Pbone Trombone [2023 Review]

We love reviewing products that have different qualities so that no one would have to be prevented from the joy of playing an instrument. So, in this article, we will review a different trombone which is a plastic trombone manufactured by Pbone.

Pbone Trombone is a plastic trombone which makes it different from the other trombones. The plastic makes it very lightweight and easy to carry around and we found it has a great sound quality. Don’t expect to be like a brass trombone but it is a great starter trombone.

Pbone Trombone Review

About: The first instinct when one encounters a plastic trombone is to think that there is no good that will come from it. However, that’s not true since this a very serious instrument and it also has some features that makes us compare it to the other saxophones in the market.

Features: Let’s start by mentioning that you should consider everything positive that we will say in our review of Pbone Trombone with the understanding that this is a budget friendly starter trombone. There is no way you can compare it to the trombones that have a much high price tag in the market but that’s not what the manufacturer is trying to by creating this trombone.The fact that this trombone is plastic gives it some advantages that we will talk about below. For instance, it makes this trombone very lightweight. So, you can carry this trombone everywhere you go which is not something you can do with a brass trombone.

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Other than that, the fact that it is plastic makes this trombone much cheaper. That is why, this product comes around a quarter of the cost of beginner brass trombones. Plastic makes this trombone also very durable which is another important thing if you carry your trombone around a lot.

Another reason we like this trombone a lot is because it comes with a very good sound quality that is comparable to the products that are at the higher end. As we mentioned in the beginning of our review, you shouldn’t compare any feature of Pbone Trombone to the products that cost thousands of dollars but considering its price tag, we can confidently say that the sound quality is satisfying.

One thing that we don’t like about this trombone is that the mouthpiece that comes with the trombone is very small and therefore not ideal. So, we suggest buying a new mouthpiece if you intend to get the most of this trombone.

Pbone Trombone [2023 Review]

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for In a Beginner Level Trombone?

Buying an instrument is a different experience which highly depends on your level. As a general rule, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the tenor trombones would be the best option for a beginner level trombone player.  We can also say that bass trombones are the second best since they are the ones that are commonly used.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry much if you’re a professional trombone player since it they can play a wide range of trombones but for the beginners, there are only two different variants straight and F-attachment trombones.

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Quite easy to understand, straight trombones have no attachments yet include a counterweight to balance the instrument. Whereas the F-attachments have additional tubing in the bell bow for resting on the shoulder along with a trigger for extra tubing.

The tubing helps to reach for lower notes and making it easy to get along the difficult passages further. Even though they make it playing easy for advanced players, they also come with a higher price tag and they are also harder to carry around, that is why they are not often preferred by beginners.

We can say that the straight trombone is the easiest one to play and that is also the reason why it is often suggested to the students who just started out. They often come with a reasonable price tag, they are often lightweight and easy to play.

Conclusion: Pbone Trombone [2023 Review]

Not every trombone is the same and you should always look for the trombone that matches your goals and level best. It is always good idea to buy a beginner level instrument if you’re just a starter and an advanced level instrument if you’re a professional trombone player.

That is the reason we wanted to review Pbone Trombone because it is a great starter instrument that you can play for a very long time. It comes with a very reasonable price tag, it is very lightweight which makes it very easy to carry your instrument everywhere you go and it has a decent sound quality. We hope that you liked our review of Pbone Trombone!

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We also reviewed other products of Pbone such as Ptrumpet (Pbone) Trumpet.

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