Williams Legato vs Allegro Piano [2024 Review]

Almost every digital piano producer has many models under different names and features. In this Williams Legato vs Allegro review, we will be looking at the features, pros, and cons of these two different keyboards to see which one is better.

When it comes to Williams Legato vs Allegro, they are both 88-key digital pianos suitable for both beginners and professionals. They are both available at an amazing price so it would be a misfortune to miss these two if you are planning to buy a digital piano.

We know that many digital piano enthusiasts would like to buy the best one that they can afford, so here we are reviewing the Williams Legato and Williams Allegro digital pianos to help those who cannot decide between these two pianos. If you are interested in those models, keep reading our article for more information below.

Winner: Williams Legato Digital Piano

About: For a cost that is normally accustomed to seeing in an entry-level 61-key portable keyboard, the Legato provides a full-size weighted stage piano and controller keyboard.

Features of the Williams Legato Keyboard

The semi-weighted keys of Williams Legato Piano have the feel of a normal soft keyboard, and they allow you to play notes with a reasonable amount of expression. However, it lacks the normal keyboard action that we are used to seeing in modern digital pianos, the many hammer action keyboard styles available today have them and we wanted to see Legato having those features as well.

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The action of Legato is not graded along the length of the keyboard, so all of the keys have the same response. For a price that is normally suitable for an entry-level 61-key portable keyboard, the Legato is a full-size weighted stage piano. Of course, for that reason, we are not expecting a sound quality that matches the high-end pianos.

At the same time, we are sure that you would not want to buy something that sounds awful, no matter what the price is. Surprisingly, the sound quality of Legato will not let you down. The sound is on the warmer side for a piano tone, so you will have the chance to create beautiful pieces. Five distinct and vivid sounds can be used to produce a masterpiece in Legato: piano, electric, organ, synth, and bass.

There is also a split and layer feature. Users can break and layer different tones using the MIDI controller to create special and remarkable music. In addition, Legato supports MIDI I/O via USB.

Williams Allegro Digital Piano

About: For a realistic piano experience, the Williams Allegro digital piano has a full-size keyboard with completely weighted keys and hammer action. It is suitable for beginners and also more experienced players.

Features of Williams Allegro Keyboard

Allegro has four degrees of touch sensitivity as well as velocity sensitivity to provide sufficient planning and practice for playing the acoustic piano. It has a 64-note polyphony for expressiveness and control of complex musical parts.

Eight voices are available on the piano for experimenting, recording, or practicing with other instrument sounds. Beginner pianists and others who want a smaller piano to study or carry to performance locations will appreciate the Williams Allegro.

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However, there are still some pianists who say that it is too heavy to carry around. Those who compete regularly in larger events can only want to use it for practice.

It is simple to use and manage since it is a simple instrument. However, for professional purposes, we do not recommend it. To begin with, it can be considered a more cost-effective instrument. It is perfect for its price because it has a lower cost when compared with similar pianos and it has lighter weight.

Allegro, according to users, is a simple piano that is easy to master once you get started with enthusiasm. For those who are used to playing the piano or who need finger training, it has a strong action and touch response for that purpose.

Conclusion: Williams Legato vs Allegro [2024 Review]

Now you are familiar with both Williams Legato vs Allegro, it is time to decide which one will win this battle. The most important difference between Williams Legato vs Allegro is that Legato has semi-weighted keys while Allegro has hammer action keys. Other than that, Legato has a 32-voice polyphony while Allegro has a 64-voice.

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