Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 [2023 Review]

Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard
  • 44 mini-sized keys and 5 percussion pads , Amp Output - 0.8+0.8 Watts
  • 100 sounds and 50 rhythm patterns. Dimension: 23.8 inch W x 8.3 inch D x 2.24 inch H
  • Simple tone selection with PIANO, ORGAN tone button and melody on/off lesson function
Casio SA-46 -Portable Keyboard (32 mini keys)
  • 32 Mini Keys
  • 8-Note Polyphony
  • 50 Play Along Tracks

Casio is known for almost anybody who is interested in instruments. In today’s Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review, we will be exploring these two affordable and interesting digital pianos from this reliable brand.

Casio SA 46 and SA 76 are both portable instruments. They are small in size and that is why they are being sold this much. Since they are really lightweight, it makes them the perfect choice for children. The kid-friendly appeal and size of these instruments are the reason why many parents prefer them.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review for more information below. We will be discussing the features of both and comparing them to each other. If you are wondering which one is a better choice for you between Casio SA 46 vs SA 76, we will guide you through.

Winner of Casio SA 46 vs SA 76: Casio SA 76

Here we are at the most important part of this Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review. Of course, we need to pick a winner between Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 and that is Casio SA 76 for sure.

As we have mentioned in this Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review before, the main difference between them is that the SA 46 only has 32 keys while Casio SA 76 has 44 keys. Aside from that, all of the interior features are identical.

Because of the features inside, the Casio SA 76 is a decent product for both beginners and younger players. When you first see the Casio SA 76, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the size. It only has 44 keys, which is about half the size of a standard 88-key keyboard.

But that is understandable since this is a piano that is marketed toward young players or beginners who are just beginning their learning experience. If you want your child to be not overwhelmed by the number of keys, this is a perfect choice.

Despite its small size, the Casio SA 76 is packed with useful features, especially for beginners and new learners. There are 100 tones listed within the digital piano, which is a large number even when compared to other digital pianos.

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Casio SA 46 Review

Features: The most noted feature of Casio SA 46 is its portability. It is produced especially for kids and it has a really cute appeal. With a cute style and small keys that are suitable for children, even adults would enjoy playing this piano.

Casio SA 46 is simply a fun instrument that everybody can have. The blended songs, rhythms, sounds, and effects are irresistible for young kids who are getting into playing music. The Casio SA 46 also makes a great gift for children who want to play the piano.  Thanks to the fun and creative design, you can use it even as home decor.

The Casio SA 46’s 32 mini-keys are worth mentioning according to this Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review. Casio Sa 46 is ideal for little hands, thanks to the fact that it has been produced for children. Kids can practice without getting bored on this piano and Casio SA 46 does not tire children out easily because the keys are not full-weighted.

You can also place this piano on your lap since it is so small in size. In addition to these, the bright color choices appeal to young children. Also, the keys are not touch-sensitive and easy to play with.

There are 50 different rhythms and 5 different drum pads within the piano that can be used to create a sense of rhythm and composition. There are also ten practice tunes to help new players learn how to play the piano. This is a great chance for children to play along with their favorite songs.

In the middle of the keyboard is a small LC display, and you can see a small set of controls below that. Casio SA 36 is made for children so it can handle bumps and bangs really well, so we can say that it will last a long time.

  • Colorful design
  • Lightweight
  • 100 built-in tones, 50 rhythms, and 10 songs
  • Drum keys
  • LCD screen
  • Auto shut off
  • Works with batteries
  • Does not come with a power adapter
  • Songs are only for children

Casio SA 76 Review

Features: Casio SA 76 is a small digital piano that is also lightweight and portable. This stylish keyboard is compact and light, making it a perfect choice to buy for children. Thanks to its lightweight nature, storing it in your home is not a big deal and you or your child can travel with it without any problems.

The colors and fun designs of Casio SA 76 appeal to children, and this piano is finished in solid black color with a touch of brown on the underside. It also has an easy-to-use LCD screen that is perfect for children. They can monitor what they are doing with ease using this screen.

There are two speakers placed on this digital keyboard, one on either side of the piano. The speakers deliver a capacity of 1.2 watts, which is adequate for children but it might be insufficient for anything else.

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Even though Casio SA 76 has reduced the number of keys, the overall quality is more than enough. The sound quality of the keyboard is excellent and it has around 100 tones.

The Casio SA 76 comes with 50 rhythms, 10 integrated tracks, 100 tones, and other features. When playing the piano, these built-in elements help children to have fun while earning the fundamentals of playing the piano.

Casio SA 76 is a great tool for children to develop their musical skills and learn to play a wide range of songs. If you are looking for something both educational and fun for your child, this digital piano is a perfect choice.

  • Small and portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Good sound quality
  • Drum pads
  • Battery-powered
  • Affordable
  • Does not come with a power adapter

Casio SA 46 vs SA 76: Are they similar?

The Casio SA 46 and 76 are lightweight mini keyboards with small keys and small sizes. They are manufactured in this way because they are both aimed at young children. They are designed for beginner piano players, and even adults can use them.

They might be a good choice as a first instrument because they surely can help prevent children from being frustrated; especially at their first try to play something on a full-sized piano.

8 polyphonic voices, 10 blended songs, 50 types, 100 tones, and 50 rhythms are all included in these models. You or your children can try out different kinds of music since there are a large number of songs and sound options available.

These adaptable pianos offer you the freedom to select songs and rhythms from a wide range of genres, which we really like. These do not limit creativity and inspiration in any way. Children can perform their favorite songs, compose their own music, and experiment with new ideas as they wish.

There is a small LCD monitor placed on both keyboards. Even though it does not worth talking about too much, it is a nice addition to a kids’ digital piano. It really helps the young ones when keeping track of what they are doing.

There are no USB or computer ports on the instruments but they both have headphone ports. The headphone jack is a must and lifesaver when it gets really annoying when kids freely experiment with their pianos.

The prices of both instruments are fair and they do not cost much. If you are on a budget, both options are being sold at affordable prices at the market, and they make great gifts.

The collection of practice tunes included in both of the digital pianos is designed to help players get a feel for how music is performed. We know that majority of people are searching for Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 because they are searching for a new piano for their children.

Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 Comparison

Casio has been producing high-quality, dependable keyboards for many years. As you might guess from their success, their small, mini-sized digital pianos are just as common as their full-sized counterparts, just like the ones we have mentioned in this Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review.

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Small-sized pianos are not popular among adults but this size does provide some additional benefits, especially for children. If you are unsure which one to get between Casio SA 46 vs SA 76, keep reading for the differences between these two small digital pianos.

These two are very similar in some ways, but they are also very different from each other. When we examine the Casio SA 46, we can see that it is much smaller. It is because the piano’s layout only has 32 keys, which is natural for a children’s piano.

The keys and measurements of the Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 are the most significant difference between these two. Casio SA 46 has 32 keys and its measurements are 448 mm x 208 mm x 51 mm. On the other hand, Casio SA 76 has 44 keys and its measurements are 604mm x 211mm x 57 mm.

Casio SA 46 has fewer keys and it is smaller than Casio SA 76. That makes SA 46 lighter in weight, weighing up to 1 kg. Compared to that, Casio SA 76 weighs 1.4 kgs. Since it has more keys is bigger, Casio SA 76 is more expensive than its counterpart.

However, the price difference is minor, and we do not recommend buying SA 46 just because it is cheaper. Casio SA 76 is more powerful than Casio SA 46, with a performance of 0.8W amp.

Despite the fact that they have the same number of speakers, the quality of speakers differs a lot. Casio SA 46 is less efficient and has a lower amperage compared to SA 76. If you think the SA 76 is too costly or you think it would be difficult for your child to learn, the SA 46 appears to be a better choice.

The appearance of Casio SA 46 vs Casio SA 76 is also different because SA 76 has round sides, while Casio SA 46 has straight sides with a round corner.

Both of their designs are good and made in a way you will not have to worry about your children accidentally bumping into the piano and injuring themselves. The build quality is not the best but it is solid and appears to be well-made for children.

Conclusion: Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 [2023 Review]

Casio is a trusted brand for electric pianos with a lot of experience. Since they are so popular, we are sure that you have already come across one of their products so far. Casio SA 76 vs SA 46 are two of their most common mini digital pianos, and they are very similar in terms of layout and features.

Since we thought you might be unsure which to get for your children, we wrote this Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review.  The Casio SA 46 vs SA 76’s greatest asset is their portability. They can be carried easily during long journeys.

These engaging pianos are ideal for young children who can learn to play and practice. They will come in handy, especially during their holidays or trips. Casio has always been known for making fun and well-designed instruments, and the SA 46 and SA 76 are no exception.

For kids who want a fun and compact keyboard, you can prefer these affordable options with ease of mind. We hope you liked our Casio SA 46 vs SA 76 review and it was helpful.

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