Acoustic Audio AA5170 [2023 Review]

Any home is missing a part without a decent speaker system. If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of the TV or any other device, you might be in need of a speaker system. In this Acoustic Audio AA5170 review, we will recommend a really strong and reliable device to renovate your home theatre experience.

Acoustic Audio AA5170 is a speaker system consisting of 6 parts and it produces 700 watts of powerful sound. It comes with Bluetooth Connectivity, SD Card, Flash Drive MP3 Player, and FM Tuner and we can say it is a total package that cannot be missed for many homes.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Acoustic Audio AA5170 review for more information below. We will be exploring the aspects of this speaker system in detail to help you figure out whether to buy it or not.

Acoustic Audio AA5170 Review

  • Subwoofer reduces noise
  • Remote control included
  • Can be placed and mounted anywhere
  • The front panel allows easy adjusting
  • Comes with a memory card reader
  • The plastic casing is of bad quality
  • Design is not appealing

About: Acoustic Audio AA5170 is a speaker system that can produce 700 watts of power. That is a huge amount of power and as expected, it can produce powerful sound. The power frequency response of this system is 20Hz – 20KHz and it includes a Bluetooth connection for easy connectivity.

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Acoustic Audio AA5170 is a stand-alone speaker system with a straightforward design. This powerful speaker system comes with five full-range satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer. 

This sleek and futuristic silver speaker is inspired by a minimalistic aesthetic. It stylishly complements the aesthetic of your flat screen or curved TV with ease, so you do not have to worry about whether this will fit your home decor or not. Because it looks cool no matter which TV you combine it with.

Build and Quality

The subwoofer is the most important component of any home theater system just like it is for Acoustic Audio AA5170. Based on this Acoustic Audio AA5170 review, various RCA ports that attach to each speaker and multiple devices can be found in the back of the main speaker.

The front panel control, which includes the FM/AM tuner, playback controls, and the LED display, is made up of the cone and the front panel control. The bass, treble, and key volume-setting knobs are located on the front panel. You can use those to achieve the desired sound.

Size and Sound Quality

This is a relatively small speaker system when compared with other models in the market. However, this home theater comes out on top in terms of sound quality according to our Acoustic Audio AA5170 review.

Since the aim of buying a speaker system is to have good sound, Acoustic Audio has added extra ingredients to ensure that the sound is flawless.

Acoustic Audio AA5170 [2023 Review]


The entire unit is powered by a total wattage of 700W and has a frequency response of about 20Hz to 20 KHz. That is quite a power for a home speaker system, and that is actually why we recommend it in this Acoustic Audio AA5170 review.

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The Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home Theater Speaker System can be connected to a variety of devices. This machine will connect to laptops, desktop computers, televisions, and other devices that you might think of. You can connect this speaker system to five devices at once.

You can also play MP3 files from USB flash drives and memory cards using this unit. Furthermore, if you enjoy wireless connections, Bluetooth is included for a smooth and effortless connection.

What is Acoustic Audio AA5170 for?

The Acoustic Audio by Goldwood portable speakers are designed to produce big sound anywhere you go. They are good for cinematic purposes because of their strong, deep bass responses from the woofers and consistent highs provided by the tweeters.

These speakers have a powerful voice and are perfect for any type of music, movie, TV, and more. It comes with a set of high-quality portable speakers to ensure high-quality audio.

The weight of the system is 20.65 pounds and it is finished in a chic silver shade that gives it a contemporary look. Any home theater system, personal computer or laptop, gaming system, digital media player, I unit, or other audio/video device that can be connected via Bluetooth, RCA, or 3.5mm auxiliary input.

If you have multiple devices that you want to connect your speaker, Acoustic Audio AA5170 can host up to 5 devices with ease. Thanks to its small size, it can be placed and mounted anywhere in the house.

What comes in the box?

There are six pieces in total included in the price as we have mentioned in this Acoustic Audio AA5170 review. Along with those, the RCA cables for each speaker, as well as those for connecting to other devices, are included in the kit.

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This six-piece, 700-watt system comes with a powered subwoofer and five satellite speakers, as well as all of the requisite cables and instructions for easy setup.

Conclusion: Acoustic Audio AA5170 [2023 Review]

Basically, the Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home Theater Speaker System has it all as we have mentioned before in this Acoustic Audio AA5170 review. It can be connected to different kinds of devices and it can hold up to 5 devices without any trouble, which makes it a true family speaker system.

You can use it to listen to music, download music, watch movies, play games or listen to FM/AM radio. If you do not have much space for big systems, Acoustic Audio AA5170 is the one for you since it does not occupy too big of a place.

Overall, this is a reliable speaker system that everybody can make use of. It has many features and lots to offer. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price that is hard to miss. We hope you liked our Acoustic Audio AA5170 review and it was helpful.

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