Onkyo TX 8160 2 Channel Network Stereo Receiver [2023 Review]

If you are looking for a stereo receiver with lots of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you have come to the right place. In our Onkyo TX 8160 review, we will be looking at a good option to consider buying.

Onkyo TX 8160 comes packed with amazing features such as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition to these, there are Internet radio and music streaming subscription services included within the price. High current allows for precise control of the speakers of this stereo receiver, resulting in absolutely precise and vibrant sound.

Also, there is a Wide Range Amplification Technology system included in Onkyo. It helps to produce a well-focused and realistic sound picture. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Onkyo TX 8160 review for more information below. We will be discussing its features to figure out whether it is a good product or not.

Onkyo TX 8160 2 Channel Network Stereo Receiver

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Onkyo TX 8160 is a Channel Driven stereo receiver with Hi-Current Amp Design for an accurate and bright sound. Among the best features of this device, there is wi-fi and Bluetooth services to connect to your other devices easily.

Sound Quality

Note that the Onkyo TX 8160 is a stereo receiver before comparing its performance and production to other brands and models. There are no dedicated media links, so you cannot watch movies or videos.

It is built for stereo audio listening and it does that job admirably. We really could not find a fault with the sound quality of this product. The bass and midranges are well-represented. The built-in amplification performs admirably, and the company’s WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) is exceptional.

Why should you buy Onkyo TX 8160?

Quality receivers are hard to come by, but luckily, Onkyo TX 8160 is one of the most common on the market. For most audiophiles, the terms value, longevity, and cost-effectiveness come to mind when thinking of the Onkyo brand.

They are well-known for their products, which consistently surpass industry standards. For that reason, we were not really surprised to see that Onkyo TX 8160 was famous in the market.

Since it is affordable, high-quality, and released from a trusted brand, we definitely recommend giving this stereo receiver a try.


The Onkyo TX 8160 network stereo receiver has a unique look that will comfortably fit alongside your HDTV and other devices in your home. The shiny black body has a sophisticated appearance as we liked the most in our Onkyo TX 8160 review.

How to Use

The device’s front panel has a plethora of functions. The majority of the facilities are located in the back area. The master volume, power button, and knobs for regulating bass, treble, and balance are all located on the front panel.

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A single USB port is also located on the device’s front side. The display, which is black and green, appears to be elegant.

Remote Control

The Onkyo 8160’s remote control is very big, and people with small palms can find it difficult to use. It has a numerical pad as well as a number of other buttons for controlling the functions.

The remote’s frame is white, and the keys are black. If you do not like the size or the idea of using a remote control, you can download the Onkyo Remote Control App, which works with Android and iOS devices with ease.

Play music in different rooms

It looks like Onkyo did not want to limit this device’s power to one room according to our Onkyo TX 8160 review. We agree that such a good music receiver should not be limited to be used in one area, so we have great news. Onkyo TX 8160 allows you to spread your music throughout the house.

But how does that happen? The A/B speaker connections enable you to install a second set of speakers in a different room or even outside.

You can listen to the same source in both areas at the same time, or you can use the A/B switch to choose which region you want to listen to. It is really as easy as that, so you should definitely use that opportunity.

Can play any sound format

With its unique low distortion sound-enhancing filtering capabilities, the Onkyo TX 8160 digital-to-analog converter unlocks the maximum potential of any audio format.

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Onkyo Remote App

The best feature of this stereo receiver is undoubtedly the connectivity freedom. From universal hi-res audio via network-attached devices to internet streaming services, the free Onkyo Remote app puts a variety of online channels in your hands.

As an alternative that we wanted to include in our Onkyo TX 8160 review, you can connect and listen to what is playing on your Bluetooth device for a massive theatrical sound.

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What is in the box?

With the box, you will receive a Network stereo receiver, Remote control (RC-903S), 2 “AAA” batteries, AM loop antenna, FM wire antenna, Instruction Manual, and Product Registration/Warranty Information. That means you will have everything you need to run Onkyo TX 6160 when it arrives.

Conclusion: Onkyo TX 8160 2 Channel Network Stereo Receiver [2023 Review]

Overall, the Onkyo 8160 appears to be a feature-rich network stereo receiver that does its job admirably according to our Onkyo TX 8160 review. The features are a huge deal, and it is even suitable for wireless setup enthusiasts.

Although the device is a little too big, you can use your Smartphone as a remote via Wi-Fi. The performance of Onkyo TX 8160 is excellent, but keep in mind that this is a stereo receiver with no surround sound system.

If you think this device matches your needs, you should definitely give it a try and see it for yourself. We hope you liked our Onkyo TX 8160 review and it was helpful.

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