Catalinbread RAH Overdrive Pedal [2023 Review]

There is no doubt that Catalinbread RAH Pedal is definitely one of the best overdrive pedals in the market. We believe you will like this product instantly after reading our review of Catalinbread RAH Pedal since it will have a huge effect on experience with your guitar.

Catalinbread RAH Pedal is manufactured to reproduce the Jimmy Page sound from the 1970 Royal Albert Hall performance. The design was made in a way to create the amp setup from that show and it is a very dynamic effect pedal that manages to deliver.

There are a lot of things to talk about this overdrive pedal. So, let’s get right into it without wasting anytime.

Catalinbread RAH Overdrive Pedal Review

  • Durable material
  • Great response
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Easy to turn the effects on and off with the foot switch
  • A little bit noisy

Build Quality

We should start by mentioning that the manufacturer decided to create a product that is very simple to use and that is why Catalinbread Rah Pedal comes with a very simple layout with knobs. We believe you will not have many problems when using this because it is very easy to operate and each knob has labels and there are very easy to arrange.

We should mention that there are three different knobs which you arrange the tone circuits and it has two more knobs. The first circuitry is called master which help you control the output volume. The best idea to go for the default setting of this knob so that you can trust your amp to do his job to arrange the output volume.

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The other circuity reproduces the input volume settings which Jimmy Page used.  It is possible to turning it up which will increase the dynamic range and you can turn it down and produce a brighter sound.

What the last circuit of this pedal does is to arrange the treble. The treble effect can be hard to realize unless you increase the other tones effects. You can do this by turning up the treble setting which will create the screaming guitar effect which started in the 60s rock music. However, it doesn’t cause any EQ problem or other unwanted sound that comes from the lower end of spectrum.

We should also mention that you will not have any issues controlling the treble. In fact, we believe you will enjoy playing with it since it has a very dynamic feel to it.

As we continue to our review of Catalinbread Rah Pedal, we should mention that it the knobs are interactive which means that if you lower the frequency you will also have different spectrum.  

Catalinbread RAH Overdrive Pedal [2023 Review]


Now that we talked a little bit about the build quality, we would like to move on to the sound quality in our review of Catalinbread Rah Pedal. We can say that we are very impressed with what the manufacturer has done and we also believe that the sound quality will make you fall in love with this product immediately.

The first thing to say about Catalinbread Rah Pedal is that it is adaptable to different kinds of music. So, you will be able to produce different kinds of sound with it which we believe is very important in a pedal.

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Another thing that we like a lot about this pedal is that you won’t be able to see any difference with it and an amplifier. Its sharpness and preciseness in sound manages to deliver almost all the things that you want from an amplifier. It does what an amplifier does and does a great job at amplifying the characteristic of your guitar.

The way it responds to the volume knob on your guitar will impress you and it manages to do the clean up in a great way if you roll it off. Moreover, it manages to do adapt to various playing techniques which is also great.

If you decide to play your guitar gently, the pedal will work that way and adapt to that. However, if you want to play your guitar hard, you can do that as well because it will adapt to that too.

Conclusion: Catalinbread Rah Pedal [2023 Review]

Let’s finish our review of Catalinbread Rah Pedal by mentioning that we were very impressed with all the things about this product. We believe it is a great idea to buy this product if you have an interest in 60s rock music because this product was created to emulate that.

We like the fact that it gives you the opportunity to arrange the treble, mid-range and bass tones. It produces a great sound that manages to give you the performance of an amplifier. It also manages to adapt to various playing styles which is another great thing about.

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To sum up, we believe it is a great pedal that is definitely worth the price and we highly suggest it. We hope that our review of Catalinbread Rah Pedal was helpful!

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