Loudest Motorcycle Speakers [2023 Review]

While many people enjoy the sound of a motorcycle engine, you may want to listen to other types of sounds while riding your vehicle. If you are looking for a speaker that can give you the loudest volume while you are driving your motorcycle, you are at the right loudest motorcycle speaker review.

In this loudest motorcycle review, we will look at the best three loudest motorcycle speakers. We will discuss the features of the BOSS MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker, KICKER 40PS692 Coaxial Speakers, and GoHawk TJ4 2.1.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Loudest Motorcycle Speakers review for more information below. We tried to include every kind of loudest motorcycle speaker so you should check all of them out. We are sure that you will find the best one for your needs.

Our Top Pick: BOSS MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker

Features: This is one of the best 4-speaker systems for motorcycles so it is our top choice. BOSS MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker makes use of intelligent technology and design to create a compact yet powerful speaker system.

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The tiny but capable amplifier is what makes this the best choice for the ones looking for the loudest motorcycle speakers. It uses class-D amplifiers and is weather-resistant which is a huge bonus for motorcycle riders. This type of amplification allows for a tiny form factor while still providing a lot of power.

The speakers themselves are well-made and, despite their small size, they produce a lot of sound. In terms of sound quality, the BOSS MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker also comes at the top of our list. The mids and highs have a lot of definition, and the sound clarity is excellent.

This speaker seems to be missing an on/off switch. This might be a real disadvantage for some and not really a big deal for others. We do not think that this is a significant disadvantage.

This motorcycle speaker system has Bluetooth connectivity and is quite reliable. BOSS MC470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker is also available in black or chrome, so you can match it to your motorcycle’s color.

The volume control, which can be installed in any convenient location, is really a lifesaver if you ask us. It also has an aux input and is distortion-free even when cranked almost to maximum volume. When it comes to the lows, though, it falls a little short. It is not horrible, but if you are a bass fan, do not expect too much.

  • Weatherproof
  • 4 channel compact amp
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2 pairs of chrome speakers
  • Wired remote volume control
  • 4 speakers might take up too much space

Runner Up: KICKER 40PS692 Coaxial Speakers

Features: The 40PS692 speakers from Kicker are the largest and strongest in the company’s speaker series. These strong, long-lasting 2-ohm speakers are also available in 4-ohm variants. These are suitable for motorcycle setups, side-by-side UTVs, and hardcore off-road vehicles.

The 1″ titanium dome tweeter is suspended above the woofer by Kicker, letting the polypropylene cone freely move to provide extra bass for the bass heads. Because of the low-impedance construction, they can give greater output.

What this means is, KICKER 40PS692 Coaxial Speakers allow your stereo or amplifier to perform much better. A heavy-duty ceramic magnet is included in each speaker to guarantee that you can listen to your music properly.

Coaxial Speakers from KICKER® Powersports let you turn up the volume as much as you want. On many motorbikes, these weather-proof drivers are an ideal fairing drop-in. These 6×9-inch speakers are suitable for use with UTV, ATV, marine, and outdoor systems.

Made out of heavy-duty ceramic magnets, the PS69 system provides great power handling and volume for ultra-clear audio reproduction through helmets, even at highway speeds. The best thing is, that KICKER warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use for one year.

We can say that KICKER 40PS692 Coaxial Speakers are one of the best deals you can find in the market at the moment. If you are looking for the loudest motorcycle speakers on a budget, you should definitely give these a chance and try them out.

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Along with that, you should not have any problems related to the installation process since it is really easy to set these speakers up.

  • Good bass
  • 2-way 6″ x 9″ waterproof speakers
  • Ideal for a variety of vehicles
  • Polypropylene woofer
  • 1″ titanium dome tweeter
  • Powerful ceramic magnets
  • Not much

Best for Budget: GoHawk TJ4 2.1

Features: This is a 2.1-channel speaker system for motorbikes. This system is rated at 600 Watts, and its main feature, like with all GoHawk systems, is the flexibility it provides in terms of connection possibilities.

The build quality and durability are both excellent. The TJ4’s USP, on the other hand, is that it includes a subwoofer output, which should appeal to those who enjoy listening to deep bass. However, the issue is that the subwoofer is not included in the deal so you have to buy it yourself.

For the most part, we can simply define GoHawk TJ4 2.1 as a standard 2-channel motorcycle speaker. The good news is that this is one of the cheapest motorcycle speakers on the market, and you can simply add a subwoofer and not really pay too much money at the end of the day.

The bass response of the two provided speakers is a little tacky if you do not have a subwoofer. This is a specialized device for someone looking for some high-quality bass. When it comes to the volume of GoHawk TJ4 2.1, it can be the loudest you can find with a subwoofer. It is also sufficient without a subwoofer.

This speaker comes with a glossy black finish and the design is waterproof. ABS is a high-quality material that has been used to construct this product. You can also find a Bluetooth 5.0 connection in this GoHawk TJ4 2.1 motorcycle speaker and use that to stream your favorite music and radio stations.

This is great for outdoor use and motorcycles and it includes a GoHawk full-function wired remote. The installation is very easy so you would not have any problems with setting it up since it comes with all necessary hardware and wiring.

  • Comes with extra brackets for installation
  • Subwoofer output
  • Versatile media connectivity
  • Multi-function remote
  • Excellent price
  • No USB charging

Why do you need a motorcycle speaker?

Motorcycle speakers improve the overall riding experience. You can make a playlist or set a soundtrack for everyday or long rides using the speakers on your motorcycle with ease.

Another reason why we recommend getting a motorcycle speaker is that it allows you to use GPS voice navigation. The majority of motorbike speakers work with smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Because your speakers connect to your phone for music, you can use GPS voice navigation as well.

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The thing is motorcycle speakers provide mechanisms for communication and entertainment. Some motorcycle speakers can be used for both conversation and music. Adding these speakers to your handlebar or helmet will completely change the way you travel.

What to look for in the loudest motorcycle speakers?

Choosing the best motorbike sound system may appear simple, but it requires some knowledge of what they have to offer. The durability of the speakers is, without question, the most important factor to consider.

As a result, make sure you select a high-quality shell made of aluminum or stainless steel that can withstand years of use in wet environments. Another thing to look for is a good design. Of course, you would like your motorcycle speaker to match the overall color scheme of your bike.

Aside from the speaker system’s construction and design, make sure it is simple to install. You will need to think about the various mounting possibilities for your motorcycle speaker. Also, make certain that the wiring is simple. If the speakers are plug-and-play, it will make setting up the system much easier.

You can pick the best product by looking at how many features it has to offer. So, you should choose speakers with the most features so you can get the most out of them. As the first feature to consider, you should look for Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions: Loudest Motorcycle Speakers [2023 Review]

What are motorcycle speakers?

These are audio devices designed for motorcycles to enhance the riding experience by providing music or audio from external sources, such as smartphones or music players.

Are motorcycle speakers weatherproof or waterproof?

Many motorcycle speakers are designed to be weatherproof, which means they can withstand exposure to rain and moisture. Some models are even fully waterproof, providing better protection.

Can I install motorcycle speakers myself?

Installation difficulty varies depending on the make and model of your motorcycle and the speaker system. Some riders choose to install speakers themselves if they have the necessary skills, while others prefer professional installation to ensure proper setup.

Do motorcycle speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, many modern motorcycle speakers come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly connect your smartphone or other devices for audio streaming.

Can I use motorcycle speakers while wearing a helmet?

Using motorcycle speakers while wearing a helmet may affect your ability to hear important traffic sounds and signals. It’s essential to prioritize safety and consider using in-helmet audio systems designed for motorcyclists.

Can I pair motorcycle speakers with a GPS device for navigation prompts?

Yes, if your motorcycle speakers have Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair them with a GPS device or smartphone to receive navigation prompts and directions while riding.

Where can I find reviews and recommendations for the loudest motorcycle speakers?

You can find reviews and recommendations for motorcycle speakers on online retail websites, motorcycle forums, and audio equipment review websites.

Conclusion: Loudest Motorcycle Speakers [2023 Review]

It is crucial to remember that you should not have high expectations for motorcycle speakers when looking for the loudest motorcycle speakers. If you try to compare them to speakers for cars or TV systems, you will always be disappointed since those serve completely different purposes.

These three loudest motorcycle speakers will serve you well and make your journeys so much more enjoyable without taking up a lot of space. Just make sure you always use them safely and you will be fine. We hope you liked our Loudest Motorcycle Speakers review and it was helpful.

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