Top 4 Best Drum Set For Kids – Expert’s Review

The finest drum set for children should be compact but functional. In their early years, children have the option to learn almost any discipline. Whether it’s literature, science, or arts and crafts, children can quickly absorb new material. Music, in general, is a passion shared by almost everyone on the planet.

Drumming appears to be an excellent approach for children to enter into the music business because they have a lot of enthusiasm.

There are many aspects to consider before making a purchase decision, the most important of which is the drum set’s complexity. This word refers to the number of components included with the purchase of a drum kit.

A “full” drum set should typically include a snare drum, two tom drums, a bass drum, and several cymbals. Here we included the 4 best drum sets for kids in this review. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our article.

Top Drum Sets For Kids 2024

Alesis Drums Debut Kit – Kids Drum Set With 4 Quiet Mesh Electric Drum Pads, 120 Sounds, Drum Stool, Drum Sticks, Headphones and 100 Melodics Lessons
  • Complete Electric Drum Set for Kids - Kids drum set with 6” mesh electric drum kit heads, three 10” Cymbals,...
  • This Junior Drum Set is packed with Powerful Education Features - Debut Drum Kit Module with drum coach, 30...
  • All the Sounds You Need - 10 kits and 100 plus exclusive acoustic drum set and electronic drum kit sounds with...
Mendini by Cecilio Kids Drum Set 5 Piece - Full 16in Youth Drumset with Bass, Toms, Snare Drum, Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Drumsticks & Seat for 5 to 12 Year Old and Beginner Adult Set - Black
  • Great Kids Drum Sets: The 5-piece junior drum set is an 'all-in-one' fully functional drum kit designed...
  • High Quality: This drum sets for kids ages 6-13 not only looks shiny, vibrant and glittery, but these kids drums...
  • Drum Set Includes: This kids drum set comes with 1 bass drum (16”x11”, 4 lugs, bass drum foot pedal), 2 mounted...
Best Choice Products Kids Drum Set 3-Piece Beginner Drum Set Junior Drum Set, w/ Throne Stool, Cymbal, Drum Sticks, Bass Drum Pedal, 2 Toms - Red
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS: Sized for children ages 3 and up with all the essential sounds the beginner musician needs to...
  • ALL-WOOD DRUM SHELLS: Carefully shaped and sealed wood shells create a stable resonance with a warm, dynamic tone
  • ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED: Blackened metal fastenings come together in an easy assembly process with a single drum key...
RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum Set with Crash Cymbal, Drumsticks, Adjustable Throne and Accessories, Black, inch (RJ103-BK)
  • 3-piece metallic red drum set with dimensions scaled down to perfectly accommodate aspiring drummers aged 3-7
  • Bass drum 16" x 12" with chain driven foot pedal and 4 lugs to help it stand
  • Standalone snare drum 10"x 5" with stand not included in most junior sets

Our Top Pick: Alesis Drums Debut Kit

Features of Alesis Drums Debut Kit

Looking for the best beginner drum set for your kids? Alesis is the perfect choice for your child. Alesis has always been an excellent choice when it comes to value for money and the Debut only strengthens this.

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The Alesis Debut includes 10 classic and modern drum sets and acoustic drum kit presets, plus 120 individual drum sounds. Alesis has a complete electronic drum kit for kids with everything your child needs to start drumming.

There are four 6” adjustable mesh-head drums that feel great without any of the noise that comes with rubber e-drum pads.

Also, Alesis Debut comes with a Bass Kick drum and Hi-Hat that are controlled by responsive foot pedals that can be rolled up and put away while not in use, and the adjustable drum throne and headphones provide comfort for all ages of players.

In this drum kit, there is Melodics learning software included. From that, you can enjoy 100 free lessons for your PC or tablet.

Pros and Cons of Alesis Drums Debut Kit

  • Floor Pedals for Bass Drum and Hi-Hats Durable metal mounting rack DM-Lite drum module with 10 kits and 120 sounds
  • For play-along, connect to a computer or music player
  • Included are a drum throne, sticks, headphones, and cabling
  • Melodics software is provided
  • No speakers included

Runner Up: Mendini By Cecilio Drum Set

Features of Mendini 16in Youth Drumset

The drums may be adjusted to sound even better with a little adjustment. The cymbals, on the other hand, are a huge letdown.

By any standard, they don’t sound good. If you’re buying it for your child’s first drum set, however, you won’t have to worry about it. This is because kids don’t care how good the cymbals sound; all they care about is having fun with them.

When your child has a basic understanding of drumming and begins to appreciate the subtleties of cymbals, you should purchase any advanced kit that includes a pack of high-quality cymbals and replace the standard ones with them.

If you are looking for the 4 Best Drum sets for Kids, you should give this one a chance. The Mendini junior is equipped with nearly all of the necessary components. They’re almost all set up the same way an adult drum set is.

The crash cymbal, on the other hand, is not generally positioned on the bass drum and instead stands behind the floor tom. The good news is that a crash cymbal is rarely used. As a result, the majority of the motions your child learns on this kit will be the ones he or she utilizes for the rest of his or her life.

See the Ludwig junior drum set if you want the crash cymbal in the right spot from the start. Another advantage is that the kit includes everything your child needs to begin playing right away. Drums, cymbals, a pedal, a stool, and a pair of drumsticks are all present.

The drums are incredible. You won’t have to spend money on new speakers because these already sound fantastic.

The included cymbals, however, are inadequate even for this model. This is standard in many full-size kits, which is why they are so inexpensive. The best news is that you can acquire this set for one of the most affordable prices available.

Pros and Cons of Mendini 16in Youth Drumset

  • You get all the parts required to start drumming
  • Drums sound good
  • Standard setup
  • Padded and height-adjustable drum throne
  • Hardware is not durable

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Best Budget: Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece Drum Set

Features of Best Choice Products Kids Drum Set

It is constructed entirely of wood shells and will last until your child demands upgrades or adult drum kits. The hardware comes in two colors and is plated in high-quality chrome.

Despite being composed of low-quality metal, the cymbal will endure a long time before your child notices the difference between the sounds produced by a high-quality cymbal and those produced by the one in this set. Overall, this drum set is a fantastic gift for a child who enjoys playing the drums.

It’s inexpensive, well-made, and one of the smallest kits available. The Best Selection of Products For comparison buyers, the 3-piece Kids Drum Set ticks several boxes.

The all-wood design, which comes in three different color options, is built to take a hammering from whatever your youngster puts at it. The Best Choice Products 3-Piece kit is a strong option to explore because beginner instruments are not known for their endurance.

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The Best Choice 3-Piece Kids Drum Set pairs two tom-toms with a bass drum and is simple in both construction and design. A comfortable throne and an 8″ cymbal complete this simple, easy setup.

The Best Choice Products choice is made entirely of wood with chrome-plated hardware, ensuring that it will withstand any child’s misuse.

The Best Choice Products 3-Piece Put is easy to set up and loud, yet it won’t break the bank. This choice, which comes in three classic colors, foregoes the traditional snare drum in this starting setup.

The lower register thuds of a snare’s loud crackling, on the other hand, may appeal to noise-sensitive family members or neighbors. This is probably the best drum set for your kids if you are looking for a fun instrument for them.

Pros and Cons of Best Choice Products Kids Drum Set

  • Metal fastenings that have been blackened come together for a simple assembling operation
  • Beginners and young drummers will love this drum
  • Each drum shell has a traditional design with a bright and polished finish
  • Fragile hardware

Best Starter Electronic Drum Set: RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum Set RJ103-BK

Features: In general, the price point is excellent for a drum set of this level. The RockJam RJ103 is developed specifically for Junior drummers and includes everything they’ll need to acquire the abilities required to become a master drummer.

It comes with three different types of drums, as well as drum stands, a seat, and drumsticks. For a budding child musician, the RockJam Junior Drum Set is an excellent introductory percussion instrument. This all-in-one drum kit is created with kids and families in mind, making it the ideal choice for drummers-in-training.

The set includes five different types of drums, two cymbals, stands, a seat, and a pair of drumsticks, as well as everything a beginner drummer will need to get started.

Learning to play a musical instrument is beneficial to brain development as well as a wonderful way to burn off excess energy after school. Because they provide a quick reward, drums tend to pique a child’s interest more easily than other instruments.

For budding rock stars, the Rock Jam 3-Piece Junior Drum Kit is the ultimate, fully functional drum kit. This low-cost, high-quality kit is scaled down to fit youngsters aged 3 to 7.

Everything you’ll need to get started is included, including three distinct types of drums to jam on. The bass is the collection’s largest drum, and its low tone is ideal for use with the built-in foot pedal.

The tom-tom drum hanging from the ceiling adds an extra thud. The snare drum is the third drum, and it is rarely found in younger drum sets.

Because it can be played as a stand-alone instrument, the snare drum is an excellent choice for a novice set. It has a professional sound because of its high-quality plastic and metal snares.

  • Snare drum included
  • Seat included
  • Great value
  • Setup is difficult

Buyer’s Guide for Best Drum Sets for Kids Beginner

Before you choose the perfect drum set for your child, you should first master the fundamentals of drumming. This contains many types of drums, drum kits, and cymbals. So let’s get started with the many varieties of drums.

Types of Drums

There are three types of drums and they are explained below.

Drum Snare

The snare drum is the kit’s focal point. It provides the most powerful regular accents as well as the backbone for numerous fills. It is played with the left hand by right-handed players. Snare wires are installed to provide a quick, buzzing sound.

Tom Drums

Tom-tom drums are another name for these drums. They are played with sticks and can have up to three in a drum set. They’re responsible for the majority of drum fills and solos. Double-headed rack toms, floor toms, concert toms, and rototoms are the four basic types of tom drums.

Toms are drums without snares, such as ottomans and gongs.

Bass Drum

Kick drums are another name for these drums. They’re low-pitched drum that provides the fundamental beat or timing element, as well as basic pulse patterns.

Some people like to utilize additional bass drums, while others prefer to use a single kick drum with double bass drum pedals. Kick drums can be recorded with a microphone.

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In heavy metal tracks, double bass drumming is more common. The use of double bass drum pedals allows for additional space in shows while also reducing transportation concerns.


A cymbal is the final and most crucial component of a drum set. The circular plates are formed of metal alloys that make up cymbals. The three main cymbals used in drums will be discussed, as well as their functions.

Ride Cymbal

These cymbals are employed to maintain a steady rhythmic pattern. The majority of drummers employ a single main ride that is in a playable range because it is used frequently.

A ride cymbal’s most frequent diameter is 20″. It’s a cymbal with a medium weight that cuts through other sounds.

Cymbal Hi-Hats

These cymbals are made up of two pieces. Two cymbals are fixed on a metal pole that is supported by the legs, facing each other. It comes with a foot pedal that may be pressed to bring them closer together.

The cymbals move apart as the foot is removed from the pedal. One or two sticks can be used to play them, or the foot pedal can be pushed or pulled to play them. Striking open hi-hats versus closing hi-hats produces different sounds.

Some Questions and Answers for Drum Kits

Is it Better to Buy an Electronic or an Acoustic Drum Kit?

When their children show an interest in drumming, this is likely the most frequently asked question by parents. In the end, it is determined by your living situation.

If you live in an apartment, your youngster will almost certainly need to get an electronic drum kit. Even if you live in a house, the noise may be too much for you. The drums are really loud.

However, if you live in a house and can handle the noise, we strongly advise your youngster to learn on an acoustic drum set. Playing actual drums has a certain feel and nuance to it, so get started straight away.

When they start school band or private instruction, they will have a much stronger foundation on acoustic drums. Electronic drum sets are not common in middle and high schools.

What is the Best Size Kit for My Child?

Drums are available in two sizes: full-size and junior-size. Junior kits are substantially smaller in size, making them ideal for children aged ten and under.

Your child might have trouble reaching the pedals or striking the tom drums and cymbals if they sat down at a full-sized drum kit. Full-size drum sets typically have a bass drum that is 20′′ or 22′′ in diameter, which may be far too large for your child.

If your child is under ten years old, stick to junior-sized gear because you want them to be as comfortable as possible while playing.

What is a Shell Pack and How Does it Work?

Drums are no longer marketed as complete drum sets when you get closer to the more expensive end of the market. Only the toms and kick drum are included in shell packs; no cymbals, snare drum, or hardware are included.

A snare drum is usually not included in shell packs. But, you might wonder, why? Drummers who buy shells alone usually already have gear and cymbals, and drum manufacturers aren’t known for making cymbals.

The benefit of junior kits is that most of them (all of the ones we have included here) come with everything your youngster needs to play.

How do Electronic Drum Sets for Kids Work?

Tom Toms, snare drums, cymbals, and bass drums are represented by a sequence of rubber or mesh trigger pads in a basic electronic drum kit. On the floor are bass drum and hi-hat pedals, as well as pads mounted on a rack.

Everything is connected to a module that provides a sound library that is triggered whenever a pad is struck with a drumstick.

Because the sounds are simulations rather than real noises, they must be amplified to be heard. As a result, headphones for drummers are the ideal option for children, while a personal amplifier can be used by those who want to perform live and loudly.

What Comes with an Electronic Drum Set for Kids?

Almost everything comes in the box when you buy your first beginning electronic drum set. That includes the drum set, pads, and rack, as well as hi-hat and bass drum pedals and a pair of drumsticks.

If you’re lucky, a pair of headphones will be included as well. The only item you won’t get is a drum throne, which will have to be purchased separately.

Do these Kits Include Teaching Material?

Most electronic drum set modules, particularly ones intended for children, will include developmental aids to guide those first 20 or so hours of practice. Precision and timing, two basics of drumming, will be the focus of such training sessions.

A metronome will be present to provide a steady hand in keeping young musicians on time. Built-in backing tracks are common, as well as smartphone connectivity for playing along with music from Spotify, YouTube, or other streaming services.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Kids Drum Sets For Beginners

What age is suitable for a kids’ drum set? 

Most kids’ drum sets are designed for children aged 3 to 10, but the suitability depends on the child’s size, interest, and physical development.

Are drum sets suitable for beginners?

Yes, Kids’ drum sets are designed with beginners in mind.

Should I choose an acoustic or electronic drum set for my child?

Both options have their benefits. Acoustic drum sets provide a more traditional experience with authentic drum sounds. Electronic drum sets offer volume control, a variety of sounds, and headphone compatibility.

Can I adjust the drum set’s height as my child grows?

Many kids’ drum sets come with adjustable features, such as height-adjustable stands and pedals.

Are drum sets easy to assemble?

Most kids’ drum sets are designed for easy assembly and come with clear instructions. Some sets even come partially assembled for quicker setup.

Can I add more drums and cymbals to the set later on?

In some cases, yes. Some kids’ drum sets offer expansion options to add more drums and cymbals as your child progresses in skill and interest.

How do I choose the right size drum set for my child?

Consider your child’s height and arm reach. Make sure the drum set allows them to comfortably reach all the drums and pedals without straining.

Conclusion: 4 Best Drum Sets for Kids 2024

The following is a list of possibly the greatest beginner drum sets now available on the market; its distinctive attributes will not only assist your youngster in learning the drums properly but also in learning to play them in no time.

When your youngster is first learning to play the drums, make sure you have the correct set of drumsticks for them. Because a drum set is also a musical instrument, if your youngster expresses an interest in one, let him have one.

Choosing the ideal drum equipment for his 5-year-old child is a difficult task for someone who isn’t particularly musical. There are a lot of drum kits for kids on the market, and picking the right one for your child might be difficult. We hope you liked our 4 Best Drum Sets for Kids review and it was helpful.

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