3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitar [2023 Review]

If you’re a novice, lightweight guitars complement your strength and allow you to practice for long periods of time without becoming fatigued. Also, because light guitars are easier to play, they might improve your performance and help you master the instrument faster.

Guitars with a lot of power? They’re excellent for enormous tones, but they’re not so good for your back and shoulders. This article looks at some of the lightest electric guitars on the market today. These instruments are also ideal for persons with little hands who want to play guitar.

We listed the 3 best lightweight electric guitars in this review for you. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars review for more information below.

Fender Vintage Modified Telecaster Electric Guitar Custom - 3-Color Sunburst - Maple Fingerboard
  • Basswood Body
  • Maple C Shape Neck with 21-Medium Jumbo Frets
  • Duncan Designed TE-101B single-coil Wide Range Hum bucking Pickup (Neck)
Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Transparent Green Burst (GRX70QATEB)
  • Fast, slim Maple neck
  • Beautiful quilted Maple art grain top
  • High output Infinity R pickups

Our Top Pick: Ibanez JEMJRWH Steve Vai Signature 6-String Electric Guitar

Features: We’ve all seen the classic picture of rock guitarists playing guitar faster than anyone should, all while wearing spotlights and sporting amazing hairstyles.

Those who are interested have names for those legendary figures, and one of the most well-known is Steve Vai. Vai began his career by copying Frank Zappa’s work, then joined Zappa’s band, and has subsequently collaborated with everyone from Mary J.

Blige to Spinal Tap to Ozzy Osbourne, as well as being one of the most well-known instrumental solo guitarists.

Since 1987, Ibanez has been producing Jem Steve Vai’s signature versions. Vai and his buddy and luthier, Joe “Jem” Design, collaborated on the initial designs, and the guitar was named after him.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars you can find. In terms of build quality, Ibanez has always been a standout brand.

Hey, they were sued for creating clones of Gibsons and Fenders that were better than Gibsons and Fenders during the litigation era! And, once again, Steve Vai will not put his name on a shoddy instrument.

Whatever you think of the pieces that go into it, a shoddily manufactured instrument – especially in an era when a wonderful guitar doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – is just ridiculous.

Fortunately, that isn’t an issue here. There are no scratches or adhesive residue surrounding the joint, nor are there any scrapes from over-screwing. All of the hardware appears to be securely fastened.

The single-coil middle pickup is ideal for creating a nuanced sound with a flavor and a hint of twang, exactly as Steve likes. The pairing is both endearing and strong.

The buttons and knobs are very ordinary. There are two knobs for volume and tone, as well as a lever to select the pickup arrangement.

Runner Up: Fender Vintage Modified Telecaster Electric Guitar

Features: That pickup combo would raise a few questions. The bulky single-coil at the neck (designed by Duncan and stolen from a Jazzmaster) jars a little at first.

Once you plug it in, you quickly forget about it. It has a lot of balls for a single-coil, being full-bodied, growly, with a touch of well-placed distortion and useful for art-rock noise, chugging riffs, and much more.

It’s back to normal now that you’ve selected the bridge pickup. Telecaster-wise, it’s razor-sharp and stinging in all the right spots, and it’s ideal for anything from folk rock to funk.

If you’re thinking about getting one of these, you probably won’t be shredding for the rest of your life, but you could give it a shot. Tele is a force to be reckoned with.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars you can find.

A bright, clear Duncan Designed TE-101B single-coil bridge pickup complements the Wide Range humbucking pickup, which is a recognized and time-honored Fender invention.

It’s something that players have been doing for a long time. Modified implies adding new twists to existing designs, whether it’s installing hotter pickups, alternative pickguards, or just customizing their instruments with unusual paint treatments.

Squier’s Vintage Modified series shines at this, giving historic instrument designs a hot-output chop-shop sound, feel, and value.

The Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom is a Squier Vintage Modified model. With this special Telecaster model, this respected and highly recognized series manages to combine price and quality with a combination of vintage and modern features.

It has an agathis body that is solid and single-cut. The body is finished off with a flat top, 1970s design, and a bolt-on neck joint. The chrome-plated standard hardtail bridge has six adjustable saddles.

Squier puts a pair of active humbuckers in the front for a loud and powerful tone. Two volume knobs, two tone knobs, and a three-way toggle pickup switch are included in the controls unit.

The maple neck is bolted to the body and has a conventional C shape in the rear. Rosewood and maple are used to make the 22-fret fingerboard.

  • Excellent neck
  • Blend of classic and quirky
  • Great tonal potential
  • Cheap head

Best for Budget: Ibanez 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar GRX70QATEB

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Features: The GRX70QA—for the sake of convenience, we’ll simply call it the GRX from now on—is made of a poplar body with a quilted maple top. Poplar is a relatively inexpensive tonewood that is similar to alder but has a higher middle response.

Poplar can have a rougher edge than alder, however, this is mostly dependent on the quality of the wood.

Poplar is similar to basswood in that it is soft and prone to dents and dings. The quilted maple top on the body is stunning, with a sparkly texture that shines brightly on stage, and it’s available in black, red, green, and blue transparent sunburst finishes.

The clear finish, on the other hand, is a little dull and might be enhanced; the sunburst isn’t as vivid in reality as it seems in online photographs.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars you can find.

Ibanez has created the high-quality, low-cost electric guitar you’ve been searching for. Ibanez’s GIO series continues with the GRX70, a superb electric with a poplar body, maple neck, and binding purpleheart fingerboard for firm tone.

Infinity pickups are also included in the neck, middle, and bridge positions, providing a wide range of tones and increased attack. Many guitarists have learned their trade on the Ibanez GRX70, which has proven to be an excellent beginner electric guitar.

The Ibanez GRX70 is equipped with three Infinity RS pickups, providing a diverse range of tones and styles. High output without muddiness is provided by two strong ceramic-magnet humbucking pickups, one at the neck and the other at the bridge. The Alnico magnets in the center single-coil pickup give a super-clear vintage tone.

Ibanez creates guitars for players of various skill levels, from beginners to masters of the instrument. Ibanez aspires to provide the finest sound, style, and playability in its class, regardless of price.

It’s because of this philosophy that the GRX70QA has become one of the most popular start-up guitars of all time, establishing many musical careers all over the world.

  • HSH pickup arrangement with coil-split HS/SH selection
  • Fast, comfortable neck
  • Hardware is overall pretty good
  • Cheap body

Buyer’s Guide for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars

If you’re a fan of electric guitars and have already identified lightweight as a must-have characteristic in your purchase, you’ll need to arm yourself with some knowledge in order to make the best option.

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So, how can the finest lightweight electric guitar make your investment worthwhile? The first thing that piques your curiosity is the outside appearance. An electric guitar will never be considered uncool.

It is an important consideration, particularly for professionals. Some guitars are also employed to offer some aesthetic mood to the most precious collection.

Heavy Or Lightweight Guitars: Which Is Better?

While weight is vital for good sound quality, it isn’t enough to maximize your performance. Playability is an important thing to think about since it impacts whether or not you will be able to perform well.

It’s possible that your guitar has some great modifications and features. However, you can only improve your performance if you feel at ease with the instrument.

As a result, a guitar’s sound quality and playability are inextricably linked. In most situations, heavyweight guitars cannot match in terms of playability with lightweight guitars.

Lightweight guitars cannot compete with heavyweight guitars in terms of durability. As a consequence, it’s vital to choose one that meets your requirements.

Finally, the debate’s winner is a question of personal preference. It all depends on your attitude toward the instrument.


Examine the pickups’ style and design, since they have a significant impact on sound quality. Active pickups are excellent for music that is louder and more distorted. Passive pickups (the most popular) are quieter than active pickups, but they don’t require a battery and provide a less forceful sound. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

There’s a considerable difference between single coils and humbuckers. Single coils are significantly thinner than humbucker coils.


Check for symptoms of heat or moisture damage when purchasing a used hollow body. This can lead to tuning problems. This is usually detected by inspecting the body closely for any marks or out-of-place wood.


When shopping for a new electric guitar, the pickup is one of the most important elements to consider before purchasing. In electric guitars, the pickup is usually a single-coil variant. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

It’s a single magnet wrapped in wire that receives and processes vibrations from the strings. The guitar vibrations will then be converted into electric signals.

This kind of processing provides the guitar a more solid tone and a more powerful appearance.

As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that the pickup is what distinguishes your electric guitar. It is, nevertheless, susceptible to interference and can produce buzzing noises.


In addition to single-coil pickups, we offer humbuckers in two single-coil configurations. They are linked by polarities and are oriented in opposing directions.

Its job is to keep the pickup from making humming noises, which makes it a good choice for jazz and rock. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

What Characterizes the Best Budget-Friendly Lightweight Electric Guitars?

Looks good. The appearance of the instrument is crucial, just as it is for vehicles (and, for that matter, for humans). It should look good, so you should try it out. Some guitars spend more time as a decoration on the wall, thus they need to look fantastic.

How well can you play the guitar in question? It’s not just about the weight. You should be able to comfortably hold it in your hand, and the neck should be thin enough to allow you to play chords.

It should sound excellent, albeit this is a highly subjective matter. If the instrument breaks down or is destroyed too rapidly, you are just squandering your money. It should endure for a long time (preferably for years). You are getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Electric Guitar Types

Lightweight electric guitars aren’t all created equal. Here are some of the most common varieties you’ll come across while hunting for the best lightweight electric guitars:

These are usually not playable and are only used for adornment. The body is hollow. The hollow body design is similar to that of its acoustic counterparts, and it saves a lot of weight. They have a rich tone and are ideal for jazz.

The body is solid. The guitar’s body is fashioned from a single piece of wood. The tonewood has an effect on the sound of the guitar, but there is no resonance. This style is also suitable for blues, rock, and jazz. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

The body is semi-hollow. This is where the other two categories meet in the middle. The body is slightly hollow, however, the core of the body is solid wood. This solid wood helps to keep the sound going while also preventing feedback.


Some guitar models are available in both professional and hobbyist pricing ranges. Squire, for example, produces more inexpensive Fender guitars. In general, more costly guitars sound better and are built more solidly.

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Although inexpensive guitars may be mass-produced in a factory, more expensive guitars can be handcrafted by skilled luthiers.


A solid, semi-hollow, or hollow-bodied guitar is the most common option. Other, more modern choices are available. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

Because hollow and semi-hollow guitars are prone to feedback, they are not appropriate for distortion-based genres like metal, punk, and hardcore. Many lightweight solid electric guitars are still a viable choice for this kind of playing.

Neck of the guitar

Because it influences your control over the guitar, the length of your guitar can have an impact on the sound of your instrument. It is normally made of wood and is attached to the headstock, which controls the tunes and fretboard placements. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

Length of Scale

The sound of an electric guitar varies based on the scale length. A lengthy scale may produce a dazzling shimmer and tight tension, while a shorter scale bears less tension since the strings are more flexible. Short scales provide richer tones and increase playability as a result.

When do you think you’ll need new guitar strings?

When the strings become difficult to tune, sound lifeless or muffled, or have a poor color, it’s time to replace them. When your guitar suddenly sounds much better with the new strings, you’ll know you made the proper decision to replace the strings. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

What kind of string should you use?

Although opinions differ, in general, you should choose the heaviest-gauge strings that you can comfortably play. Larger strings are easier to tune and last longer, as well as sounding better.

If you’re a beginner, how often should you practice?

Children should practice for at least 30 minutes each day. Adults should aim for at least an hour every day. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.


Unfortunately, many guitars are duplicated, and fakes are manufactured in low-cost factories. If a guitar appears to be too good to be true, it most often is. We recall paying around £100 for a bogus Ibanez Jem7. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

The original model is in the region of £1000. Fakes can be entertaining, but they typically sound bad. Each manufacturer’s method for detecting fakes is different, so do your homework before purchasing. Examine the manufacturers and serial numbers.

Type of Wood

Not only does the type of wood affect the weight of the guitar, but it also has an impact on the tone. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

When the strings are joined with the wood, they generate resonance, which helps to change the sound vibrations. As a result, while selecting a guitar, you should carefully evaluate this element.

What is the weight of the guitar?

It may sound self-evident, but you want to choose a guitar that is truly enjoyable to play. It will be more difficult to play a heavier instrument for lengthy periods of time. Due to increasing wear and tear on your hands, you’ll probably be unable to get a nice tone.

Some lightweight electric guitars might seem clunky and uncomfortable to play, but that’s an unfortunate side effect of being on a budget. You should look for a lightweight guitar that is comfortable and simple to play for extended periods of time.

How much does it set you back?

The greater the quality of the pick-ups and other pieces, the more costly they are. In general, you want a guitar with as many features as feasible. The better the guitar is built, the more costly it is. Keep reading for 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitars.

Is it true that the pickups minimize hum and noise?

You may need to locate a guitar with single coil or humbucker pickups depending on the genre of music you play. Humbuckers are noise-cancelling pickups with a richer tone. Single-coil pickups are brighter and sharper, which makes them ideal for jazz and blues.

What is the composition of the human body?

Your guitar’s body should be light, but strong enough to withstand daily play. A physique that is overly thin or frail will eventually break down and be unable to perform regularly.

FAQs: Best Lightweight Electric Guitar

Why choose a lightweight electric guitar?

For guitarists who want a more enjoyable playing experience, especially during lengthy shows or practice sessions, picking a lightweight electric guitar can be advantageous.

Which genres are lightweight electric guitars suitable for?

They are often preferred for genres like pop, rock, punk, and genres where mobility and stage performance are crucial.

How is the weight of an electric guitar measured?

The weight of an electric guitar is typically measured in pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg). Manufacturers usually provide this information in the guitar’s specifications.

What materials are commonly used in lightweight electric guitars?

Manufacturers often use materials like basswood, alder, or certain types of lightweight tonewoods for the body.

Can a lightweight electric guitar produce good sound quality?

Yes, a well-designed lightweight electric guitar can produce excellent sound quality. The tonal characteristics are influenced by the combination of materials used, pickups, electronics, and the overall craftsmanship of the instrument.

Are there any well-known brands that offer lightweight electric guitars?

Yes, there are several reputable brands that offer lightweight electric guitars, including Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, PRS, and Yamaha.

Can I modify a regular electric guitar to make it lighter?

A normal electric guitar can be altered to make it lighter, but it’s vital to remember that doing so may have an impact on the instrument’s sound and playability.

Conclusion: 3 Best Lightweight Electric Guitar [2023 Review]

Your guitar’s body should be light, but strong enough to withstand daily play. A physique that is overly thin or frail will eventually break down and be unable to perform regularly.

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