Jensen JTA 460 Turntable [2023 Review]

Turntables are the new modern musical equipment in the market. Even though their history dates back to a while ago, they have started to gain popularity again. Their old traditional models are still on sale but fans of this vinyl player are looking for something more.

This turntable from Jensen can do what the other cannot, which makes it an amazing choice for the ones who want the traditional and modern in the same pack. Jensen JTA 460 does not only play records, but it can also convert analog to dialog among many other features.

Jensen JTA 460 combines the old and the new, which is actually one of the reasons why we are writing this Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review. It has exceptional results coming from this well-known brand, making it the ultimate choice for the ones who are planning to buy a turntable.

The advanced features provided by Jensen JTA 460 make it the ideal vinyl player for those who want to listen to their records while still reserving them. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review for more information below.

Jensen JTA 460 Turntable Review

About: Jensen JTA 460 is a three-speed belt-driven turntable that can give you complete control of your records. Along with being able to change the pitch, you can enjoy your music thanks to the built-in speakers.

Features: Jensen JTA 460 is a three-speed belt-driven turntable and those belts are set to 33, 45, and 78 revolutions per minute. Thanks to that, you can control the pitch of your music and enjoy it however you want.

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Jensen turntable gives you the opportunity to play your songs in the way you want, and you can play almost any record with this device as we can say in our Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review. The 33 and 78 speed belts are perfectly fine and there were no complaints about them. However, the 45 might give you some trouble.

This turntable comes with built-in stereo speakers. Thanks to that, you do not have to buy a speaker separately. We really like Jensen JTA 460 because everything comes in a pack, which makes this device perfect for the ones who are just getting used to turntables.

The speakers are placed on the left and right sides. Overall, the sound quality is fine but those speakers might not be as loud as you might want as we have to warn you in our Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review. It is enough to fill a small room, but we cannot assure you of anything more than that.

For the appearance of the device, we cannot say that it is the best-looking one in the market. However, it does the job well. The top has a gentle dust protector and a record player, just as you would expect from a turntable.

Based on our Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review, the front part of this device is more complicated than the top. With an LCD monitor, a volume knob, a tuning knob, and some buttons underneath, you can control everything you want from this part.

With Jensen JTA 460, you can skip, log, pause, switch modes, and boost the bass thanks to the thingies featured on the front part. In addition to that, the radio band and player feature are included in the same location.

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The left side of this turntable has connection ports for the headphones, speakers, USB, and SD card. What we liked the most about Jensen JTA 460 in our Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review is its ability to record the analog signal from LPs in digital format.

That feature is especially useful if you are building a digital archive for your records. JTA 460 makes that process really easy since there would be no need for a computer, you can do it just with your turntable.

Jensen JTA 460 is a multifunction record player that can also record. If you are looking for something like that, this turntable is a reliable choice. However, JTA 460 might not give you the traditional look of a turntable if you are into that.

It is more like a device that combines the old and the new, so it would be perfect for the ones who are looking for a modern appearance. There are also many turntables from Jensen that are cheaper than JTA 460, but they do not have the signature recording feature this one has.

People seem to love Jensen JTA 460 turntable. This model has a decent price with some amazing features. Even more, it is made from durable and sturdy materials so you can use it for a decent amount of time. The knobs especially are of good quality.

The fact that you can connect your turntable to an external source is a good detail coming from Jensen. To use your record player from moving, JTA 460 also includes a remote control. However, you might feel like the speakers are not enough overall.

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Jensen JTA 460 Turntable [2023 Review]

Conclusion: Jensen JTA 460 Turntable [2023 Review]

The Jensen JTA-460 is probably the best record player under $100 you can get for the money. It has the best sound quality according to this Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review. It can also convert vinyl to MP3 without the use of a computer.

Another feature of the Jensen JTA 460 is its radio. Even though radio is kind of outdated, we are sure that some people might still be interested in it. You can still listen to the news and songs.

Although signal intensity varies depending on your position, it does the job as best as it can. Jensen JTA 460 is a decent deal for the turntable fans. We hope you liked our Jensen JTA 460 Turntable review and it was helpful.

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