flute makes it exceptionally good. The pink color makes playing fun and enjoyable.

The flute features a robust plastic ABS design that can be used at any time you like and at any temperature. By washing it in soapy, warm water, you can just keep it warm.

A strong case comes with the flute where you can place the flute for transportation. The package also includes a first note lip plate with a proprietary layout.

The SE200JFGR student flute, with a mouthpiece like a recorder, offers the beginner an excellent opportunity to create an instant tone from the beginning. The student player has enough time to concentrate on fingering and posture to move the embouchure using the original lip plate with this skill.

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Other prominent characteristics of this flute include offsetting G, interchangeable keycaps, a bayonet, silicone pads, and more that also work well with a C-feet joint in the Nuvo Flute review.

When searching for your favorite beginner’s flute , you can’at possibly miss this model. You can maintain the flute clean all the time with warm soapy water. The first note lip plate and the recorder-like mouthpiece all make it very easy to generate an immediate and high-quality tone for the young players.

The Nuvo flutes have a fairly consistent size and a third register that is surprisingly responsive. The mechanism is a bit snug, but the touch is even and light, so that good finger habits are promoted.

  • Ideal for Flute Players at Any Age
  • Light Material
  • Washable and Durable
  • Colours Can Be Customized
  • Price Tag Could be Lower

Nuvo’s flutes bring benefits for your investment since they feature ABS plastic construction, as they are very long lasting. They are the best type of flutes for children to learn, knowing that if they mishandled them or unintentionally dropped them, you can pick them up again quickly without damage.

Nuvo Flutes are very light, which is an advantage for younger students. Instead of a curved head joint, Nuvo uses a donut head joint, which makes it much easier to adjust. For the left index finger and right thumb, the Nuvo flutes have soft silicone points of contact, and it integrates the D# key onto the body.

In order to facilitate the reach for small fingers, it comes with key extensions. A straight head joint can be added as the student develops, as well as a foot joint addition to bringing the tool into the standard range of pitches.

Finally, the addition of two lip plates makes this series of flute for beginners the best on our Nuvo Flute review.

By the way, don’t forget to take a look at our review of another great flute, Jean Paul FL-220 Flute .

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