Yamaha P45 vs P115 [2023 Review]

Buying an instrument from Yamaha is a serious investment and we know some of you are still curious about Yamaha P45 vs P115 and cannot decide which one is better. In this review, we will be looking at the similarities and differences of Yamaha P45 vs P115 to help you out.

The P45 and P115 digital pianos from Yamaha are the latest additions to Yamaha’s Portable series of keyboards. As compared to the previous pianos that came before them, both of these digital pianos are the obvious next move of Yamaha because it is clear that they made a move considering the customer demands.

But, in the end, we know that you are wondering which one is the better match for you? That issue is what we will be covering in this review today. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha P45 vs P115 review for more information below.

Yamaha P45, 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review

Features: Yamaha P45 digital piano has an 88-key weighted action and a huge music library built with Yamaha’s Stereo Advanced Wave Management. The new Yamaha P45 builds on the Yamaha’s success by incorporating a 64-note orchestration for a rich, deep tone.

Many digital pianos, particularly in this price range, are missing eight octaves. However, they are present on this 88-key keyboard, which we believe is a significant feature.

We believe it is important to point out that this is a full-size piano with eight octaves, allowing you to play even the most demanding pieces. This is due to the fact that, unlike other small digital pianos, Yamaha P45 is light and portable. As a result, you will have plenty of space to play with both hands.

This piano would be an excellent choice for musicians and anyone who enjoys flexibility and portability. P45 is small enough to fit in most vehicles, making it easy to transport to performances or on the road.

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Another reason we like this keyboard for beginners is that it comes pre-programmed with ten songs and ten demos to play along with. Beginners will profit from this because they will be able to pick up tips from songs while playing. Slowing down the tracks allows beginners to feel comfortable while learning the basics.

  • Easy to change settings just by touching one button
  • Great value for the money
  • High-quality sound engineering that replicates sound of grand piano
  • Suited for students and beginner players
  • Lightweight
  • No record/playback feature, must use alternate sources

Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review

Features: The P115 is a small digital piano that can be taken anywhere. The piano’s scale is close to that of its younger sibling, the P45. The P115 has a width of 52.2 inches, a depth of 11.6 inches, and a height of 6.4 inches without a stand.

The piano is compact enough to fit into a small room without taking up too much space on the floor. You can also attach the keyboard to a device by placing it on a desk.

Of course, having a dedicated stand for the instrument would have been much more convenient so we definitely recommend buying one.

Since the P115 does not come with a stand, you will have to purchase one separately. The Yamaha P115 is equipped with an 88-key fully weighted action keyboard. Along with 14 instrument sounds and a 14W speaker system, this is definitely a full package.

There is also an onboard audio recorder and more to find in Yamaha P115. This keyboard also has new innovative features like Intelligent Acoustic Control and Sound Boost function. There is also more polyphony if compared to the previous releases.

  • Non-slippery keys
  • 192-note polyphony
  • Only one sound effect available
  • 2-track MIDI recorder
  • New Sound boost feature
  • No LCD Screen

Yamaha P45 vs P115 Comparison

Yamaha P45 vs P115 [2023 Review]

Both the Yamaha P45 and P115 are digital pianos from the legendary Yamaha company, which have created a stir in the industry with their sound output, high-quality keys, and other specifications.

Yamaha P45 vs P115 are successors to the P35 and P105, and they have only one or two differences in terms of technology and mechanism. However, determining which one is better for your needs might be a difficult task.

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Contrasting them side by side will be definitely helpful for those who are not decided yet. So, in this Yamaha P45 vs P115 review, we will be looking at the differences between P45 and P115 to help you choose the best option for your needs.

If you have decided to come here and read this, you are probably trying to choose between the P45 and the P115. As a result, we have outlined the main similarities between the two pianos for you. While doing that, we took into account the P45’s and P115’s construction, tone, and other key characteristics.

So, both of these instruments have a similar size. It almost does not matter which one you get if you are looking for a digital piano that comes in this size. Both have 88 weighted keys, dual-mode, duo-mode, transposing feature, and a sustain pedal.

One of their differences is the Yamaha CF3s, a concert grand piano, samples the P115 piano tone. On the other hand, the AW Stereo Sampling powers the P45. In terms of size and weight, the P45 and P115 models seem to be very similar in terms of dimensions and aesthetics.

If we have to talk about key intervention, we need to look at the mechanism of the keys. Yamaha P45 vs P115 both have Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) mechanism, which is a good action for beginners and intermediates. This means that when playing both digital pianos, the keys will have the same sound.

The P115 is much superior in terms of polyphony, with a total of 192 polyphony notes compared to the Yamaha P45’s 64 sounds.

Despite the fact that none of the pianos in the Yamaha P-series perform well in terms of voices and songs, the P115 is still able to surpass the Yamaha pP5 with a total of 14 voices and 50 songs.

The speakers on the P115 are also superior. However, one major criticism of the Yamaha P45 is that its maximum volume is insufficient. Thanks to a total of four speakers, the Yamaha P115 excels in this field.

The sound quality of the P45 and P115 is vastly different. The P45 has two 12-centimeter speaker cones and two 6-watt amplifiers. The P115 has a 7-watt amplifier and two 12-centimeter speaker cones.

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However, it also comes with 2 extra 4-centimeter cones. The tone of the P115 is crisper, despite the fact that the amplifiers’ wattage is nearly undetectable.

The P115 has a bass lift and crisp treble due to the extra 4-centimeter speaker cones, which work in tandem with the sustain pedal. The P45 sound was a little blurry while playing the electric piano voice.

If you want to fix this, you should turn down the volume. If you do that, there would be nothing to complain about for a beginner.

Winner of Yamaha P45 vs P115: Yamaha P45

When it comes down to the winner of this battle of Yamaha P45 vs P115, beginners and those on a tight budget will benefit from the P45 and everything it has to give for sure. It comes in a total package for beginners and experts, and it is a great choice that no one can regret.

The winner of this Yamaha P45 vs P115 review is Yamaha P45 for that reason and the many we have explained above. There are also several features that will not be wasted on Yamaha P45. Yamaha P45 is definitely an ideal digital piano for beginners who want to get a real feeling of a piano.

P45 does not contain lots of parts that are complicated to understand, that is why it is a great tool to practice your music without any trouble. It is a wonderful learner’s piano. When you think about that it a Yamaha piano, which is still really inexpensive for what it offers.

We should also not forget about the duo-mode feature which will be really beneficial for the users and it makes teaching piano really simple.

Conclusion: Yamaha P45 vs P115 [2023 Review]

With both models having their own set of unique characteristics, there has been a lot of discussion among beginners and experts about which one from Yamaha P45 vs P115 is the best.

We compared the Yamaha P45 and P115 side by side on everything from the piano’s construct to how each digital piano performs to help you make the best choice. We hope that beginners and experts alike will benefit from this Yamaha P45 vs P115 review.

We hope you liked our Yamaha P45 vs P115 and it was helpful.

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