Mendini Trombone [2023 Review]

Mendini Trombone [2023 Review]

We like the instruments made by Mendini so much that we reviewed their clarinet and trumpet before and this article, we want to review the trombone made by them since we believe it can last long years for musical students.

Mendini Trombone is a great student or a beginner trombone that comes with a durable material, it has a clear, powerful and bright sound. It is also affordable and it makes it possible for musical students to play trombone without breaking the bank which is very important.

Keep reading our review if you want to learn more about Mendini Trombone which we believe have some features that you will like a lot instantly.

Mendini Trombone Review

  • B flat tenor slide
  • Standard rotor
  • Brass outer slide
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Durable material
  • Weighs a little extra

About: As mentioned in the beginning of our review, Mendini Trombone is a great fit for beginners since it manages to provides almost all the things that other trombones but it doesn’t have a crazy price tag that might make you hesitant to spend so much on an instrument that you may or may not continue playing the long term.

Features: We will talk about this trombone in a very detailed way but let’s start with the material of this product with is gold lacquer finish. We can confidently say that it is very high-quality considering the fact that it comes with a very reasonable price tag.

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We like the fact that you can play various genres with this trombone but it is especially the best for playing jazz since it comes with a small bore. As for the sound quality, we should say that Mendini Trombone has a decent sound quality that is bright, clear and powerful which is something you often see in products that are at the higher end at the price range.

It is also worth mentioning that this product this product is made of a very durable material that will last you for a very long time. So, you can get this trombone and you don’t have to get a new one until you become an advanced level trombone player which in that case it might be a better idea to buy a trombone that has a higher price tag. Therefore, we can say that this Mendini Trombone is great for a beginner who wants play the same instrument but not looking for a professional level instrument.

Even though this product comes with a great design, there is something that we don’t particularly like which is the fact that it can be a little hard for kids to reach the water key since they have small hands.

Mendini Trombone [2023 Review]

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for in a Beginner Level Trombone

It is very important to get the right product for your level which is especially true if you’re a beginner. We can say that as a general rule, the best type of trombone to buy is tenor trombone if you’re a beginner but you can also buy a bass trombone which is also considered as second-best trombone for a beginner.

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There are also two different variants of which are straight and F attachment trombones. F attachment trombone has an additional tubing in the bell bow for resting on the shoulder along with a trigger for extra tubing which helps playing the lower notes but they can be heavier and harder to carry.

Not surprisingly, you have better options when you’re an advanced trombone player but if you’re a beginner it is better to go with a straight trombone and f attachment trombone. F attachment trombones can be a little bit easier to play but they are also very hard to carry around and that is why you need to make your choice according to your needs which will be very important. Getting a straight trombone makes sense because they cost lower which can a deciding factor for student who just started playing the trombone.

As for the price tag, we should mention that in today’s world, like everything, buying a high-quality instrument for a reasonable price tag is much easier. It is possible to find a great budget friendly trombone for a price between 150$-400$. However, if you’re looking for a professional trombone, you should be willing to pay much more.

Conclusion: Mendini Trombone [2023 Review]

Buying your first instrument is important considering that it is the product that will give a start to your journey of playing a musical instrument. Since we know that, we do our best to bring the best products to you so that you don’t buy a product that you will regret later.

In this review, we took a look at the Mendini Trombone which is a great trombone that is ideal for beginners. We hope that you liked our review and found it helpful when you’re making a decision!

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