3 Best Pearl Drum Sets [2023 Review]

For decades, Pearl has been a popular drum brand. Even non-musicians link the company’s name with drums, indicating that it is quite well-known. This is due in large part to the outstanding quality of their drum sets.

Another reason is the popularity of the Pearl Export set, which is the most popular drum kit of all time. This achievement proves that the Pearl brand is not a joke. As a result, we’ll take a look at some of their best kits.

We included the 3 best pearl drum sets in this review to make things easy for you. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets review for more information below.

Pearl EXX725/C 5-Piece Export Standard Drum Set with Hardware - Smokey Chrome
  • (22x18, 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 14x5.5)
  • P930 Demonator Pedal
  • All New 830 Hardware
Pearl Roadshow Drum Set 5-Piece Complete Kit with Cymbals and Stands, Jet Black (RS525SC/C31)
  • Complete Drum Set -The Pearl Roadshow drum kit comes complete with everything you need to start drumming right out...
  • Set Includes-22x16 bass drum, 14x5.5 snare, 10x8 & 12x9 rack toms, 16x16 floor tom, cymbal stand, Hi-hat stand,...
  • Hardwood Drum Shells and Triple Flanged Steel Hoops-6-ply 7mm Poplar hardwood shell and a hand cut 45 degree...
Pearl Set Drum Kit (PCTK1810)
  • 10" snare and 18" bass drum frames use standard drum heads for full-sounding drum set play
  • Quick, compact set-up in any situation
  • Drum Key Tunable

Our Top Pick: Pearl EXX725/C 5-Piece Export Standard Drum Set

Features: This acoustic drum set includes maple-shelled drums, a 930-series hardware pack with bass drum P930 pedal, cymbal stand, and Hi-Hat stands, and a 930-series hardware pack with bass drum P930 pedal, cymbal stand, and
cymbal stand.

The full set is available for a reasonable price, making it one of the top choices when it comes to drumming sets because it includes everything except cymbals. If you are looking for the 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets, you should give this one a chance.

When the drums are played, the well-finished mahogany shell produces a lovely clang and vivid sound. Furthermore, the bass drum pedal is powered by a reliable chain system, and the stands are doubly reinforced to support the weight.

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It also includes toms that are 12, 13, and 16 inches long. The snare drum is 14 x 5.5 inches in size, while the bass drum is 22 x 18 inches in size. When delivered, the full set weighs around 103 pounds.

The basic and lacquer versions of the Pearl Export line drum kits come with a great set of hardware and one of the best out-of-the-box pedals on the market. Both versions look professional, and the lacquer finish on the EXL can compete with higher-end drum sets.

The poplar shells, on the other hand, aren’t everyone’s favorite, and the stock heads aren’t either. On the other hand, even on a shoestring budget, you can replace the latter with superb heads and make your set ready for anything – including studio recording.

What’s even more impressive is that the Pearl Export’s pricing has been constant since its inception in 1982.

  • Has a good color
  • Quick installation
  • Bass drum pedal included
  • Poplar shells

Runner Up: Pearl Roadshow Drum Set 5-Piece Complete Kit

Features: With Pearl’s Roadshow 5-piece drum kit, you’ll get everything you need to get started drumming in one convenient package. Roadshow drum shells are made of numerous plies of glued hardwood and have 9-ply poplar shells for
optimum tone.

They’re sculpted to create a resonance chamber that projects loudly when you strike the drumhead. The bearing edge of a drum determines a lot of its tonal character, and Roadshow drums have hand-cut 45-degree bearing edges that provide the best contact with the head for a robust, punchy tone and easier tuning.

This Pearl Roadshow kit offers everything you need to get started drumming right now, including drums, cymbals, hardware, and even sticks and a stick bag. If you are looking for the 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets, you should give this one a chance.

The pulse for the groove is set by the bass drum, which is the heartbeat of your kit. The kick drum is, without a doubt, the cornerstone of your complete drum kit. The Roadshow bass drum from Pearl has locking, slip-free spurs, and a wide tension/tuning range for low, chest-pounding bass vibrations.

The Roadshow snare is your drum set’s voice, delivering everything from powerful accents to delicate ghost notes. It’s got a lot of punch and assault, but it’s also sensitive enough to work with any musical genre and loudness.

The new Roadshow series is proudly presented by Pearl, the world’s largest drum manufacturer. This unusual 5-piece drum set features a 22×16″ virgin bass drum, 16×16″ and 14×14″ floor toms, a 12×9″ tom on a snare stand, and a 14×6.5″ snare drum, all in a full hard rock-inspired package.

  • High-impact kick and snare
  • Quality hardware
  • Nothing much

Best for Travel: Pearl Drum Set 2-pc. Drum Kit

Features: The Compact Traveler drum kit from Pearl is ideal for those who are concerned about space. This kit is sized like an electronic kit but packs the impact of acoustic equipment, making it ideal for schools, street music, and tiny stages.

Seriously, our product testers were taken aback when they discovered that this package folds down to a mere 5″ in thickness for simple storage. But don’t be fooled by their diminutive size; these heads provide a surprising amount of volume for such small drums.

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The bass drum offers a rich, round tone, while the snare has a quick sound that will take your breath away. The Pearl Compact Traveler 2-piece Drum Kit is ideal for all of your drumming needs when space is limited.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets, you should give this one a chance. The Compact Traveler kit provides a portability advantage over all other acoustic kits.

When you’re setting up this kit, you’ll see that the snare arm has a foam attachment that allows you to take up the entire kit with one hand. When the drums are folded together, you can still utilize the handle when you’re done playing. They can even be slid under your bed. Try doing it with a regular kit — you won’t be able to.

  • Space-saver
  • 10″ snare drum and 18″ bass drum acoustic drum kit
  • You can customize your sound using tunable heads
  • For easy storage, it folds down to only 5″ in depth
  • The black hardware goes well with the black hoops
  • Bass drum pedal, cymbals, and cymbal stands not included

Buyer’s Guide for 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets

The hardware is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of Pearl drum sets. Pearl produces highly durable and reliable hardware, and the business even includes that quality in its entry-level kits. Drummers can use the cymbal stands for years without having to replace them.

Another excellent feature of Pearl Drums is the company’s meticulous thoroughness. The higher-end kits have so many small differences that set them apart from other companies. Finally, the lovely sound is the most crucial feature of a fantastic Pearl kit.

How much does Pearl Drums Cost?

Pearl drum kits are available in a wide range of styles, each of which falls into a separate category in the buyer’s market. Beginner kits will be priced between $250 and $1000, while intermediate kits will be priced between $1000 and upwards.

Professional Pearl kits that are of the greatest quality can cost up to $4000. However, the high cost is due to the numerous customization possibilities available. Pearl’s regular high-quality kits range in price from $2000 to $3000.

Is Pearl a good brand?

Along with Tama, Sonor, DW, Mapex, Yamaha, and Gretsch, Pearl is one of the most popular drum brands in the world. They’re a fantastic brand that puts a lot of value into every one of their drum sets.

The majority of Pearl Kit users will tell you how pleased they are with them. However, you must ensure that the kit you get is appropriate for your scenario; otherwise, you may be dissatisfied.

What is the best Pearl drum set?

The Masterworks kit is currently at the top of Pearl’s line. It’s one of the most realistic-sounding drum sets available. If you want one, you’ll need to save up because they’re quite pricey.

What is the best brand for drums?

This is a highly subjective question with no right or wrong response. One brand is preferred by some drummers, while another is preferred by others. There are, however, a few well-known brands that mass-produce high-quality kits that are used all over the world.

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Pearl, Yamaha, Tama, Sonor, DW, Mapex, and Gretsch are among these brands.

Pearl drums, according to some drummers, are the greatest option out of the bunch. Others, however, will disagree. Playing the drums and making your own decisions is the greatest way to find out.

What makes a drum set?

A drum set typically consists of at least four drum shells as well as metal hardware to hold the shells and cymbals in place. You’ll also need a drum mat to keep your kick drum in place, in addition to the instrument itself.

We say typically because a drum set can mean almost whatever you want it to. A kick drum, snare drum, and hi-hat cymbal could be all you need. Some drummers use large drum rigs that take many hours to put up on the day of the event.

Drummer’s Kick

This is the largest drum, and it sits on the floor with its heads perpendicular to the others. To play this drum from a sitting position, you’ll need a kick pedal. A drum set’s bottom end and boom are provided
by the kick.

Drum Snare

The snare drum is the most significant and loudest part of a drum set. A snare drum has metal snare wires linked to the bottom drum head and is usually between 5′′ and 7′′ deep.

The snare drum produces a sharp sound with a rapid assault when struck. In popular music, snare drums are most typically used on beats 2 and 4.


These metal instruments offer either a loud accent or a constant rhythm when played. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the fundamentals: crash, ride, and hi-hat cymbals.

Are you serious about learning to play the drums?

Before you go out and spend a lot of money on a new drum kit, make sure you’re serious about learning to play the drums. Drumming takes a lot of practice and dedication.

This is a difficult instrument to learn, and many novice players give up before reaching that eureka moment. Prepare yourself for a long journey. It wouldn’t be worth doing if it were simple.

How big do you want your drum kit to be?

The majority of the drum kits on this list are five-piece kits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add further drums and percussion accessories.

Some of the most innovative drummers have out-of-the-ordinary drum setups and drums.

Frequently Asked Questions: 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets [2023 Review]

Why are Pearl drum sets popular among musicians?

They are renowned for their durability, sound quality, and variety of options. They offer a wide range of drum kit configurations, catering to different musical styles and preferences.

What types of Pearl drum sets are available?

Pearl offers various types of drum sets, including full drum kits, shell packs, and junior drum kits.

How do I choose the right Pearl drum set for my needs?

Consider your musical preferences, skill level, and budgetary limitations. Decide whether you require a shell pack or a complete kit with hardware and cymbals.

Are Pearl drum sets suitable for beginners?

Yes, They are suitable for beginners, often bundled with all the necessary components to get started. These sets are designed to be user-friendly and provide a solid foundation for learning.

Can I customize my Pearl drum set?

Yes, They are customizable. You can choose different drum sizes, finishes, and hardware options to create a kit that suits your personal preferences and playing style.

What is the difference between a shell pack and a full drum kit?

A shell pack includes only the drum shells (bass drum, toms, and snare), while a full drum kit includes the drum shells, hardware (stands, pedals), and sometimes cymbals.

Are Pearl drum sets appropriate for live performances and studio recordings?

Yes, many Pearl drum sets are suitable for both live performances and studio recording.

Conclusion: 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets [2023 Review]

Pearl kits are noted for their hardware, which is one of their best features. Whatever Pearl drum set you to choose, you can get heavy-duty hardware that will last for decades.

With its Export kits, Pearl had a fantastic run. At one point, they were the most popular drum set on the planet. Export kits can still be found in use all over the world, and the hardware from those kits is still in use. That’s only one example of Pearl’s outstanding hardware.

If you’re in the market for a new drum set, none of the Pearl models listed above will let you down. Each one has amazing characteristics that will help you in a variety of situations.

Pearl has you covered whether you’re searching for an entry-level, intermediate, or professional drum set. We hope you liked our 3 Best Pearl Drum Sets review and it was helpful.

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