Fеndеr СР-60S Aсоuѕtіс Guіtаr [2023 Review]

If you’re a guitar player, then there is a good chance that you’ve hear about Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar before. They are mostly famous for their very high-quality electric guitars but they also make very high-quality acoustic guitars and in this article we will review one of their best products in the market which is Fender CP-60s Acoustic Guitar.

Fender CP-60S is a very high-quality acoustic guitar that has a solid spruce top with laminated back and sides which is the reason why this product has a very sleek look. It also has very a decent sound quality, it comes with a price tag that can be considered as reasonable which makes it a great option.

There is a lot to talk about Fender CP-60S and we’re very excited about this product, so, let’s begin our review without wasting anytime.

Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar Review

Neck and Body

We will talk about the sound quality of Fender CP-60S but it is a good idea to start with the design of this product. Let’s start by mentioning that Fender CP-60S has a bottom-heavy body but it has a great balance which is a little bit unexpected.

As for the material used when making this acoustic guitar, we should mention its body made from rich mahogany which is a very high-quality material that we’re used to see in acoustic guitars. The main reason for that is that mahogany guitars are very durable and can be used for long years and also mahogany makes it possible to sustain a proper tone.

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We should also mention that rosewood was used to create the fretboard of Fender CP-60S which is also very common among the high-quality guitars in the market. The neck also has a 20-fret walnut fretboard.

We should also mention that 14 of 21 featured frets are fully accessible, which we like a lot because it provides a good scope for chords.

The top is made of Sitka spruce which has a deep gloss that has a sunburst effect which gives it a sleek look that has a vintage shape and a modern look. We should also mention that the Sitka spruce used in the top is also the reason why this guitar has a clear and a pleasant sound.

This is not surprising considering the fact that Fender is a great guitar company and the materials they used in this product are also very high-quality.


Let’s start by mentioning that even though there are a lot of things that we like about Fender CP-60S, we don’t like the fact that it doesn’t come with any accessories which is a little bit disappointing.

The only reasonable explanation for that might be the fact that Fender CP-60S comes with a very reasonable price from a company that often makes very expensive and high-quality guitars. That is why it this product can be considered as a budget friendly product and the fact that it doesn’t come with any accessories can be understood in that sense. However, we have to talk about a both negatives and the positives of Fender CP-60S in our review and we would at least expect a case to come with the guitar.

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The only thing that you will receive when you buy the guitar is the guitar itself. Therefore, you’ll need to buy a case, guitar strap and picks etc. separately. This is of course true unless you have bought a guitar before.

Fеndеr СР-60S Aсоuѕtіс Guіtаr [2023 Review]


We should start by mentioning that we were very impressed with the sound quality of Fender CP-60S, considering the fact that it comes with a price tag that can be considered as reasonable. Honestly, the fact that this guitar was sounding this great was surprising to us. The tension is good, and tuning and has a pretty arched acoustic headstock.

So, we can confidently say that the volume and the projection are the high points of Fender CP-60S. Therefore, we believe you will highly enjoy playing every second of it. The treble end of the spectrum is quite clean and distinctly free of tinny tone.

We should also mention that bass lovers will fall in love with Fender CP-60S instantly. The main reason for that is that it has a fairly strong and well-defined bass that will satisfy all the people who plays it.

The lack of the accessories also comes with a negative aspect of this guitar because it doesn’t come with any electronics which is again a little bit disappointing. We should mention that country and folk music are the best genres to enjoy this product.

Is Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar Worth the Price?

We should start by mentioning that the low-price tag might be the most surprising aspect of Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar. Fender doesn’t always produce products that are at the lower end of the price range, by product is an exception and we should mention that we are very impressed by both the quality and the price tag.

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This guitar comes with some features that you would expect from a product that has a much higher price tag. The material is very high-quality, it has a decent sound, it is suitable for various genres. So, we highly suggest it if you want a high-quality acoustic guitar made by a trustworthy brand and don’t want to spend tons of money on it.

Conclusion: Fеndеr СР-60S Aсоuѕtіс Guіtаr [2023 Review]

We love reviewing high-quality musical instruments made by high-quality brands and in this article, we wanted to review Fеndеr СР-60S Aсоuѕtіс Guіtаr because not everyone wants to spend thousand of dollars for their guitar.

In that sense, it makes sense to buy a budget-friendly acoustic guitar made by a trustworthy company. Fеndеr СР-60S Aсоuѕtіс Guіtаr is a great product that will satisfy most people who want an instrument that they can play for a long time!

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