Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro [2023 Review]

There are many people paying lots of money for quality headphones but still not getting the sound they want out of them. In this Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review, we will be looking at this affordable headphone amplifier for the ones who want to improve the sound quality of their headphones and boost the bass section.

Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro uses an OPA1642 voltage pre-amplifier and an AD8397 power amplifier to produce a combined power output of 450 mW at 16 (270 mW at 32). Those are really powerful values that you can see in headphone amplifiers.

There is a low-high gain toggle switch, a rotary volume regulator, and a completely discrete bass boost circuit that can be bypassed to reduce interference are among the amplifier’s controls.

As you can see, it is a piece of really feature-rich equipment that everybody must have. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review for more information below. We will be looking at its best features, pros, and cons to help you decide whether this is the right headphone amp for you or not.

Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro Review

  • Lightweight design
  • Great value for the money
  • Very functional
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Build quality could be better

About: FiiO E11 Portable Headphone Amplifier is optimized for mobile Hi-Fi listening. You can make it works with a variety of headphones, earphones, and other in-ear control devices so it is a really versatile tool to have.

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Fiio’s never-ending creativity has resulted in the Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro, the company’s newest and perhaps most sophisticated amplifier to date. Fiio deserves praise not only for its ongoing efforts to improve the quality of its items but also for many elements of the Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro’s design.

The volume knob design stands out, as it protects against accidental turning while also allowing for quick volume change. This is a really conventional addition to this headphone amp according to our Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review.

Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro is a very lightweight equipment even though its sturdy looks. This headphone amp looks really nice and it has a matte black finish with a metal casing. There is not really much to say about the design in our Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review because it is really simple.

Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro [2023 Review]

Sound Quality and Adjustment

We have mentioned the gain part of Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro. Using the lows of the gain, you can give your headphones that slight boost it needs. You can use the high gain for more problematic headphones that needs more power.

As soon as you plug Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro, you will see that there will be no noise or whatsoever. If you have used other amps before, you might have realized that some of them add noises or effects to the sound, however, that is not the case with Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro. You will see that there will be no noise even when you use Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro on the highest settings.

If we were to explain the sound quality of this device, it would be blank because you will just get the pure, simple, and clean sound using it. If you do not use the EQ, you can see the true nature of your headphones without any trouble.

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However, we have to warn you in this Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review that if you turn the volume up really high, the sound might get a little distorted. Other than that, you can see that the bass is really precise, fast, and resonant. We are sure you will especially love the mids because of how smooth they are.

Build and Features

You can charge Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and use it for ten hours. On the top of Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro, there is a 3.5mm line-in, a 3.5mm line-out, and a volume wheel.

You can also find a mini-USB port and two additional switches are located on the right side, which are really convenient additions to this equipment. The best thing we liked about Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro is the EQ switch which allows you to change the sound. This part has three settings to boost the bass. There is also a gain switch for lows and highs.

There is a LED indicator provided to see when the device is working or charging. You can see that this part goes red when it is charging. However, you cannot use Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro while it is charging and that upsets us a little and we had to mention that in our Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review.

The highs are new and not overpowering, to be honest. The E11 simply the best at making the sound clear at any level of sound. When using an amplifier like the E11, make sure you start at very low volumes since it can be really loud at first.

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If you turn up past 4 or 5 and just press play, you could seriously damage your ears. So be careful on that part.

Conclusion: Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro [2023 Review]

We have mentioned before in our Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review that this is a product that you will buy one time and use for the rest of your life. Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro is easy to use and learn, and if you have a headphone that needs an amplifier, this is the one to buy for sure.

When it comes to pricing, Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro is really a budget-friendly option for the ones who want a high-quality sound coming from their headphones. It definitely can give you a worthy experience and boost up your sound. There are many more expensive options on the market, but Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro is still better than those in terms of performance and value.

You cannot really find any better headphone amp in this price range. If you have no problems with the sound of your headphones but need a little more power and punch on them, Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro does an amazing job at that. We hope you liked our Fiio E11 Kilimanjaro review and it was helpful.

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