BUGERA V22-INFINIUM 22-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Combo [2023 Review]

According to the internet, the Bugera 22 has become a popular topic. Given what it delivers for the price, you would think there would be a slew of positive reviews floating around. But are they true? If you are wondering about this Bugera 22 review, keep reading because we will give some details.

But what is good about the Bugera 22? This device appears to be familiar at first sight. The Bugera 22 is one of the company’s most popular amplifiers. V obviously prefers vintage, so you can assume that this amp does not produce a lot of distortion and is mostly intended for blues and rock genres.

The first thing that springs to mind while thinking of Bugera is its affordable price tag. However, we may find a lot of negative feedback about its items.

While some reviews praised the product’s value for money, others believe it to be unreliable toys that are not worth purchasing despite the low price. We have chosen to test one of these amplifiers on our own. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Bugera 22 review for more information below.

BUGERA V22-INFINIUM 22-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Combo

Bugera 22 appears to be well-made and sturdy. The size is the first thing that everyone notices. This is a huge combination. With just one glance at the 22, you can tell it is a flexible amp with a lot of functions. Despite the numerous pots, switches, and connectors, the control panel is quite clear.

Build Quality

This is a sturdy beast for £250, and it is also very hefty. The cabinet is most likely made of particleboard, but it is sturdy and nicely polished. The speaker is a Bugera 12″ vintage-voiced model from the company’s own line.

Meanwhile, eight screws — four on the rear and four on top — keep the chassis in place. A cage covers the amp’s five valves, which we recommend removing for easy access to the valves.

The simplest method is to remove the chassis first; getting the cage off the more direct path is more difficult since the speaker gets in the way according to this Bugera 22 review.

The overall construction quality appears to be rather excellent, and the amp in question had no loose screws or other concerns with fit or finish. The tubes and valves that were installed are of poor quality.

The tubes are okay but if you choose to replace them, you will definitely see the difference both in the quality and sound.


This amp has a similar appearance to other boutique amplifiers, such as Matchless. If you did not recognize the name of this amplifier, you could think it was a boutique amplifier.

Some of the fit, finish, and materials used indicate that it is aimed at the cheap market, although they are only apparent upon closer scrutiny. This amp includes three 12AX7s in the preamp part and two EL84s in the power section, and its outputs about 22 watts to a Bugera-branded 12″ speaker.

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The power tubes may be run in pentode or triode modes, and there is an adjustable bias trim and an insert to connect your preferred meter, allowing even the most inexperienced user to replace their tubes.

Sound Quality

This amp contains two incredible sounds, as well as numerous more that may be used. The clear channel, for starters, is breathtaking. Dim the master level, engage the mid boost and roll back the preamp volume for a very dynamic and responsive amp with its own distinct tone.

While we cannot confirm in this Bugera 22 review whether or not it includes a Deluxe Reverb preamp part and an AC15 power amp section, it does offer a very good description of the overall sound of this amp.

This amp enjoys pedals, particularly a boost pedal like a Tubescreamer with the drive cranked down and the volume turned up to really crunch the preamp tubes. It has a tone that is exceptionally warm, expressive, detailed, and full-bodied.


Clean, Gain, and Volume are the usual settings, as is the three-band EQ with bass, mid, and treble. These provide you some control but do not have the elegance of a genuine equalizer according to this Bugera 22 review.

Following it is the Master volume knob, followed by Presence, and lastly Reverb. The footswitch may also regulate the reverb, giving you that extra bit of sustain you might want to toggle on and off.

The pentode/triode mode switch is another wonderful feature, making the V22 a terrific practice amp as well. According to our Bugera 22 review, this allows you to convert between 15 and 7.5 watts, increasing the amp’s versatility for varied room sizes.

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When you are performing with others, there is also an impedance switch on the rear that allows you to connect to a 4, 8, or 16-ohm speaker (the built-in speaker is an 8-ohm impedance).

Conclusion: BUGERA V22-INFINIUM 22-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Combo [2023 Review]

This amplifier, in our opinion, is well worth the money. Despite the possibility of reliability concerns, this is still the most cost-effective amp in the class. The number of functions and overall sound quality, on the other hand, is just incredible as we have to mention in this Bugera 22 review.

The V22 is a flexible amp that can deliver a diverse range of nice sounds. It also stands up to a variety of effects well, while being loud enough to fill almost any modest space.

Overall, this amplifier offers more value for the money than any other rival. As a result, we would strongly suggest this amplifier to anyone who likes blues, rock, or other vintage tones. We hope you liked our Bugera 22 review and it was helpful.

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