AKG M220 Headphones [2023 Review]

Buying a headphone might be tricky considering there are lots of options in the market and you cannot really decide which ones are the overpriced ones easily. In our AKG M220 Headphones review, we will look at this pair of headphones so you can decide whether it is the one for you or not.

This is something that can be the first headphone of a professional. AKG M220 Headphones has it all, sound quality, comfortable fit, and affordable price. All of these combined makes it the best full-size headphone in the market today.

With its fit and smooth matte finish, AKG M220 Headphones is sure to remain one of the best headphones in the market. Also, you can wear the ear cups in the way you want thanks to their placement on rotating balls, which makes wearing this device really comfortable. 

If you are interested in this model, keep reading our AKG M220 Headphones review for more information below. We will be looking at its sound quality and durability as well as other features to help you decide whether to buy these headphones or not.

AKG M220 Headphones Review

About: The M220 Pro has a sound signature and we are sure you will realize that the first time you use it.  It is defined by consistent highs and a strong bass presence and provides an amazing listening experience.


It is really surprising to see that AKG M220 Headphones is sold for under 100$. If you want something that is similar to other famous headphone models this is a great choice. However, do not let the cheap price fool you because the sound quality of these headphones is amazing according to our AKG M220 Headphones review.

The AKG M220 Pro headphones are now almost iconic and you can come across one in any recording studio. If you want to buy something professional under 100$, this is a steal. If efficiency, great style, and value are what you are expecting from a headphone, you are looking at the right review.


The AKG M220 Headphones have a semi-open design and a self-adjusting headband that makes wearing them a lot comfortable according to this AKG M220 Headphones review. The first time you put them you will realize how easy it is to adjust them to your own head because all you need to do is put them on.

EarCups and Color

The cable can be removed and plugged into the left earcup, where it is securely held in place. If you have larger ears, you can use large circumaural pads, which provide excellent comfort as we have to say in our AKG M220 Headphones review.

The earpads are extremely comfortable. The black and white color combo on these headphones is something to look at, not to mention the leather headband. Despite the fact that these headphones are semi-open, they do an amazing job at sound isolation.

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AKG M220 Headphones [2023 Review]

Sound Quality

We do not really have to say anything about AKG M220 Headphones’s sound quality because it is absolutely fantastic. From the first moment, you use them you will understand the balanced and high sound quality. To be honest, we were expecting this high quality from a brand that is producing pro devices.

The bass frequencies, as well as the mids and peaks, are delivered with extreme precision. We loved the fact that the bass does not overpower the mids. Most of the music you hear ranges around the mid and AKG M220 Headphones is good equipment to listen to music considering that.

However, the soundstage is not as good as it should be without an external amplifier. If you are planning to use these with an amp, they will be the best you can find for sure.

You will realize that AKG M220 Headphones turns into another headphone with the correct amp. Also, these headphones are smaller than you would expect them to be which is a huge plus for us.

What Is in the Package?

We really like companies that include free accessories with their products and luckily, AKG is one of those according to our AKG M220 Headphones review. A detachable 3-pin XLR to 1/8” cable and a 1/4” adapter is included with AKG M220 headphones. Literally, everything you could need with a headphone is included in the price. 

Why Should You Buy AKG M220 Headphones ?

AKG was founded in 1947 in Vienna, Austria, and quickly rose to become one of the most important players in the audio industry. Many of its products are used in radio stations, theaters, and jazz clubs, not to mention their handcrafted mics.

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In 1949, the company introduced its first headphones, and in the 1970s they started selling the headphone that made them famous in that department. What we mean is, this is a company that knows what they are doing and selling.

AKG is an audio equipment company that is nearly 100 years old, and that is actually one of the reasons why we are writing this AKG M220 Headphones review.

Conclusion: AKG M220 Headphones [2023 Review]

We know buying a headphone is tricky on its own so we tried to help you out with this AKG M220 Headphones review. This headphone at hand is a very comfortable and high-quality one. Moreover, it has an appealing price that will not destroy your bank account.

The AKG M220 Headphones is a perfect option if sound quality is what you want out of a headphone and you do not want to spend too much money on it.  This is the ideal audiophile entry-level headphone.

However, you should keep in mind that AKG M220 Headphones is not a good option who are looking for lots of features in their headphones. This one is well worth a look if you want a great-sounding, comfortable-to-wear headphone with accurate frequency response. We hope you liked our AKG M220 Headphones review and it was helpful.

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