Panasonic SC HTB8 Review [2023 Review]

Are you looking for a soundbar? Then you are at the right place. We have an amazing soundbar option for the ones who are currently looking for one. Panasonic SC HTB8 is probably one of the most affordable options you can get in the market and it sounds amazing despite the price according to this Panasonic SC HTB8 Review.

The HTB8’s Bluetooth capability allows you to listen to your own music in high-quality sound straight from your smartphone or tablet as we will mention in detail in this Panasonic SC HTB8 Review. In today’s standards, we cannot really think about a device that does not have Bluetooth so this was an essential addition to Panasonic SC HTB8.

The low-profile design of the HTB8 allows you to position your soundbar in front of the TV without looking too bad. A huge speaker is available to you, while the slim body has been preserved. If you are interested, keep reading our Panasonic SC HTB8 Review below. Let’s explore the features of this amazing soundbar.

Panasonic SC-HTB8 2.0 Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth

About: The Panasonic SC HTB8 Soundbar is an economical unit with several helpful functions. It produces 80 watts of power, which is plenty for a soundbar of this size.  Its small and sleek form blends in seamlessly under 32-42 inch TVs. It can also provide a notable upgrade over standard TV speakers.

Sound Quality

You can fine-tune your experience with 80 watts of power and various distinct modes. If you are listening to a podcast, for example, the clear-mode dialogue function improves your listening experience.

As previously stated, this soundbar is meant to cram a lot of punch into a compact speaker according to this Panasonic SC HTB8 Review. It measures about 45cm in length, making it ideal for tiny televisions. It is, nevertheless, powerful enough to be utilized as a standalone home theater speaker.

It is not quite what you would call a traditional soundbar form. However, it is well-suited to particular locations, especially the bedroom. The sound quality of this soundbar is exceptional and can be a nice little addition to your sound system.

You can add depth to your TV audio with the Panasonic SC-HTB8. Thanks to its overall power output of 80 watts, this 2-channel soundbar can fill small to medium-sized rooms with sound.

A passive radiator supports the integrated speaker, which helps the bass sound deeper and creates a broader sound field according to this Panasonic SC HTB8 Review.


With a length of 75 cm, the Panasonic SC HTB8 is appropriate for TVs with a screen size of 32 to 42 inches. It has a thin and visually attractive design. Your soundbar will mix in with your TV as well as other devices no matter wherever you put it.

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The controlling LEDs in the second part include three LEDs for the input source and two LEDs for the various settings. The back panel is divided into two sections when you turn the unit over. Two inputs are available on the left side and these are optical and stereo RCA phonos according to this Panasonic SC HTB8 Review.

Controls and Inputs

With two inputs: optical and RCA phonos and Bluetooth, connecting to the Panasonic SC HTB8 is simple. Enjoying your favorite movies or listening to music is a breeze with this soundbar. The little remote controls everything and gives you more options than the unit’s buttons.

All of the controls you will need to run your Panasonic SC HTB8 are located on the front screen. The initial section is divided into two pieces, with controls for standby/on, volume up/down, input source, and Bluetooth.

The remote is small and basic, and it comes with a coin battery. You may turn the unit on/off, mute or increase/decrease the level, change the input source, and alter the sound style, to name a few things. This functionality is easily accessed thanks to a Bluetooth key.

Bluetooth Connection

According to our Panasonic SC HTB8 Review, this sound bar allows you to listen to your music library as well as movie soundtracks. Connect directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth to listen to music stored on the device or stream music from internet streaming services.


There is not much to set up with this soundbar as with any soundbar. Soundbars are easy to set up in general. You should simply connect to your TV through an optical or stereo RCA connection after plugging in the electricity. Unfortunately, neither of these cables are included with the item so you have to buy them yourself.

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Consider mounting it to the wall after some testing. You will be pretty much set up after 10 minutes so you can watch TV or watch a movie in a short time. Each option (Clear Voice and Surround Effect) has its own button on the remote, and we recommend trying them out.

Conclusion: Panasonic SC HTB8 Review [2023 Review]

There are several different types of entry-level soundbars to choose from. One of these is the Panasonic SC HTB8, which has been a huge hit since its original release. It is not a new product on the market, and it has been popular for some years according to this Panasonic SC HTB8 Review.

It has a simple design that can go well with any home. In addition to that, its affordable pricing appeals to a wide range of customers. This is a good sound system and you should probably add it to your home theater system.

We have looked into the features of Panasonic SC HTB8 and tried to show you what this sound bar has to offer for home entertainment system owners. We hope you liked our Panasonic SC HTB8 Review and it was helpful.

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