Glory Alto Saxophone [2023 Review]

It is very hard to find a high-quality saxophone for under 1000 dollars but Glory Alto Saxophone seems like a big exception since it is a very high-quality saxophone that comes at a veryreasonable price tag.

We believe Glory Alto Saxophone has some nice features that might surprise you, so, if you’re looking for a budget friendly that you can use for a long time, we suggest keep reading.

Glory Alto Saxophone Review

  • great secondary or backup instrument
  • durable dse
  • ideal for beginners
  • budget friendly
  • sounds good over a whole octave range
  • shoulder strap isn’t comfortable due to the weight

About: Comes in different colours, Glory Alto Saxophone doesn’t only look cool, but also, it has a nicekey layout and a compact design which makes very easy to use for saxophone players who are at all levels.

Features: It is true that there are a lot of things that you need to look for when getting a saxophone but sound is the most important one since it is the thing that will determine the joyyou’re going to get from the instrument.

We like Glory Alto Saxophone a lot in that sense because it has agreat sound on both the high and low ends of the scale. So, we can confidently say that this flute lives up to its name and sounds good across the whole range of tones.

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Therefore, we believe it will provide 90% of the professional flutes in the market and it comes with the quarter of the price which is a nice thing. Keep in mind that we strongly suggest getting a professionalsaxophone if you’re a professional saxophone player, however, other than that, we’re confident that this saxophone will definitely make you satisfied for a long time.

However, we should also mention that the provided mouthpiece is meant for practice might be the best at producing very loud tones, so, you can get a new mouthpiece if you want to get louder and moreconsistent range of high and especially low tones.

You might also consider this product for your child if he’s just started playing saxophone since it has a compact design and a reasonable key layout which makes it very easy to hold and play.

We also like the look of this saxophone since it looks very classy and quirky with its shining, classic gold laquer finish. It is also possible to get Glory Saxophone in different colours such as silver,blue, green, light blue, pink, red and other colours that you can pick from.

As we mentioned in the beginning of our review, Glory Saxophone offers a lot of things that you don’t expect from the saxophones that are at this price range. Its package includes a pair of gloves, softwiping cloth, screwdriver, mouthpiece, ten reeds, nipper and a case which are all the things that you want in an alto saxophone.

Buyer’s Guide

Should I Rent or Buy?

It might be a little bit unappealing to buy an instrument if you just started playing one since you might not want to spend a lot of money for something that you might not use one year later. However, webelieve it makes much more sense to buy an instrument instead of buying one that we will list below:

  • Even though it might sound counter intuitive, resting an instrument might end up costing you more since thelong-term rental fees can add up quickly. So, it is possible to get a student level saxophone for the less than the cost of a year’s rental.
  • It is very likely that you will stick with a habit if you end up spending money on it since you won’t want your money to go to waste. You can think of it like signing up for a gym. The chances of youwill go the gym will increase if you sign up and pay for it.
  • Rental instruments often have defects that can be verydiscouraging and also can be hard to deal with when they happen like scratches and dents. We should also mention that you will be responsible for all the defects that will happen afteryou start playing the instrument.
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Materials and Finishes

As you already know, most saxes are made with yellow brass bodies which is the most common one selected by saxophone players. However, you can also get your saxophone with different bodies such as bronze,copper or sterling silver.

As for the finish, we should mention that the standard finish for most saxophones is clear lacquer. Today, the saxophonist can choose from an array of alternate finishes including coloredor pigmented lacquers, silver plate, “antiqued” or “vintage” finishes, nickel-plate, or black nickel-plate.

The Advantage of Buying Online

You will probably have to pay more if you decide to get your instrument from store since the expenses and the rent will be included in that price which is something you don’t see in the products that youbuy online.

In addition to the price, you will also find more productsonline which is a great thing since you will have much more options. You can also read reviews, look for recommendations and make an informed choice unaffected by the bias of a salesperson.

Conclusion: Glory Alto Saxophone [2023 Review]

To put it simply, Glory Alto Saxophone is great budget friendly saxophone that you can use for a long time and as we mentioned in the beginning of our review, there are a lot of things that we like aboutthis saxophone.

It has a good sound quality, durable material, ergonomic keys which are features that you encounter in products that have much higher price tags. So, we highly suggest getting Glory AltoSaxophone if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for your first saxophone!

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