Buffet E11 Clarinet [2023 Review]

No name in the world of the clarinet is better known than Buffet. Nearly every clarinet player has played a buffet clarinet at some point, from student to coach, novice to expert. The Buffet E11 is one of the most common models.

Almost all the people refer to this model called E11 when they talk about Buffet clarinets. E11 has silver plated keys, a Buffet-Crampon logo that says Paris in the logo as Buffet-Crampon is based in Paris. It is screened on the wood and they used a 64.5 mm barrel length.

This clarinet, the very first model provided by the company made of Grenadilla wood which is Buffet E11 was widely referred to in the USA as the “Intermediate” model of Buffet. If you want to learn more about this model, keep reading our Buffet E11 Clarinet review.

Buffet E11 Clarinet Review

About: First, for improved longevity and overall consistency, Buffet E11 is made of high quality unscarred African blackwood that is carefully handled and brushed by hand. Buffet E11 is a reliable clarinet with remarkable quality in the Crampton series of Buffet.

Features: In Germany, the original Buffet E11 was made. This E11 model is genuinely the only one that is known to most individuals. Because it was the oldest in development by this company.

In the intermediate player market, the Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet is one of the most common clarinet instruments. It is commonly used not only by advanced level players but also by instructors according to our Buffet E11 Clarinet review.

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To this Buffet E11 Clarinet review, The Buffet E11 was still produced at the Buffet Crampon factory in Germany until today, although it now has a factory in France for its technical instruments. The Crampton manufactured in France is named E11 France Bb Clarinet Buffet Crampon.

With manufacturing outsourced to a company named Schreiber, these clarinets were manufactured in Germany with really good crafting quality. The company that Buffet was made in is Schreiber and that is a brand we trust in our Buffet E11 Clarinet review.

This E11 clarinet was also regarded as a “Student Wood” model in Europe. Although these words mean something different based on who you asked, the simple fact was that the E11 is simple for any student to transfer to, and get a significantly enhanced tone is enough to say that Buffet E11 is a really good instrument for its price.

Any aspiring musician would surely be proud to own what comes with this meticulous design and high-level of workmanship of Buffet E11 according to our Buffet E11 Clarinet review.

There are a lot more great things you can get from this marvelous piece if you are thinking about buying a Buffet E11 to assist you in your musical activities. In its nature, the Buffet Crampon E11 also pays great attention to detail.

For sure, detail is an element that distinguishes the normal from the elite in the intermediate clarinet market. The E11 clarinet’s tone holes, for example, are undercut, increasing pitch accuracy according to this Buffet E11 Clarinet review.

Using an advanced method developed by Buffet Crampon, the keys are also manufactured and not stamped and are silver-plated. By using stainless steel springs instead of springs of lower quality, the E11 comes with a distinctly accurate and quick key movement.

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The configuration of the thumb rest by Buffet increases flexibility by preserving the gap when balanced between the neck-strap ring and the pad. And even if you look at the pads, they are made of excellent construction and design according to this Buffet E11 Clarinet review.

To have several years of consistent performance, the pads are made from double fish skin. You will probably get a nice kit including a Buffet Crampon mouthpiece and a Vandoren reed, along with an adjustable and functional safe bag if you buy the Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet.

When you think of the things that you get for extra with this clarinet, it is really worth the price you are paying.

Conclusion: Buffet E11 Clarinet [2023 Review]

The Buffet E11 has a host of amazing features, including high-quality African Blackwood construction, skilled key work, precise response, and intonation, along with a good reputation as an elite intermediate level clarinet among players and instructors.

But it still has some disadvantages you need to be conscious of. First, if the student enters college, it needs some significant upgrades. There is also a question of France models against models created by Germany.

It can be very confusing because we still do not know which is better between the two. All in all, you can enjoy professional-like features for an intermediate price with this instrument.

The Buffet E11 is a great intermediate clarinet. Even so, when your skill progresses, so will the parts you will have to play. When this time comes, if you chose to proceed to learn the instrument through the college years, you will need to upgrade to a professional model.

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We hope that you liked our Buffet E11 Clarinet review and it was helpful for your search of a good clarinet. If you still want to take a look at other ones in the market, we suggest you take a look at Hisonic Signature Clarinet.

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