Yamaha FSX800C Guitar [2023 Review]

Almost anyone who is interested in instruments knows Yamaha’s name. FSX800C, one of their signature guitars recently started to get the attention of beginner guitar players, so we thought that it was worth writing this Yamaha FSX800C Guitar review.

Yamaha FSX800C Guitar is a small-bodied acoustic guitar that has a solid spruce top and nato back and sides. Like most of the Yamaha guitars, this one also has a cutaway body which ensures quality and amazing sound.

Since Yamaha FSX800C Guitar comes equipped with System 66 preamp, you can use this guitar for your performances for sure. If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Yamaha FSX800C review for more information below.

Yamaha FSX800C Guitar Review

About: Yamaha FSX800C Guitar is a beginner guitar that ranges in the middle of the market. What this acoustic guitar offers is durability at an affordable price, and it is easy to play for the hands who are just getting started to learn.

Features: Yamaha FSX800C Guitar has a small body. Thanks to that, it can give you a lot of versatility if you are a musician on the go. You can play Yamaha FSX800C everywhere, be it your music class or a hotel room.

If you will be constantly moving around with your guitar and want an instrument that can give you that freedom, Yamaha FSX800C Guitar is the one for you according to our Yamaha FSX800C review. Even more, having a small body is not the only advantage of this guitar because it does not sacrifice the sound quality.

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Small guitars like Yamaha FSX800C Guitar are excellent options for the ones who are learning to play. It also covers a little space so you will have lots of options when it comes to where to store your guitar.

The downside of small guitars is that they do not give that full sound as full-bodied guitars do. If you are expecting that, then Yamaha FSX800C Guitar might not be the acoustic guitar you are looking for according to our Yamaha FSX800C Guitar review.

Another important aspect is how the guitars feel when playing it. It is especially significant for beginners because they are the most susceptible to injuries from overplaying. For that reason, it is important to have a guitar that you feel comfortable with.

Yamaha FSX800C is an acoustic guitar that looks like a classic folk guitar. The sound quality is unbeatable at this price point as we can say in our Yamaha FSX800C Guitar review.  Yamaha FSX800C Guitar has a Sitka spruce top which also contributes to the sound quality of this guitar.

This acoustic guitar model from Yamaha includes Yamaha System-66 electronics. What that offers is great versatility and practicality if you are going to be performing for others. You cannot regret your decision if you are planning to buy Yamaha FSX800C Guitar because it is under 350$ and you get more than what you pay for.

The neck, back, and sides of Yamaha FSX800C Guitar are from Nato wood. Even though it is cheap wood and a cheaper version of mahogany, it is very durable and sturdy. For that reason, you will be able to use this guitar for a long time.

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However, there might be some problems with the choice of this material and we wanted to warn you about them in our Yamaha FSX800C Guitar review. Nato wood is not a good construction material when it comes to guitars because it might affect the tone you will get.

But it does not mean that Yamaha FSX800C Guitar sounds bad. It sounds really fine, actually, because outfits Sitka spruce top wood. Along with that, the fretboard is from walnut and it matches really well with the Nato neck.

The neck of Yamaha FSX800C Guitar has 20 frets. If you are a beginner, this is more than enough. However, intermediates or professionals would definitely feel the lack of more frets. Overall, we can say that Yamaha FSX800C Guitar is very durable and easy to play for beginners.

Yamaha FSX800C’s sound quality owes it to the recently developed scalloped bracing technology. What this feature offers is durability during long playing sessions.

Yamaha FSX800C Guitar has an excellent finish. There was also no complaint about the shipment. That means you will get your instrument in its perfect state because it comes with a pickguard plastic feel cover.

The body of Yamaha FSX800C Guitar is made very well and has a glossy finish. The neck is satin poly with a very slight grain feel. As we mentioned, the fretboard is not made from rosewood as we are accustomed to, but it just looks like the stuff.

Yamaha FSX800C Guitar’s string anchors are plastic and look nice. But if you want to change them, this guitar offers you that freedom.

Conclusion: Yamaha FSX800C Guitar [2023 Review]

Yamaha FSX800C Guitar is the basic, most affordable guitar from the famous FSX line according to our Yamaha FSX800C Guitar review. It can be used by all beginners and others who just want a solid and reliable guitar. However, we are not the fan of all the materials used in this acoustic guitar.

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If you are a small person, you will benefit from Yamaha FSX800C for sure because of its small frame. Since it has a 20-fret fretboard, you can play anything and everything you want as a beginner.

When we consider the price, Yamaha offers everyone an excellent guitar. According to this Yamaha FSX800C Guitar review, this acoustic guitar is the affordable version of other super expensive guitars, and they just sound the same. So there is no need to pay ten times extra.

You can play this guitar for long hours without having any problems and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with this guitar. We hope you liked our Yamaha FSX800C Guitar review and it was helpful.

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