Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800 [2023 Review]

There are few microphones on the market that are as inexpensive as Neewer. You have undoubtedly come across one, if not both, of theNW 700 and NW 800. If you are seeking for a competent mic for capturing voice or singing, you might be wondering which one of these would best suit your needs.

Neewer NW 700 Vs NW 800 are two fascinating and dependable microphones to consider if you work in broadcasting or recording. Both of them function well and will increase your sound quality.

But before you choose one, have a look at what they have to offer below so we can choose the ideal choice. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800 review for moreinformation below.

Neewer NW-700

Features: One of the primary reasons that the Neewer nw700 has amassed such a huge client base in such a short period of time, in our opinion, is that it provides outstanding performance at entry-level pricing.

As our regular readers will know, we are huge supporters of Neewer since they have a reputation for producing products that are comparable to intermediate-level things at an entry-level price, and the NW-700 is no exception in our opinion.

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Neewer has also improved the overall performance of the microphone when utilized by updating the audio circuitry in their NW700 over what they were previously utilizing in their earlier microphones. Thistruly brings the Neewer cardioid microphone range up to current.

  • One of the most cost-effective microphones available
  • A scissor arm stand, shock mount, and pop filter are included
  • Does not use phantom energy
  • Not a condenser mic

Neewer NW-800

Features: This microphone appears to be well-made, but we cannot verify that notion by beating it up because the inside components appear to be rather sensitive. The body and grill are also metal, and the grill has a much finer mesh than its predecessors, which we feel will eliminate pops better.

The shock mount performs a good job, and the cable should be enough. This microphone has a frequency response of 20Hz to 16kHz, which is rather good. It still seems to have a bright tone to it, and the bottom end is not excessively boomy. Overall, we are pleased with this area’s performance.

When compared to the NW-700, the frequency response is quite comparable, however, the NW-700 has a more bass-heavy sound. Although the microphone picks up sounds from all directions, the bulk of the audiopicked up on the rear is dull and useless.

  • Affordable
  • Does not need phantom power
  • Shock mount and windscreen
  • Can sound harsh

Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800 Comparison

Today, we are evaluating two microphones from the same manufacturer to see which one is the best. The Neewer NW-700 and NW-800 microphones were used in this review. When we look at the specs, we can see that they all function the same way. In addition, when we evaluate them side by side, they function quite similarly.

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The only time we saw a change in performance was during the music test, and it was just a minor difference. The NW-700 sounds really good but the NW-800 is distinguished in the sound test.

The NW-800 featured somewhat more presence and high end, resulting inimproved sound quality and clarity for the acoustic guitar and vocals.

Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800 Design

The primary body is sturdy and substantial, as well as weighty, and has the same matte, black finish as the rest of the collection. The grill on top, which is silver and slightly flat rather than entirely circular, is what distinguishes them from one another.

The NW-800 is somewhat shorter than its sibling in general, although this has no bearing on comfort or how they are mounted. The microphone, pop filter, shock mount, and XLR to 1/8 or 3.5 mm cable are all included in the box, along with some paperwork.

These two may be installed in minutes depending on the configuration you currently have, and the NW 700 is more costly because it includes a scissor clamp.

Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800 Setup

The first thing we would like to highlight about the Neewer NW 700 and NW 800 is the setup because these mics are not powered in the device, therefore you will need anything before connecting them to your computer.

The XLR to 3.5mm connector is important, but because it requires electricity, some computers may not have it. If the microphone does not function right away, you may use a USB adapter to assist fix the problem. Overall, it is really easy to set up both of these mics so we are sure you would not have any problems with that.

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Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800 Price

The NW 700 offers more bang for your buck. It is only $10more expensive than the NW 800, but it includes a pop filter and a boom arm stand. That’s $5 for each of those two attachments, which you can almost certainly not get anywhere else for that price.

Winner of Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800: Neewer NW-700

In all honesty, you could get away with either of these mics, but since we had to choose a winner, we went with the NW-700 since it performed somewhat higher during the music test.

The NW 700 and NW 800 are very comparable microphones when compared side by side. Both are electric condensers with a very upfront and present sound palette, come with shock mounts and mic cords and are incredibly cheap.

The NW 700, on the other hand, includes a pop filter and a scissor arm stand. With that in mind, the NW 700 emerges victorious in this battle.

Conclusion: Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800 [2023 Review]

If you could not decide between these two mics Neewer NW-700 vs NW-800, we provided a detailed review for both. Check out our winner section to see which one is better than the other. We hope you liked our NW-700 vs NW-800 review and it was helpful.

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