Roland FA-07 Keyboard [2023 Review]

Roland FA-07 Keyboard is a new member of the Roland family and this particular model has been getting questions about if it is worth buying or not. For that reason, we thought that it deserves this Roland FA-07 Keyboard review.

FA-07 is the new addition to the Roland family has it offers you more than the other models that have been released from Roland. It has everything that its predecessor had, plus new sounds and a brand-new key action that will make you play amazing songs.

With Roland FA-07 keyboard you will get a sound collection of 2.000 sounds. Along with that, there are lots of effects and processors. But the list does not stop there, so keep reading this Roland FA-07 Keyboard review.

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our Roland FA-07 Keyboard review for more information below.

Roland FA-07 Keyboard Review

  • Very easy to control
  • Keenly priced and nicely portable
  • Deep workstation features with intuitive interface
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Has over 2,000 high-quality pre-sets
  • Great LCD screen
  • No volume control for samplers
  • Screen gets cramped on some functions

About: FA-07 is the 76-note keyboard from the FA series of Roland. It is velocity-sensitive and has synth-action keys. This model has been updated recently and now it has Semi-Weighted Action and velocity-sensitive keys as well as multiple splits.

Features: Roland FA-07 keyboard has powerful 76-note, velocity-sensitive keys. The keys are the core to the keyboard and Roland’s have synth-action keys that are also semi-weighted.

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Organ, synth, piano, guitar sounds are among the sound effects included in the Roland FA-07. We are sure in our Roland FA-07 Keyboard review that you will love how easy it is to control the screen and user interface. Not only these, but Roland FA-07 has a good design overall.

Thanks to its versatile construction, you can carry Roland FA-07 to any place. This will surely give you the musical freedom you need.

When it comes to the sound quality of Roland FA-07, it is really satisfying when you consider the price. There is a collection of over 2,000 sounds taken from the flagship INTEGRA-7 sound module in Roland FA-07. These sounds also include the complete SUPERNATURAL synth engine and acoustic tones and drums.

The onboard sequencing and sampling feature of the Roland FA-07 Keyboard is really helpful when you develop your tracks. Numerous additions to the FA-07 make keyboard playing fun and enjoyable according to our Roland FA-07 Keyboard review.

Since there are lots of features, the interface of Roland FA-07 is divided into three parts as synthesizer, sequencer, and sampler. Roland shows that they really think of their users because it is really easy to get overwhelmed while using a device that has lots to offer.

FA-07’s layout is a beginner-friendly one. You can control everything from the LCD screen provided on the keyboard. It is really easy to play and control at the same thanks to that.

In addition to these features, Roland FA-07 is light enough to carry around as we can say in our Roland FA-07 Keyboard review. You can literally take your instrument wherever you want without having too much trouble.

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Portability is what musicians are looking for in their instruments nowadays. With Roland FA-07, you are always ready to pack your things and produce music without losing your inspiration.

If all of these are not enough, we have one more feature to mention. FA-07 comes loaded with 16 independent MFX engines, 6 COMP+EQ processors, a TFX section, global EQ, chorus, and reverb to polish your sounds with studio-quality effects.

If you want a keyboard that is easy to use and can provide lots of effects and sounds, we can say the Roland FA-07 sounds amazing and it will fit your needs perfectly.

A 16-track sequencer has been added to the FA series from Roland and Roland FA-07 also comes preloaded with that feature. It is installed to save your inspirational music as you are playing it.

In a short while, you have the ability to produce something that band is capable of. Roland FA-07 can offer you that freedom thanks to all of the sounds and effects it has. Along with that, you can fill 16 tracks through loop recording mode.

There is also another thing called step recording which can enable you to edit and mix your songs which we think is a superb feature to have on a keyboard.

Aside from its outstanding performance, the FA series seamlessly integrates into any DAW climate. It really is just a single button press and you can play live and generate very cool music ideas with the sequencer.

Conclusion: Roland FA-07 Keyboard [2023 Review]

Roland FA-07 is a new addition to the FA family and it has been getting questions from people on the net. In this Roland FA-07 keyboard review, we tried to do our best to help you see if this instrument is worth buying or not.

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Roland FA-07 comes with powerful real-time performance options such as D-beam modulation, arpeggiation, looping and step sequencing. Features like this make playing this keyboard extremely fun and exciting.

Roland FA-07 surely provides the best feeling pads and the easiest to use control layout possible. We are recommending Roland FA-07 to any musician who is looking for a good keyboard.

You can get most of the stuff that you can get from a workstation, but we cannot say that Roland FA-07 is close to being a workstation. If you think that you have enough experience, you can definitely get Roland FA-07 and bring the best out of you.  We hope you liked our Roland FA-07 Keyboard review and it was helpful.

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