Hohner Panther Accordion [2023 Review]

There might not be many accordion reviews on the net, that is why you can be having a hard time when picking out an accordion. In this Hohner Panther Accordion review, we will be looking at an extremely good quality instrument for you.

The Hohner Panther Accordion measures 12″ tall by 7-1/2″ deep. It weighs 9 pounds which is really easy to carry around. This one might be a perfect choice if you are looking for a light accordion that you can bring anywhere with you. It is played in the keys of G, C, and F.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Hohner Panther Accordion review for more information below. We will be exploring this accordion’s features, pros, and cons in detail to help you decide if you should buy this instrument or not.

Hohner Panther Accordion Review

  • Decent sound quality
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 31 treble keys and 12 bass/chord keys
  • Specifically designed for beginners
  • Price tag could be lower

With a lower price tag, the Hohner Panther Diatonic Accordion shares many of the quality features of more expensive accordions. The Panther Accordion has double-strap brackets, 31 treble keys, 12 bass/chord buttons, and 2 sets of treble reeds for a deep, solid accordion tone ideal for conjunto and other types.

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This one is a unique-looking instrument and it is really important for us to review an instrument that stands out from its peers. Hohner Panther Accordion is one of those instruments and it allows you to make individualized modifications.

Since the accordion is one of those instruments that does not manage body changes well, we were surprised to see Hohner making such an instrument. Furthermore, this model looks like a more expensive Hohner accordion in terms of its design, but it costs less than that.

Built Quality

Hohner Panther Accordion works really well. The materials used in its construction are durable and will last for years after you purchase them. The sound hole’s metal cover is sleek and gives a touch of flair.

There is a red cloth below that and it really adds a touch of elegance to this amazing instrument. It looks like it is contrasting with the rest of the instrument’s body which is a really nice detail.

The Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion comes with two strap brackets and a set of 31 treble and 12 bass buttons. The buttons are nearly identical to those found in more expensive versions, with no significant differences in the amount of pressure needed to play it.

This one is equipped with lots of nice features and it is capable of creating amazing sounds thanks to the quality materials used in its build. The sound produced by this accordion is of exceptionally high quality. You can heat the deep, bright, warm tones that you might want to hear from your accordion.

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The accordion’s controls are not daunting at all. Thanks to the construction of it, you will have a lot of control over the music you are making.

Who can use Hohner Panther Accordion?

In the key of G, Hohner 3-Row Diatonic Buttoned Accordion comes in the color of black. If you are a beginner and looking for a quality accordion, we can suggest this accordion. This literally is the perfect option for beginners because of its affordable price.

This instrument is an excellent choice for beginner accordionists who already own a GCF accordion, such as the Hohner Panther. For your second accordion, we highly recommend the Hohner Compadre in FBbEb.

Other models are also available for purchase, but it is normally learned after GCF and FBbEb. Of course, you have to choose your own instrument depending on your own preferences.

If you are taking some classes, you might come across some people who would recommend Hohner Panther Accordion to you. If you are wondering whether this instrument is worth buying, you should not doubt this accordion.

You can use this accordion for almost any musical genre such as Norteno, Tejano, Conjunto, Rock, Folk, Polka, Blues, Jazz, and other styles.

Should You Buy Hohner Panther Accordion?

Trying new brand and instruments are the door for learning new stuff about music. However, while doing so, it is important to buy them from trusted brands. Hohner is in the market since 1857 and they are still standing.

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This means they are doing their job right, and that is also why we are reviewing one of their products right now in this Hohner Panther Accordion review. They have been making instruments for a long time, including harmonicas and accordions.

Overall, Hohner Panther Accordion is an excellent piece to buy if you ask us. It is ideal for beginners because it comes with a strap and an accordion guide. You would need to purchase a case separately because it does not come with one.

Conclusion: Hohner Panther Accordion [2023 Review]

Overall, Hohner Panther Accordion is a good instrument that deserves its money. It has a good sound and made with high-quality materials. We can say that this accordion can last you a very long time if you take good care of it.

Even more, Hohner Panther Accordion is guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so your money is in safe hands. There are 31 notes and 3 button rows included in this compound and lightweight accordion.

Hohner Panther Accordion plays in the keys of G, C, and F, and it is really easy to play with 31 treble keys and 12 bass and chord buttons. You can use this accordion for solo playing or for playing in a band without a problem, it works just fine for both situations. We hope you liked our Hohner Panther Accordion review and it was helpful.

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