Washburn Rover Guitar [2023 Review]

There are several reasons to choose a travel guitar. First of all, the journey itself involves traveling sometimes by car, train, boat or airplane. It means there will be lots of shaking or maybe even worse, your guitar might get broken.

It is only natural that most of the musicians are especially fond of their guitars, particularly if they are from well-known brands. That means they paid lots of money for them. So, they will prefer to travel with a lower cost guitar.

If you are one of those musicians, check out our Washburn Rover review to find out about this amazing travel guitar model.

Washburn Rover Guitar Review

  • Ideal for travel
  • Back straps
  • Great intonation
  • Solid spruce top delivers beautiful resonance
  • Includes gig bag
  • Fretboard and bridge aren’t made of real wood

About: The last thing you want is something attached to your back while you are out hiking, camping, traveling, or sailing. This is where Washburn Rover comes in with its relatively small body and lightweight materials. Let’s check it out more in this Washburn Rover review.

Features:  This acoustic guitar enables you to play wherever you are. Because it is very lightweight with a small body and full-sized neck. Especially in comparison to some other guitar models that appear on our lists of the best travel guitars around, it is relatively cheap.

But price should not be the only concern you have when buying a guitar. So, let’s check out how this model compares in quality with other alternatives in our Washburn Rover review.

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This super travel friendly guitar has a distinctive look. It means that it is very compact, quality, and has the exact feeling that a real guitar maintains about its look and sound. The body is made of solid spruce on the top with embossed mahogany. For back and sides mahogany is used again and it is completed in matt for a smooth feeling according to our Washburn Rover review.

This amazing but cheap model also features a quarter sawn scalloped bracing. It is available in four colors: natural, black, blue, and red. The measurements are small, meaning you can store it almost anywhere you want.

Make it be the trunk of your car, an overhead storage compartment of an airplane, a school locker. These are the only few ones we can name in our Washburn Rover review.

It still features a full-size 24″ scale length. However, your playing will be not in any way obstructed. There is a satin-finished mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard and 17 full frets with an additional three on the treble side joined at the 15th fret.

All easily accessible because of the body design. We can say that the manufacturer made an amazing job with the design of this model. When we talk about the performance of this guitar, it is comfortable to hold when using a strap.

According to our Washburn Rover reviewotherwise, it is a bit of a hassle, but playing with the neck is fun. So, everything should be fine for a newly started novice guitar player.

The Washburn Rover includes no electronics to enhance the sound, unlike some other dedicated travel guitars. However, you cannot blame the rest of the hardware, especially for the pocket friendly cost. A good quality set of chrome die-cast tuners that hold tuning very well are corrected to the full-size Washburn-branded headstock.

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Furthermore, you will also find a solid rosewood bridge, an ABS nut, and a set of extra light D’Addario EXP-15 phosphor bronze strings. Another plus is that, as well as a few other items such as picks and a strap, it comes equipped with its own foam-lined case to protect it during your trips according to our Washburn Rover review.

Regardless of what tonewoods are used, this guitar will never give you a full, rich sound. If we say it will, we would be lying. However, you cannot possibly buy a much worse guitar than a Washburn Rover.

Because it offers a raspy, clear sound, even if it lacks any real low-end. It is produced with the intent of providing you an acoustic tone while on your travels and it does a good job for that sole purpose.

It is definitely not a performance guitar, take it on stage and you are very likely to regret it. But the sound is no worse than what you need for airports, hotel rooms, and campfires as we say in our Washburn Rover review.

Conclusion: Washburn Rover Guitar [2023 Review]

If you do not want your guitar to get damaged while you are traveling, it might be a better idea to buy a cheaper guitar for your travels.

The Washburn Rover is clearly designed for travel as we stated many times in our Washburn Rover review. With such a small body, we cannot find another purpose for this classical guitar. It is incredibly light and easy to store, but it still remains quite robust.

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Although it is fairly quiet and the tone is nothing special, this is one of the best value dedicated travel guitars on the market today.

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