Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet [2023 Review]

Trumpet is one of the most popular instruments among musical students who join a band and most of them stick with the habit of playing a trumpet for long years. Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet is a great trumpet for those musical students and that is why we want to review this instrument.

Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet has a lot of features that you will love instantly, such as easiness to play, practicality and great design. Not to mention it comes with a reasonable price tag which makes it a considerable option.

Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet

About: Let’s start by mentioning that Le’Var is not one of the most popular instrument brands in the market and we believe it deserves much more recognition because they make very solid instruments and this trumpet is not an exception.

Features: The manufacturer designed this trumpet so that students can play it easily and not get discouraged when they are playing the instrument. The features of this trumpet designed for that reason and let’s talk about those one by one.

This trumpet comes with a .460 inch bore and which is essential because it makes it very easy to play by beginners. As for the design, we should mention that this trumpet comes with a great design that look very stylish since it has a yellow brass body, bell and lead pipe and it has a gold lacquer finish. It also comes with an adjustable thumb which provides the most comfort when playing.

As for the valves, we should mention that this trumpet comes with nickel plated steel which is also very high-quality. Keep in mind that you should oil the valves regularly so that they don’t stick overtime.

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We also like the quality a lot since this trumpet has a lot to offer since it has a decent sound quality, it has a great design and it is durable. However, there are products that have a higher quality in the market but considering the price tag, this trumpet is definitely worth a consideration.

One of the things that we don’t like about this trumpet is that it doesn’t come with a hard case which is a little bit annoying because some people their trumpets in the carrying case a lot and it would be nice to have a hard case that makes Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet more durable against the potential damages that might happen to the instrument.

It is also worth mentioning that when you buy this trumpet, you will also receive various accessories such as a polishing cloth, valve oil and white gloves all of which we believe also good to have.

Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet [2023 Review]

What to Look for in a Student Trumpet?

Most beginner trumpet players make a mistake in relation to their choice of product since they don’t consider their level and goal when buying an instrument which is a mistake since not all the trumpets in the market are the same and have the same features.

There are some things you need to consider when buying a trumpet if you’re a beginner. For instance, we always suggest buying an instrument that is easy to play since you don’t want to get discouraged if you’re a beginner trumpet player.

So, it makes sense to buy a trumpet that has a small-bore size since it is much easier to play and also it makes sense to buy a lightweight instrument if you want to hold it for long hours. We also suggest buying from a trustworthy brand since you don’t want to deal with and defects that the trumpet might have since it can become very frustrating.

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Another advice that we often give is not to spend a lot of money if you’re buying your first trumpet since you don’t know whether you’re going to stick with the habit and there is a chance that you will regret your decision if you pay a lot of money for your instrument.

It is also worth mentioning that there are a lot of high-quality trumpets for regular prices in today’s market since it is much easier to manufacture any instrument and that also includes a trumpet. So, paying not a lot of money for an instrument doesn’t mean that you’re going buy a low-quality instrument which is not true. The thing that you should do is to make your research properly and look for the customer reviews when you’re buying your instrument and that’s why we’re hear since we want our customers to find the best option for themselves.

Conclusion: Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet [2023 Review]

The first instrument or the instrument you buy for yourself when you’re beginner is essential since it will be the one that will determine whether you’re going to stick with the habit of playing with a trumpet or not.

So, you should be very careful about the features of the instrument that you buy to not regret your decision later. Since we know that, in this article, we review Le’Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet which is one of the best beginner trumpets that you can find the in the market and it has a reasonable price tag.

There is not much you can expect from a beginner level instrument and that is the reason we fell in love with this product instantly. We hope that you can enjoy it for long years if you decide to buy this instrument!

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