Jean Paul Clarinet [2023 Review]

Jean Paul Clarinet [2023 Review]

If you’ve been playing an instrument for a while, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of Jean Paul before since they make some of the highest quality instruments that you can find in the market.

We also reviewed flutes and saxophones by made Jean Paul in our other reviews before, and today, we will review their clarinet. Even though this clarinet is especially a good option for beginners, you canfind value in this clarinet whether you’re an intermediate or a more advanced clarinet player. The main reason for that is thatJean Paul Clarinet is one of the few clarinets in the market that is ideal for both beginners and more advanced players thanks to its features.

Our Top Pick: Jean Paul USA Intermediate Clarinet CL-400 Review

About: As we mentioned in the beginning of our review, Jean Paul makes instruments that are perfect for every level and this is their intermediate level clarinet.  Jean Paul USA IntermediateClarinet CL-400 is the best option for your if you’re an intermediate level clarinet player.

Features: The manufacturer preferred to use ABD body when making this clarinet to simulate the grain ofwood which is perfect. As for the keys, we should say that this product comes with silver plated keys for softer and warmer touch and sound both are essential to maximize the joy you getfrom your instrument.

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It is also worth mentioning that the sound quality of this clarinet has been tested, so, you won’t encounter any problems about it. Another thing about this clarinet it the Bari mouthpiece, which combineseffectively with the Rico H Ligature to produce a wider and richer range of excellent tones.

We also like the fact that this product comes with a case which has double handles which makes it very easy to carry it around. It can be especially important if you carry your clarinet a lot with you.

Considering its price tag, high sound quality, the accessories that come with the product, Jean Paul USA Intermediate Clarinet CL-400 is an ideal option for beginners to intermediate players.

  • Quality ligature, reeds and mouthpiece all included
  • Multiple barrel sizes
  • Case is hard-shelled and good quality
  • Not Made of Wood

Runner Up: Jean Paul USA Student Clarinet Plus CL-350 Review

About: If it has been a while since you’ve picked up your clarinet playing habit but you still don’t consider yourself an intermediate player, we strongly suggest getting Jean Paul USA StudentClarinet Plus CL-350 since it has more to offer than a beginner clarinet.

Features: The material used when making this clarinet is abs which makes this clarinet verydurable and that is also the reason why this product has a great longevity.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about this Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet is that it has a boehm 17 key system which is one of the best key systems that you can find in a clarinet.

Nickel plated keys make it very hard to damage and also they make it very easy to move the fingers very easily for long hours which is important if you’re in a band.

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We also like the practicality aspect of this clarinet since it is very easy to care of it. The main reason for that is that Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet comes with a cork grease, and a cleaning cloth which makes it very easy to take proper care of it. It also comes with a music stand that is foldable that we also like about this clarinet.

We should also mention that this clarinet comes with a 1-yearmanufacturer’s warranty which is also good since you don’t have to worry about the issues that you’re going to encounter when using this clarinet.

  • Beautiful Abs Body Material For Enhanced Durability
  • Key Of Bb With A Boehm 17 Key System
  • Upgraded Carrying Case To Provide Protection While Transporting
  • High Quality & Sweet Sound
  • Light And Durable Hard Case, Cloth, Glove
  • You need to upgrade the mouthpiece

Best for Budget: Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet Review

About: As we mentioned in the beginning of our review, Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet is a one of the best clarinets available in the market for beginners. There are a lot of thingsthat makes Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet great and let’s take a look at all those features one by one.

Features: Let’s start with the material of clarinet which is ebonite. We should say that ebonite is not plastic, it is vulcanized rubber even though it looks and feels likeplastic. We like the choice of this material because it makes this product very resistant against temperature changes and humidity.

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The fact that it is ebonite also makes it very durable against scratches that might happen after drops. So, we highly suggest this clarinet if you’re in a marching band since the chance that you will dropyour clarinet is high.

As for the sound, we should mention that this clarinet has entrancing sound that is even throughout the range. So, if you’re a beginner, you can buy this clarinet and use it for a long time. The bore isvery well designed and you can get various tones and an incredible projection from this clarinet.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not likely that you will find a higher quality and easy playing clarinet in the market, especially for this kind of price.

We also like the fact that there are a lot ofaccessories that come with this clarinet including a case, mouthpiece, cap, ligature, bunch of professional, rico reeds, neck strap and a cork grease which are all very effective accessoriesthat will be very helpful to you.

  • Strong tone with good projection
  • 2 barrels for tuning
  • It comes with a very strong case
  • Comes with quality accesories
  • Amazing value
  • High-grade material
  • You need to upgrade the mouthpiece

Conclusion: Jean Paul Clarinet [2023 Review]

We like to review the products of Jean Paul since they makevery high-quality products and they don’t put crazy price tags on them and in this article, we reviewed the clarinets that made by Jean Paul for different levels suchas students to intermediate players.

 You can take a look at the features of them and determine which product is the best one for you which we believe won’t be that hard since they are high end products that get amazing reviews by clarinetplayers! We hope to see you in our other reviews!

We should also mention that there is another great clarinet that we reviewed before which is Yamaha YCL-255Standard Clarinet.

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