Roland CM 30 [2023 Review]

If you are looking for a product that has the power to be able to satisfy your needs when it comes to producing quality airwaves, then this is the product for you. This has everything equipped that you might need as it has the best possible build and design to suffice your needs, which we will talk about more in this Roland CM 30 review.

This specific model is built for home theater, audio producers, and anyone looking for a better audio experience. This literally is the pinnacle of technology when it comes to peak performance at this price range. It is also perfect for studio, stages, and more.

Since it is a versatile machine mostly anyone can use this product as it comes built-in with all bells and whistles. Making this the perfect choice for anyone that is looking for a quick solution when it comes to buying a speaker.

Users should not worry about it having any issues as it has everything required built-in directly. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Roland CM 30 review for more information below.

Roland CM 30 Review

  • Very lightweight
  • Powerful for its size
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Very cheap compared to other products
  • The interface might come off as cluttered at first
  • No warranty is included in the purchase of this product

About: The Roland CM 30 is a high-end portable speaker that has a 6.5-inch coaxial system built in that can be used in two different ways. This can be used as a public address interface or sound system as well as for live onstage controls.

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Build Qualit

Since it is made of high quality and high durable yet lightweight material it is very versatile when it comes to transport and logistics. It has all the possible interface knobs and buttons that anyone would need placed neatly at the front of the speaker while the complicated I/O is located in the back where most should be.

A protective grill cover and corner protectors are also included with this portable sound system. So, it is also shielded against most natural disasters that this speaker might have to endure while in use. This is a plus for most users as it will give the product better longevity.

The whole product weighs about only 12 pounds, and it consumes 32 watts. It has the following dimensions; 8-7/16 x 9-3/8 x 10-7/8 inches. Making it very easy to carry and transport which has been stated in this Roland CM 30 review.

According to this Roland CM 30 review operations that involve several implementations and flexibility of this compact PA system is a major plus because it is able to handle such conditions. In addition to musical applications, the Roland cube can be used as a speaker for a laptop while giving a community lecture.

Roland CM 30 [2023 Review]


The rated power output of this product is about 30 watts. The speaker is around 16 centimeters in diameter. It has the following controls; Ch1, Ch2, and Ch3 knobs to give a more dynamic range.

There is also an equalizer interface followed by a volume knob and a power switch to give it easy use with analog controls. There are a bunch of connectors as well including multiple aux channels and stereo link cable inputs.

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All of these bundled together should be able to suffice the user when it comes to the initial use of the product which has been brought up in this Roland CM 30 review.

The Roland CM 30 monitor speaker has enough inputs to connect a microphone, a keyboard, a rhythm machine, and a CD player at the same time, or to act as a mini-PA system. It has three input channels, including one XLR mic/line input and two additional AUX RCA and stereo mini-phone inputs, for a total of five simultaneous inputs.

The Stereo connection feature connects two CM 30s for true stereo output, allowing for a total of ten inputs. The Roland speakers onboard a 2-band equalizer can be used to fine-tune the sound. The EQ knobs, like all other controls, are conveniently placed on the front panel for easy access.

This portable sound system delivers on the manufacturer’s promises and is quickly becoming the hardest-working sound system on the market. The high quality of construction ensures that this little beauty can withstand the test of time and use and will serve as a workhorse for many years.

The Cube can be used in a variety of ways. It can be modified to suit a number of circumstances thanks to different input formats and levels, mixing, and the ability to connect two of them together to double their functionality. The sound quality and appearance are excellent which has been said in this Roland CM 30 review.

Sound Quality

All who have used the Roland CM30 Cube Monitor have given it high scores. The sound quality is excellent, particularly considering the device’s small size and low price. It produces a crisp, clear sound with a moderate amount of bass. For a medium-sized room, the sound quality is comparable to that of more costly sound systems.

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There is no reverb to degrade the sound quality, and the performance is ideal for a room measuring up to 25 feet by 25 feet. A second Roland link is recommended for larger spaces to accommodate a better experience for users.

Conclusion: Roland CM 30 [2023 Review]

If you are a musician, public service announcer, or just anyone looking for a better-quality speaker in general, then this is the best product for you at this price point.

With everything built into this product, anything can be possible to suffice your needs. It is extremely lightweight as well so anyone having logistic problems would not have to worry about it.

According to this Roland CM 30 review with all the bells and whistles that come included literally anyone with any skill level in the music industry will be able to utilize all the functions of this product.

We can say that it is very appealing to everyone. We hope you liked our Roland CM 30 review, and it was helpful.

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