Denon DP 29F Turntable [2023 Review]

Turntables are back in the market with many modern features. If you are a fan of those vinyl pieces, you must get something that is worthy of them. In this Denon DP 29F Turntable review, we will try to give you a brief review of this amazing turntable that can offer quality at an affordable price.

Denon DP 29F Turntable uses an automatic device that begins playing the record with a single button press. What we liked the most is this turntable can stop rotation at the end of every record thanks to its ability to returning the arm to the beginning position.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Denon DP 29F Turntable review for more information below. We will be talking about its specifications to help you decide whether this one is worth your money or not.

Denon DP 29F Turntable Review

  • Rigid die-cast aluminum
  • Employs an automated system that starts playing the record with the single touch
  • Built-in phono equalizer
  • Comes with an MM cartridge
  • Belt drive system
  • Affordable
  • Needs to be maintained well

About: Denon DP 29F Turntable is produced with rigid die-cast aluminum to provide uniform inertial mass for perfectly stable turntable rotation. This ensures that you will get high-quality sound while playing your favorite songs.

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Overall Review

If you think that the time to getting your vinyl records back into your daily life has come, you should definitely consider Denon DP 29F Turntable because it is packed with features and has enough to offer for any kind of vinyl collector.

Based on our Denon DP 29F Turntable review, this turntable has an RIAA phono equalizer built-in. It can allow you to link it to your other devices through an analog connection. This is a really cool feature for the ones who want to integrate several devices together.

There is a system included in Denon DP 29F Turntable that helps you to prevent scratching your records by accident when you play them. There is also a manual lifter mechanism that lets you put the needle anywhere you want on the album, allowing you to skip to a song with ease.

You can start playing right out of the box

The DP 29F comes with an MM cartridge, so you can start listening to your vinyl records as soon as you plug it into your sound system. This turntable also has a belt drive system with a DC servo motor according to our Denon DP 29F Turntable review.

We can say its dynamically balanced form and straight tonearm can give you the sound you want.  However, as many other turntables do, Denon DP 29F Turntable requires frequent maintenance.

You have to get new cartridges once in a while, clean it and get new grease for them. If you do not give the attention this device requires you might not get the sound you got the first time you tried it.

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Comes with an EQ

Denon DP 29F Turntable is a belt-driven, fully automatic analog turntable with RIAA equalized phono preamplifier. It can also connect to any analog input on any receiver. You can attach the DP 29F to an integrated amp that does not have its own equalizer because it has a built-in Phono equalizer.

What to be aware of?

The Denon DP 29F turntable has been on the market for a while now with a good price and rating. This is a low-cost turntable that competes with turntables from more expensive brands and the reason for that is obvious. However, there is some stuff that you should be aware of if you are planning to buy this turntable.

The most important thing is, you cannot remove the cartridge of this turntable. It is true that changing cartridges is one of the best aspects of the vinyl hobby. However, the ones who are too lazy to change it might find this quite handy.

Furthermore, turntable cartridges that come pre-installed have a bad reputation but you should try this one out for yourself. Another thing is, the counterweight cannot be adjusted and that related to the lack of a replaceable cartridge.

In addition to these, we wanted to include in our Denon DP 29F Turntable review the fact that there is no anti-skate mechanism that can be adjusted. Antiskating is a good feature that we would like to see because it increases sound quality and decreases record wear. Unfortunately, Denon DP 29F Turntable does not come with one.

Good choice for every kind of vinyl collection

The fact that Denon DP 29F Turntable is made of entirely plastic can justify the price according to our Denon DP 29F Turntable review. However, we want to remind you that you will be getting more than what you will pay for.

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Furthermore, Denon is a well-known brand among vinyl collectors, and their cartridges and higher-priced turntables are of excellent quality.

So, we can say that Denon DP 29F Turntable is a good choice for every kind of vinyl collection. No matter what type of records you have, there is a high chance you will get a high-quality listening experience from this turntable.

A phono preamplifier is included with the turntable, allowing it to be connected to an amplifier, which is a huge plus if you ask us. It can also play records but it is susceptible to speed changes.

Conclusion: Denon DP 29F Turntable [2023 Review]

Even the simplest turntable has features that improve the sound quality by adding complexity and dynamism to the songs. Denon’s DP-29F turntable has a simple appearance according to our Denon DP 29F Turntable review.

However, it has all of the necessary features to enable the owner to listen to his favorite tracks without difficulty. Denon did an excellent job with this vinyl turntable. It is a simple machine that gets the job done.

Although it is not very attractive, it plays records flawlessly. The sound is clear and it will last for a long time if properly cared for. We hope you liked our Denon DP 29F Turntable review and it was helpful.

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