Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier [2023 Review]

Yamaha’s black A-S501 Integrated Amplifier will broaden your listening horizons. This amp has digital inputs for connecting devices like televisions and Blu-ray/DVD players and can provide up to 100W RMS per channel at 6 ohms.

Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier has dual stereo outputs, allowing you to power two sets of speakers in different rooms and switch between them, or have them both playing simultaneously. There’s also a connection for adding a subwoofer to boost your sound system’s bass output.

There is a lot more to talk about this amazing amp. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review for more information below.

Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier

  • Excellent build and finish
  • Good features list
  • Spacious and detailed sound
  • Good power
  • Problems with the balance knob

About: The amp is not the only thing included in the package. A remote control, battery, and instructions are included. We had the idea right away that this amp would be one of the greatest stereo amplifiers we ever purchased. It is quite effective, despite its simplicity.


It takes more than just raw effort to power your speakers. Your music will sound vibrant and aggressive without being bloated or distorted thanks to the Yamaha A-great S501’s combination of power and agility according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

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This integrated amplifier includes a symmetrical circuit structure from inputs to outputs, as well as an anti-resonance chassis, in addition to its high-power output. This prevents distortion and interference from clogging up the signal, resulting in crisp, clear sound.

For exciting, detailed performance, your stereo speakers will come to life. To get an even purer signal, choose Pure Direct listening mode to bypass tone and volume adjustments.


Six pairs of analog RCA inputs, including a phono input for connecting a turntable, are available on the A-S501. However, music sources aren’t the only options: optical and coaxial digital audio connections allow you to connect video devices as well according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

With this amp, you can connect a TV or Blu-ray player to these ports and enjoy movie sound through your stereo speakers. It’s a low-cost approach to put together a great two-channel rig in your living room that delivers powerful sound and a wide stereo picture.


The new amplifier is likewise robust, and the controls operate with a precise accuracy that few other amplifiers at this price can match. We really enjoy the remote control; it’s basic and easy to operate.

Unlike many of its competitors, the A-S501 offers the impression of being a long-lasting product according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

You’ll discover a helpful set of features in addition to the excellent construction. There are five line-level inputs in total, as well as a moving magnet phono stage, headphone output, and two digital inputs. The biggest difference from its predecessor is the incorporation of digital inputs.

Both optical and coax connections are available on the A-S501, and both are capable of delivering 24-bit/192kHz audio streaming according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

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It’s just when it comes to sound quality that we have reservations regarding this amplifier. Our initial impressions are positive. This device has a stronger sound than its predecessor. It has a more substantial appearance and a more consistent tone.

Despite its allure, the original A-S500 had a relatively lean and brilliant balance. This new one, on the other hand, is more balanced according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

It’s also rather loud, with a power output of 85 watts per channel. We put the A-S501 through its paces with a variety of speakers, from Wharfedale’s outstanding Diamond 220s to our reference ATC SCM50, and it handled them all well.


When it comes to packing, we have never expected anything less from Yamaha A-S501. The A S501 has some good functionality. The amplifier is enveloped in a foam-like fabric. It’s mounted atop a strongbox, which is joined by a thin polystyrene block.

Terminal Phono MM

You can play vinyl records using a turntable and an MM phono cartridge, allowing you to enjoy records alongside current media sources.

The Function of Auto Power Standby

When this amplifier senses that it hasn’t been used in around 8 hours, it goes into standby mode to save energy according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

Control from afar

The supplied remote, which is polished to match the amplifier’s aesthetic, allows you to control your music from afar. The remote is battery-operated and can also control a Yamaha CD player.

Why avoid it?

There is not really a good reason to avoid Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier. The only con it has is that the balance knob might not be as smooth as you might expect according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

TV and/or Blu-ray Player Digital Audio Input

Both optical and coaxial connectors are available for digital audio input on the A-S501. The optical cable is used to receive audio from a television, while the coaxial cable is used to receive audio from a Blu-ray player.

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The audio remains digital, providing you with clear, immaculate dynamic sound for all of your entertainment sources, including sports and other programs, movies, and concerts.

FAQs: Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier Review

What is Pure Direct mode?

Pure Direct mode bypasses unnecessary circuitry to deliver the cleanest possible audio signal. It turns off the front panel display and tone controls for a more direct and pure sound experience.

What is ToP-ART technology?

ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) is Yamaha’s design philosophy that focuses on isolating the signal path from noise and interference, resulting in improved audio quality.

What types of inputs does the A-S501 have?

The amplifier offers a variety of inputs, including analog RCA inputs for connecting devices like CD players or tape decks, optical and coaxial digital inputs for digital sources, and a dedicated phono input for turntables.

Can I connect two sets of speakers to the Yamaha A-S501?

Yes, the amplifier supports speaker A/B switching, allowing you to connect and switch between two sets of speakers.

Can I use headphones with the Yamaha A-S501?

Yes, the amplifier includes a headphone output for private listening.

What is the power output of the Yamaha A-S501?

The amplifier delivers 85 watts per channel (8 ohms) of power, which can provide a substantial audio boost to your speakers.

Does the Yamaha A-S501 come with a remote control?

Yes, the amplifier comes with a remote control for convenient operation.

Conclusion: Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier [2023 Review]

Yamaha has done it again with the A-S501, which is a suitable successor to the preceding A-S500. While the A-S501 has a built-in DAC, updated components, and reworked circuitry, it’s still the same amp we all know and love according to this Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review.

Any improvements you might make to this amplifier would be small. A detachable power line would be excellent, and we would like to see the record output option brought back — it’d be especially helpful considering the A-two S501’s tape loops.

However, with a great DAC and phono stage on board, as well as the A-S501, being a remarkable analog amplifier in its own right, there’s no reason to be dissatisfied with the pricing. It comes highly recommended. We hope you liked our Yamaha A-S501 Amplifier review and it was helpful.

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