Mendini Trumpet & Pocket Trumpet [2023 Review]

Mendini Trumpet & Pocket Trumpet [2023 Review]

In today’s market, it is not surprising to see high-quality instrument for reasonable prices and Mendini is definitely one those brands and we will review the trumpet and the pocket trumpet made by them in this article.

To summarise shortly, Mendini Trumpet is a great trumpet for beginners and intermediate players thanks to its high-quality sound and a reasonable price tag. Mendini Pocket Trumpet is a smaller version of that product and it has very similar features which also comes with a very good price.

As we mentioned in the beginning of our review, in this article, we will review the Mendini Trumpet and Mendini Pocket Trumpet. We believe both products have a lot to offer and we can’t wait to review this product for you. So, let’s get started.

Mendini Trumpet Review

About: Mendini is very famous among musical students for the high-quality products that are also budget friendly and this product is not an exception. This is a B flat trumpet that is especially designed for a first-time user but it can also be good option for more experienced trumpet players.

Features: There are a lot of things that we love about this trumpet and we will talk about them one by one below. It comes with different features that you can see in trumpets in the higher ends.

As for the material, we should mention that this Mendini Trumpet comes with a yellow brass body which you can see in the majority of the instruments in the market. It is 70% copper and 30% zinc which is very high-quality considering its price tag.

It is worth mentioning that you can also buy this product with different colors such as gold lacquer, purple, blue, black, red, silver and sky blue. We should mention musical students often prefer gold lacquer and there are good reasons for it since other colors can be damaged or get scratched more easily.

We should also mention that you don’t need to worry about the quality since this trumpet was tested again and again in the distribution center of the manufacturer and that’s how they make sure that they produce high-quality products.

As for the intonation, we should mention that it can be a problem in some trumpets that are even at the higher end of the quality and price range. One problem that is common to most trumpets is the flat ‘e’ in the fourth space and the work around is to use the 3rd valve slide instead.

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As for the sound quality, considering its price tag, we can confidently say that Mendini Trumpet is one of the best ones in the market which is important since sound is often the only thing that most people base their judgement on.

Another good thing about this trumpet is that it is possible to play various genres with it which is very essential if you’re in a band.

We also like the fact that Mendini Trumpet comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and we believe it is very nice considering the fact that you can return this product with no problem if it comes with any defect on it.

Mendini Pocket Trumpet Review

About: This is the pocket trumpet made by Mendini which is similar to the product that reviewed above. This product is nickel plated and tuned in BB that is very common to see in the beginner and intermediate level trumpets.

Features: We should mention that this trumpet has a great design and it is really fun and easy to play, all of which are very essential, especially if you’re looking for your first trumpet but those things can also be very important if you’re looking for a more advanced trumpet for yourself.

There are a lot of things that you need to look for when getting a trumpet but sound is often the most important things and we can confidently say that this trumpet has a great sound quality that is very similar to a big trumpet which is not common among the products that are in the similar price range.

As for the intonation, we should mention that both low and high register intonation is also very good. However, you should keep in mind that the trumpet goes a little bit flat when you go down below low C, which is also expected from a trumpet that has a reasonable price tag like this. This is not acceptable from a trumpet that cost more than 1500 Dollars but we never claimed that this product is on that level.

It is also worth mentioning that this Mendini Pocket Trumpet has a great response which makes it easy to play since it doesn’t take a lot of energy to get a sound from it which is crucial for a beginner trumpet student.

There is another thing you should keep in mind if you considering buying this trumpet if you’re serious about it which is the slotting. Some users reported that the slotting of the notes feels a little bit different and it can makes a difference if you’re a professional trumpet player. However, it is not likely to make a difference if you’re beginner or a trumpet player.

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We like the fact that this trumpet comes with a very reasonable price tag since we believe buying a high-quality instrument is something that everyone should be able to do.

Buyer’s Guide

Even though buying an instrument seems like an easy thing to do, we believe it is not that simple since there are a lot of things that you need to be aware of when making your purchase from your purpose of buying to your level of playing.

That is why it is always a good idea to have some knowledge about the instrument that you’re going to buy. Since we know that, we wanted to prepare a buyer’s guide for you so that you will have a better knowledge of the product that you’re going to buy.

What are the Main Differences Between Professional and Student Trumpets?

As with many products that you buy, the quality in trumpets differ and some trumpet are beginner level and some trumpets are advanced level. So, we can say that there is indeed a difference between a student trumpet and an advanced level trumpet.

The difference between advanced trumpets and the beginner or intermediate level trumpets are often in the bore size, the material that the trumpet is made of and the sound quality. Also, an advanced trumpet can often weight more and that it why it can require more breath exertion which will deter the beginner from advancing.

An intermediate student doesn’t need a trumpet made of gold with perfect intonation and sound that resonates through professional halls, but he/she does need a trumpet that can reach multiple octaves.

To sum up, you should consider your needs when buying a trumpet and make your purchase according to your level and your goals. Luckily, most products mention whether they are a good fit for an advanced level player or a beginner player.

What is the Ideal Price Tag for a Student Trumpet?

We should start by mentioning that the price range of trumpets like any other instrument varies a lot depending on the quality of the instrument and its level. It might not be the best idea to break bank when you’re buying your first trumpet since it is certain whether you’re going to stick with your habit or not.

We give the similar advice of not spending a lot for an instrument if you’re looking for an instrument for your child since it is not clear how much beating that trumpet is going to take and we assume it might be a lot.

As for the price range, we can say that if you’re looking at a trumpet that is over 500$, it is probably not meant for students and it is rather a trumpet for professional trumpet player. If you’re looking for a beginner trumpet, the price range is often between 100$ and 300$ Dollars. In short, just make sure that you don’t overpay and get a product that cost much more than it should if you’re not sure whether you’re going to stick with your habit.

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Should You Buy a New or a Used Trumpet?

In most cases, buying a new trumpet makes more sense since the issues that you’re going to face are much less. However, buying a used trumpet might make sense if you’re not sure whether you’re going to stick with the habit of playing an instrument or not since it costs less. So, we can say that both buying a new or a used instrument has its own advantages and you should make your decision based on your circumstances.

First of all, we should mention that getting a used instrument often costs less which is very important considering that not everyone has a limitless budget that they can spend on an instrument.

However, it is also worth mentioning that the problems that you might encounter if you buy a used instrument is much higher like scratches or issues when playing some notes. This is not a problem that you’re going to face if you decide to buy a new instrument.

It is also possible to rent an instrument instead of buying one which also has its own advantages. In some cases, you can even participate in a rent-to-own program, where each monthly rental payment goes towards the cost of the instrument and, once the trumpet is paid in full, it’s yours to own.  If you decide to do that, make sure that you do a proper research and make sure that the trumpet that you’re going to buy doesn’t have many scratches or other defects.

Whether you rent or buy an instrument, it is always a good idea to buy a new mouthpiece for the sanitary purposes.

Conclusion: Mendini Trumpet & Pocket Trumpet [2023 Review]

We love the instruments of Mendini so much that we reviewed their other products such as clarinet and saxophone. In this article, we wanted to review the trumpet and the pocket trumpet made by Mendini which was easy for us to fall in love with both products instantly since both products are very high-quality and they also come with reasonable price tags.

Buying the Mendini Trumpet makes a lot of sense if you’re a beginner or an intermediate player and buying a pocket trumpet makes sense if you want a smaller trumpet. However, it might be a better idea to look for trumpets that have higher price tags if you’re an advanced trumpet player. We hope that you will enjoy this product if you ever decide to buy it!

We should also mention that you can also check out Eastar Gold Trumpet.

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