Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone [2023 Review]

The saxophone is a well-known instrument that is mostly associated with jazz and blues music. The instrument has a long and glorious history, that is why it has become associated with the ideals of free music and artistic freedom.

Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophones produce sound equal to the most expensive instruments in the market. They are made of dedicated copper without using lead, that is why they are extra durable and capable of making amazing music.

And, that is partly why we are writing this Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone review for the curious ones who are planning to buy a saxophone from Eastar. In addition to having a great design, the color is multi-layer painted and durable. It is not going to fade any time soon, that is a promise.

Although the saxophone’s tones and sounds are amazing to the ears, learning to play the instrument is another story and it takes some time. Many professional standard saxophones are too difficult for some people to play because of their heavyweight and complex designs.

However, Eastar Alto & Tenor saxophones are not like that and they are especially designed for beginners to provide them ease of play. If you are interested in these saxophones, keep reading our Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone review for more information below.

Eastar Alto Saxophone Review

About: Eastar Alto Saxophone is one of the best alto saxophones for any beginner to learn how to play the sax and build up their skills continuously with the instrument’s beautiful tone and affordable price.   

Features: Eastar Alto Sax might be one of the best beginner saxophones on the market for the most inexperienced players. Why we are claiming that is because it comes with a full pack of accessories that any beginner might need to start learning.

This saxophone from Eastar comes with a carrying case, mouthpiece set, real leather strap, cork grease, shoulder straps, white gloves, resin practice reed, advanced bulrush reeds, soft swab, soft cloth, cleaning brush, and a hard saxophone stand.

The first thing you will notice when you open the box would probably be the case. We hoped that the case would look more expensive because the sax itself looks almost like a professional instrument. Considering that you are paying a fair price for it, every sax player deserves a sturdy carrying case for this one.

The pads are the next we can complain about. The pads used in this horn are fairly inexpensive, but they are well installed, that is for sure. It would take years to damage those pads even if you wanted.

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The pads have metal domed resonators. All saxophone pads may become sticky, but the inexpensive ones are particularly so. Luckily, Eastar gets the job done right by installing the pads in the best way possible according to our Eastar Alto Saxophone review.

People speak about the metal used to make a saxophone having a major impact on the sound, and that might be true to some extent. However, in most cases, that is not the reality.

The truth is that the shape of that metal is much more significant when it comes to saxes. The measurements of this brass are identical to those of a professional instrument, and that is probably why it also sounds like a professional one according to this Eastar Alto Saxophone review.

The other materials used in this Eastar Alto saxophone are pretty standard and do not require any mentions. When you look at the pieces such as springs, corks, felts, lacquer, and key pearls, you can see that they are pretty simple.

When you assemble a saxophone, you can see imperfections especially if it is a cheap one. But we got surprised with this Eastar Alto Sax on that matter. When it comes to the assembling of the instrument, the Eastar alto sax has the best configuration we have seen in this price range.

We almost could not see any problem in the mechanical play in the keys. You can find some keys being wobbly but there is almost nothing to do about it. The reason why that effect is negligible is that there is no pad attached to some keys.

The neck fits snugly into the body, and even the octave key on the neck has a close fit, which is unusual for these instruments. I would mention that the neck cork is also well-installed.

Eastar Alto Saxophone comes with a plastic replica of a professional mouthpiece that works perfectly. However, we say that because this is a product which is in an affordable price range. A more expensive one should have a more quality mouthpiece for sure.

It does come with a pair of white gloves, though we cannot understand why. You do not necessarily need gloves to play this alto sax from Eastar. The Eastar alto saxophone also came with a saxophone stand, which is a useful addition.

Aside from the pads and a bad quality case, this saxophone is a great deal at this price. If you are on a tight budget but still want a saxophone, you can definitely play whatever music you want with this Eastar Alto Saxophone.

  • Beautiful tone
  • High-grade materials
  • Cool Looking Design
  • Budget Friendly
  • Short Warranty
  • Heavy for Children

Eastar Tenor Saxophone Review

About: This Eastar tenor sax sounds much like any other professional instrument. It has a full-bodied jazz tone, and the main action could not be any good than this. It appears to be well constructed, and anyone looking for a high-quality tenor should consider the Eastar.

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Features: This is a professional model saxophone that has everything a professional player needs. Eastar has been making affordable saxophones for many years and we think they have perfected the style and qualities that players want.

Even though Eastar looks like the affordable option for a more expensive sax, you will not be able to tell the difference between a professional instrument and an anEastar tenor sax.

One of the most significant things about buying an instrument is the accessories it comes with. If you are paying dollars for it, we think that you should get pretty decent extras with a saxophone.

Luckily, Eastar comes with lots of them as we can mention in this Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone review. The package includes a carrying case, mouthpiece set, real leather strap, cork grease, shoulder straps, white gloves, resin practice reed, advanced bulrush reeds, soft swab, soft cloth, and a cleaning brush.

Unfortunately, unlike the alto version, Eastar did not include a sax stand for this eastar Tenor Sax. The stand would be a very useful addition to this package but guess you will have to buy it yourself if you want a place to safely store your instrument.

This sax from Eastar is made from dedicated copper, lead-free welding green craft. You can feel safe when using this instrument. The advanced imported leather pads might not be of the best quality but the installation of them is pretty decent.

Due to the lack of quality for the pads, they can feel sticky after a while of usage. Other than that, we are sure that you will be shocked when you realize the quality of this cheap saxophone. In addition, the pads are sealing very well and give a nice pop when you press down on the keys.

The carrying case might not be of the best quality, but you see how perfectly the sax fits in. According to our experience, cheap instruments often feel too small for the cases they come with, so this is a rare case to see that the Eastar Tenor Saxophone fits perfectly in its case.

Even though Eastar is not a professional brand, they surely managed to produce an instrument just like a high-end one according to this Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone review. There is practically zero mechanical play in the keys which you can only see in a high-end sax.

The design and assembly are also made with durable materials and good technique. All of the felts and corks are glued on well, so it will be impossible to damage any part of them even if you wanted to. You will see that none of the felts and corks look funky when they get out of the box.

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The neck of this Eastar Tenor Saxophone has a perfect fit but the mouthpiece is pretty tight. They claim to make a replica of a famous mouthpiece and we can say that it is a pretty close job there. You can get the mouthpiece on with cork grease, which comes with the pack so no worries there.

The springs are not blue steel like we are used to seeing but they seem to be very sturdy and have a good response. Like we have said many times before, this is an amazing instrument for the price it is sold at.

Overall, you will find no play in the keys, no leaks, and this tenor sax will be ready to play straight of the box. Speaking of packaging, the saxophone will arrive packed very well.

Eastar puts small pieces of cork in place to securely keep all the keys down to prevent damage when they ship their instruments. The case is not advertised on their site, but some customers claimed that it comes with a case. So, we are not sure if you will be able to get a case along with your order.

  • Budget price tag
  • Surprisingly high quality
  • Comes with a great range of accessories
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Quality construction and sound
  • Players have reported quality control issues that are significant

Conclusion: Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone [2023 Review]

When we review a cheap but quality instrument, we know that the possible customers are wondering whether the instrument will fall apart after just a few minutes of playing. This is not the case with these Alto and Tenor Saxophones from Easter.

Instruments that have a cheaper price range are known for having a poor reputation. However, things have changed significantly. The truth is that Eastar produces a wide range of high-quality instruments. They have mastered the art of producing alto and tenor saxophones.

For beginner saxophones, the Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone are the best budget choice. These saxophones, which are available at a low price, is ideal for any beginner saxophonist.

Because of its tonal range and classic style, the alto sax is a great beginner saxophone. For aspiring saxophonists, having an alto accessible at such a low price is extremely motivating.

On the other hand, the tenor model comes almost at the same price as the alto. We recommend the tenor saxophone from Eastar to the more experienced players who are looking for an affordable instrument that does not lack quality.

Overall, these two saxophone models sound equal to the professional ones and they are really affordable when you compare them to the more luxurious ones. We hope you liked our Eastar Alto & Tenor Saxophone review and it was helpful.

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