3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets [2023 Review]

Many drummers struggle with electronic drum setups since some of them do not accommodate double pedals. If you’re a double pedal player, it can be pretty annoying, whether it’s because the kick pad is too small or because the module can’t handle quick notes.

Since the days of sterile rubber pads that felt more like kitchen counters than genuine drums, electronic drum kits have come a long way. The sound quality has improved, the hardware has improved, and the designs have improved.

There are also more options in terms of brands and models. Many are inexpensive and functional, while others have numerous features but are more expensive. How do you choose the best option when there are so many?

This guide will go through some of the greatest electronic kits available at various price points, allowing you to discover the ideal match for your apartment, garage, or studio.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest electronic drum kits for playing quick double pedal patterns. If you are interested in our list, keep reading our 3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets review for more information below.

Roland TD-17KV-SV-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit
  • The essential tools to improve your drumming
  • The td-17 includes a variety of expressive modelled drum sounds inherited from the flagship td-50
  • An array of built-in coaching functions will track your technique, measure your progress and increase your...
Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set
  • Kit includes Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Hi-hat control pedal, Tom x 3, Crash, Ride, Drum stand. Other accessories such as...
  • Size (Including sound module, kick pad, kick pedal and drum throne): 47-1/4" W x 43-5/16" D x 47-1/4" H | Weight:...
  • Dual-ply mesh heads with tension adjustability for a quiet and realistic drumming experience
Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit - Electronic Drum Set with Quiet Mesh Pads, USB MIDI, Kick Pedal and Rubber Kick Drum, 40 Kits, 385 Sounds, Drum Lessons
  • Feel The Difference Mesh Makes – All mesh electronic drum Kit heads deliver the most realistic, responsive and...
  • Premium Eight-Piece Drumset - 8 Inch dual-zone snare pad, (3) 8 Inch tom drums and (3) 10 Inch cymbals: ride...
  • In-Demand Sound - Nitro Drum Module with 40 ready-to-play classic and modern drumkits, 60 play-along tracks and 350...

Our Top Pick: Roland TD-17KV-SV-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit

Features: The TD-17L is the entry-level model, and it comes with only a mesh snare and no pad modifications. The tom pads are all rubber PD-8As, while the hi-hats are a CY-5 type. The TD-17L is actually just the module with the trickle-down from the TD-50, but Roland has also removed the Bluetooth interface.

The TD-17KV (£1,229) sits between this entry-level model and our top-of-the-range review model. Now, this kit employs the same CY-8 and CY-5 cymbal/hi-hat pads as the entry-level kit, but you get an updated snare pad, the same mesh toms as our review set, plus Bluetooth capabilities for a few dollars more.

The TD-17 module is spotless and tidy. Yes, the screen/buttons combination is a little awkward, but there are plenty of other things that have been simplified – especially if you’re familiar with Roland’s menu vocabulary and processes.

The module has a frighteningly intuitive interface. When it came to choosing a voice and making tonal alterations, we didn’t even need to consult a guidebook.

Everything is neatly labeled and laid out. Tuning, muffling, ambiance, EQ, and volume levels are just a few of the usual tasks that have distinct controls. You’ll be flying in no time if you learn how to use the cursor/enter buttons.

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For those who want to learn, the module includes a coach mode that will help you stay on track. The mesh heads on the drum pads have a terrific feel to them, and owners of these drums adore how they feel more like a real drum.

You may vary the tension of the heads to give more or less rebound, according to your preferred playing style. This is a significant advantage over rubber drum pads for electronic drum kits.

The cymbal pads are made of rubber-covered plastic and have a rubbery feel to them. They don’t have the same hard surface feel as a real cymbal, and they’re perhaps the least natural-feeling part of the set when you’re playing it. However, they are playable and responsive.

It’s worth noting that neither cymbal has a bell zone, so keep that in mind. When utilizing one of these pads as a ride cymbal, simply hit the cymbal harder than a typical tap to activate the bell sound.

The integrated foot pedal is used to regulate the hi-hat. Owners of this kit have mixed feelings about how the foot pedal feels in contrast to a real hi-hat, but it gets the job done.

  • Superb build and sounds
  • Not cheap but excellent value
  • Upload your own samples
  • A newly-designed PDX-12 snare pad offers a more acoustic feel
  • Nothing much at this price

Runner Up: Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set

Features: Our first impression of the Roland TD-1DMK was that it was a simple electronic kit for anyone who needed mesh heads but didn’t want to pay extra for fancy features. While that is partially true, this kit does provide a little more.

Each pad features a tuneable mesh head, which allows you to adjust the tension to make it feel as natural as your acoustic drum kit. This function is adaptable because various drummers like different tensions. The mesh heads are an added benefit for the purchase of this kit.

This set sounds authentic and provides a wide range of song possibilities. If you are looking for the 3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets, you should give this one a chance.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets, you should give this one a chance. An 8″ dual-zone mesh snare pad, three 6″ single-zone mesh tom pads, three choke-able 10″ dual-zone cymbal pads (hi-hat, ride, and crash), a hi-hat controller pedal, and a bass drum pad are all included in the

The four-post rack is made up of a thin H-shaped middle part that connects to horizontal bars, which accommodate vertical outside legs. This innovative design incorporates a rubber bass drum trigger pad that is mounted to the H-right-hand frame’s upright pole.

The Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK electronic drum set is one of the most exciting electronic drum kits on the market. Its plug-and-play simplicity makes it an excellent choice for younger drummers.

Many drummers who aren’t looking for intricate electronic kits choose the Roland TD-1DMK V drums. It’s a set that’s simple to pick up and use, even in late-night practice sessions.

This electronic drum kit is ideal for individuals who want to learn how to play the drums. This drum kit is simple to assemble and adapt well to any environment. The simple, yet effective gear is very easy to carry around. This set is ideal for practice as you begin your drumming adventure.

The Roland TD-1dmk V drums also assist pupils in improving their drumming skills and mastering their sense of rhythm. Are you in a band and want to improve your drumming skills? This equipment will be quite useful in assisting you in getting there.

The Roland TD-1DMK might not have a lot of power, but it does have some fantastic features that are generally only available on more expensive electronic drum kits. If you’re looking for a good electronic drum set on a budget, the TD-1DMK is a great option.

  • Full set of tuneable mesh heads
  • Simple module layout
  • Bass drum pad saves space
  • Hi-hats

Best for Budget: Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Features: The Nitro Mesh is an excellent beginner’s kit, with smooth tones and an authentic feel. There are 40 preset kits and 385 onboard sounds in the drum module. Don’t expect these to sound like they came from a professional studio.

Expect to have a lot of fun experimenting with all of the different sounds. Because the pads are broad and may be separated apart from one another, this kit is ideal for beginners.

Cheaper kits often have small pads and a short footprint, which means you won’t experience the same spatial awareness as you would with an acoustic set. If you are looking for the 3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets, you should give this one a chance.

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The Nitro Mesh’s fine build and finish, compact size, and low price make it a very appealing alternative, whether you’re using it as a younger drummer’s first kit or as target practice for seasoned players.

There aren’t many visual differences between this and the previous Nitro setup, except for the addition of some fresh new mesh snare and tom pads. We have 8″ all-black pads with a very shallow profile and a plastic ring that allows you to adjust the mesh head tension.

The updated bass drum and hi-hat pedals, which are somewhat wider than their predecessors, provide a more solid feel. The brushed-steel pedal boards give a touch of refinement.

Drum pads, kick pads, and cymbal pads are among the eight drumming elements. A 8″ dual-trigger snare drum and three single-zone tom pads are included (also 8-inches in diameter). These aren’t huge pads, but they’re still rather comfortable to play on.

Crash cymbal with choke, hi-hat, and ride cymbal are the three pads that make up the cymbal section. The hi-hat has a good amount of foot control. It doesn’t have a genuine hi-hat stand, but that’s to be expected for a kit in this price bracket. The diameter of all three cymbals is 10 inches.

Alesis has constructed 40 preset kits from the 385 drums,
cymbal, and percussion sounds
included in the Alesis Nitro module. That’s the most sounds and presets of any electronic drum kit in this price range.

It should also provide more than enough flexibility for any live performance, as you can modify the sound of your drum set for 40 songs in a row.

Electronic drum sets are known for producing high-quality recordings on a budget, and the Alesis Nitro is no exception. There are three methods for recording.

  • Very affordable
  • A large number of sounds to play around with
  • Large pads that can be spaced out from each other
  • Sound quality

Buyer’s Guide for 3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets

Make sure of these below before you buy 3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets:

Do the drums have rubber or mesh heads?

Mesh has a more realistic rebound and a better feel. They’re also quieter when you strike them, which is essential because many people go for electronic kits because they’re quiet (sleeping children, nosy neighbors, skittish pets).

How thick or thin are the cymbals?

It will be difficult to replicate the bounce and feel of a real cymbal if they are constructed of thick, unforgiving rubber. When you hit them, some of the higher-end sets feature thinner cymbals that move more like metal ones.

Is the hardware dependable?

It’s no joy to spend money on a new instrument just to have it break down after a few months. Durability is crucial.

How much room does it occupy?

Apart from the noise, many people choose kits because they lack the space for a large acoustic setup. Before you buy, make sure to measure your space.


If you’re wondering why certain electronic kits cost so much more than others, it’s because they offer better functionality. They also have superior samples, resulting in much better-sounding kits. However, this does not always imply that the more expensive ones are the better.

If you only need a practice set when you can’t play your primary acoustic kit, we would recommend saving as much money as possible and buying a kit that will do the job. There are a lot of amazing kits that are quite economical, notably Alesis kits. Try not to dismiss them before giving them a chance.

Pedal Selection

If you’re going to use an electronic drum kit to play loud and quick bass drum patterns, you should be cautious about the types of beaters you use on your pedals. While most beaters are good, you should avoid using felt beaters.

This is particularly true if your drum set has a mesh bass drum pad. The mesh pad wears down the felt beater over time, causing it to get damaged. The mesh cushion is also ruined by the felt beater. Overall, this is a horrible mix.

If you have two-way beaters, we recommend turning them around so that the rubber sides of the beaters contact the pad. It will extend the pad’s lifespan. If you play double pedal patterns, this damaging process will accelerate.


Unfortunately, if you’re using a double pedal and hitting the pads hard, all of the kits we have indicated above will be quite loud. If you live in close quarters with others, there’s a good chance you’ll get a few noise complaints.

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We have discovered that using quiet beaters is the best way to get around this. You can acquire two of them for your double pedal, which will substantially reduce the volume of your bass drum pad.

How to set up a double bass electronic drum set?

The first step is to ensure sure the bass drum pad is large enough to accommodate two pedals. If the second pedal can’t comfortably hit the pad, it’ll be too tiny. You can replace the pad in your present electrical kit with a larger one if it isn’t acceptable.

The next step is to make sure that the slave pedal is snug against the hi-hat pad. Fortunately, most electronic hi-hat pads are fairly maneuverable, making positioning the second bass pedal a breeze.

Some sets are trickier than others, so try to position the pedals like you would on an acoustic drum kit.

What Should I Use for Beaters?

This is dependent on the kick pad you have. Mesh kick pads should ideally be utilized with plastic beaters (such as those from Roland). On rubber drum pads, you can use either plastic or felt heads. That is purely a matter of personal taste.

Many drum beaters have a felt and a plastic side to them. It’s as simple as switching them around.

Electronic Kick Drum Pedals Come in a Variety of Styles

Keep in aware that some electronic kick drum controllers, especially those found on less expensive electronic drum sets, may not be able to accommodate double bass drum pedals.

Both of the kick drum “tower” pads in the image above can accept double bass drum pedals. The other quiet stroke type pedal and footswitch type pedal, on the other hand, clearly do not support regular double bass drum pedals!

What Is the Purpose of a Double Bass Drum Pedal?

Multiple kick pedals are popular in a variety of musical genres, particularly metal and alternative music with more intricate drumming.

On an acoustic kit, double bass drums are normally set up in one of two ways: the first is to have two separate bass drums. This is an excellent alternative, but it adds a significant amount of weight and bulk to your gear.

A double bass drum pedal is an option. When there are two kick pedals, most drummers adopt this technique. If you obtain a good kick pedal, the feel of these will be similar.

What to look for in bass electronic drum sets?

When it comes to finding the greatest electronic drum set for you, it all comes down to what features you require and where you are on your drumming journey.


Beginner drummers should aim to spend less than $/£700 on their first electronic drum set.

The main basic characteristics will be covered in most electronic kits in this price range – a user-friendly module loaded with useable sounds, learning tools, robust build, flexible rack system – with the occasional extra feature thrown in for good measure.

Most e-kits include mesh heads so you’ll be able to practice on a more realistic-feeling e-kit.

For Intermediate Players

Intermediate drummers should budget between $/£700 and $1,500 for an electronic drum system.

At this pricing point, you’ll start to see some very remarkable features. We’re discussing dual-zone pads that let you receive numerous sounds/tones from a single pad, more sensitive and advanced triggering, better drum sounds, and the possibility to load your own sounds into the module, to name a few features.

It’ll probably be stronger and more lasting, and it might even have an extra drum or cymbal pad (or both).

Electronic Drum Kit Advantages

Electronic sets have grown in popularity and market share since the 1980s. In recent years, their fame has grown even further. They are used by millions of novices, pros, and trainers all around the world.

The good news is that kit electrics progress with technology. Unlike previous generations, the current models are user-friendly and simple to operate.

With the best electronic drum sets, you can never go wrong. It’s the most important tool you’ll ever have for achieving your own drumming goals.

An electronic gear never fails to wow, whether you’re doing it for fun or for a living. It has a slew of fantastic advantages, which we’ll go over below.


Electronic drums, commonly known as e-drums, are ideal for practice sessions. Drummers all over the world had to curtail their playing time for a long time. This was before electronic drum kits became popular. They would only rehearse at set times and in designated locations.

Drummers can now play anywhere, at any time, thanks to the introduction of electronic drums. Because of their low volume and tiny stature, these drums are ideal for rehearsing.

FAQs: Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets

What are the advantages of using a double bass electronic drum set?

It offers several advantages, including the ability to replicate realistic drum sounds, versatility in sound customization, reduced volume for practice, and integration with recording and performance setups.

Are there any budget-friendly options available for double bass electronic drum sets?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options available from various brands. While they may not have all the advanced features of higher-end models. these are suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

Can I use my own double bass pedals with an electronic drum set?

Most of the time, sure. Standard double bass pedals are compatible with a lot of double bass electronic drum kits. Before making a purchase, it is advised to confirm that your pedals are compatible with the particular model of drum kit.

Are there any specific sound libraries available for double bass electronic drum sets?

For their electronic drum sets, including those with double bass capability, many manufacturers offer a variety of pre-programmed drum kits and sound libraries.

Can I use a double bass electronic drum set for live performances?

Absolutely. Due to their versatility, steady sound quality, and ease of amplifier, many professional drummers use electronic drum kits, including double bass models, for live performances.

Can I expand my double bass electronic drum set with additional pads and cymbals?

Yes, many double bass electronic drum sets allow for expansion by adding extra drum pads, cymbals, and other accessories. This can be especially useful as you advance in your drumming skills and want to explore more complex setups.

Conclusion: 3 Best Double Bass Electronic Drum Sets [2023 Review]

Electronic drums, commonly known as e-drums, are ideal for practice sessions. Drummers all over the world had to curtail their playing time for a long time. This was before electronic drum kits became popular. They would only rehearse at set times and in designated locations.

Drummers can now play anywhere, at any time, thanks to the introduction of electronic drums. Because of their low volume and tiny stature, these drums are ideal for rehearsing.

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