Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini [2023 Review]

If you are on the hunt for a great-sounding amp on a budget, you might have heard about Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini. They are both good options to consider and they are very famous on the market.

Both of them have high review rates and they are absolutely loved by the majority of users. They are high-quality amps that work well. However, it is always a good idea to do some research on whatever you are planning to buy.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini review for more information below. We will be discussing their features, pros, and cons and provide further information about both of these. If you cannot decide between these two, we will also pick a winner and ease your job.

Winner of Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini: Marshall AS50D

The winner of this Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini is the Marshall AS50D for some great reasons. The Marshall AS50D is a well-equipped, classic-looking acoustic guitar amplifier.

It has a really long list of features that you can make the most of. The features are what make Marshall AS50D appealing for many musicians. The pure tone of this amp is excellent.

When you add the versatility of two channels, an effects loop, and onboard effects, it makes Marshall AS50D an inevitable winner. To be honest, you will have a hard time finding a better amp in this price range.

Marshall AS50D Review

Features:  Marshall AS50D’s features, appearance, and portability make it a fantastic amp. The tone is really good, not the best but it is generally okay. This is not a high-end amp so you can’t really expect it to be the best.

The two 8′′ Celestions and single tweeter produce a nice sound, and due to these two speakers, Marshall AS50D can be used for live performances. Both the chorus and the reverb are above average if you are planning to buy this amp for that reason.

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Both effects are more powerful at lower settings, and the overall tone is warmer than a lot of other similarly priced amps. Aside from the pure and natural sound, the Marshall AS50D provides a combination of extremely useful features. Two independent channels, an effects loop, anti-feedback controls, chorus, and reverb are all included in this amp.

The features of Marshall AS50D enable it to be used for various situations such as home practice, studio recordings, or live performances.

The effects loop is managed in the same way as the reverb in this amp. So, any additional effects you have running through can be mixed between channels and we think that is a pretty good thing to have.

  • Great features
  • Good design
  • The sound quality is exceptional
  • Heavy

Fishman Loudbox Mini

Features: Fishman Loudbox is one of the strongest amps out there, delivering 130W RMS from a very small box. Fishman’s Loudbox Mini is the most recent challenger to enter the market and some people have been wondering whether it is better than Marshall AS50D or not.

Fishman Loudbox Mini got famous because of its lightweight properties as the name suggests. 60 watts might not seem like much, but it is a great power for an amp that is this small in size.

It has a brown and cream combo on the outside, and not all black color like we are used to seeing. There is a 6.5-inch speaker and a one-inch tweeter on the inside.

Aside from its small size and light weight, it is really easy to use. The instrument channel has a three-band EQ, phase reverse, and reverb. Along with those, you can see that a two-mode digital chorus is also included.

The mic channel has a two-band EQ and reverb frequency and a single XLR input. However, this channel is designed for dynamic mics. In addition to these, there is no high/low gain switch on either channel.

To adjust that, you need to set the gain level. The master section is essentially a master volume with a control LED adjacent to it.

Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini Comparison

Sound Quality

We can see here how well two speakers can work. Of course, the 50W amp is capable of providing excellent sound quality thanks to its two 8″ speakers. As a result, Marshall AS50D can accurately project the notes.

No matter how good the other sounds are, the bass quality of this amp deserves a special mention. If you are looking for a powerful amp that can produce powerful bass, we can say that Marshall AS50D is the one for your needs out of these two.

Marshall AS50D reproduces low-end frequencies in a strong manner. It has the same sound quality that you can expect from high-end amps. When it comes to the effects, both amps have chorus and reverb effects built in them.

Although 60 watts might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, it is enough for Fishman Loudbox Mini to produce a good sound. Even with a passive setting and combined with an active instrument setup, the volume you get will be very loud. There is no doubt there.

As soon as you plug the Fishman Loudbox Mini in, you will be surprised by the crisp and clear tones right away. It is both great for small performances and home practices.

One disadvantage of having so many decibels is, when you turn the volume too high, you probably get a distorted sound. It happens especially when you are playing a dreadnought guitar. However, if your guitar has a notch filter, it will not be a hassle.

Fishman Loudbox Mini does not skimp on tonal qualities. Each of the EQ bands provides a smooth sound and all you will get is a precise and warm sound. The highs can sound bad if forced because of the tweeter. Also, the consistency of the hall-type reverb of Fishman Loudbox Mini is outstanding.

In general, the Marshall AS50D is a better choice. The sound quality is absolutely exceptional thanks to the two-speaker setup, as a result, it has a greater impact. However, if you just need something small and lightweight, the Fishman Loudbox Mini would be a good alternative.

Build Quality

Marshall AS50D is heavier because it is a two-speaker amp that consists of two 8’’ speakers. The Fishman Loudbox Mini, on the other hand, is equipped with a single 6.5” speaker. Therefore, it is much lighter than the other.

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These two amplifiers work very differently due to their different builds. The Fishman Loudbox Mini has a higher power rating with a 60W power output. And it can give a really high sound with excellent quality due to that. It can produce lows, mids, and tops with ease. The sound quality of Fishman Loudbox Mini is rich and well-balanced.

As you take a look at this amp from the outside, you get the feeling that it is well-made and well-built with durable materials.  So, you can be sure that the Fishman Loudbox Mini can withstand many bangs and bumps without any problems. It is all thanks to its solid build quality. Just be sure to not toss it around carelessly.


When it comes to price, Fishman Loudbox Mini is way cheaper than Marshall AS50D. Marshall AS50D is sold at around $400 while Fishman Loudbox Mini is sold at around $200. If you are on a tight budget, it seems like Fishman Loudbox Mini might be a better choice.

Dimensions and Size

Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini look very different in terms of their outer look. The Fishman Loudbox Mini is a little bit taller while the Marshall AS50D is much broader on the sides.

Furthermore, the Fishman Loudbox Mini weighs just 19.7 pounds, while the Marshall AS50D weighs 35.3 pounds. As you can see, the Marshall AS50D is larger and more powerful than the other. If you are planning to travel with your amp, Marshall AS50D might be a little problematic in that area.

Conclusion: Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini [2023 Review]

Fishman Loudbox Mini is a small but powerful acoustic amp while Marshall AS50D is a larger and broader one. With both of these, you will be impressed by their sound and build qualities.

The Fishman Loudbox Mini has two channels, one for an instrument and one for a mic. It also comes with the standard EQ controls like gain, lows, mids, and highs. On the other hand, Marshall AS50D has built-in chorus and reverb effects which you might find useful.

Both of these amps are powerful and useful in different scenarios that we have mentioned above. At the end of the day, you should be the one who decides which one to buy. We hope you liked our Marshall AS50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini review and it was helpful.

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